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  1. I've been playing Pokemon Sun, I'm almost done completing my Pokedex. I only need 20 more Pokemon in order to complete the alolan dex. Why is Castform such as pain in the butt to find?! Dx I don't know how many s.o.s. battles I've entered, but I haven't been lucky enough to find one yet. Same with Vanillish too... Other Pokemon I need are evolutions and two of the tapus.
  2. I have to go with Sonic 2 on the Genesis honestly. Sure it introduced the spin dash and allowed you to play as Tails for the first time* but I still think Sonic CD and Sonic 3K are much better. (Yes I know they came out later still I even like Sonic 1 a bit more than 2. :P) I felt that the game was a bit more broken than the other Genesis games, the music while still amazing isn't as memorable as other Genesis titles. Also it's disappointing that you can't fly as Tails, despite knowing he can fly. I also find Sonic Unleashed to be overhyped as well. I found Sonic to be a bit difficult to control at times, and the werehog while looking epic, his gameplay style just doesn't fit with Sonic himself... I honestly think the werehog's style of gameplay fits Knuckles more than Sonic himself. Maybe many people enjoy it since it was the game that came out after Sonic '06 and was "better than '06." (I like '06 more than Unleashed, sue me. :P) *Tails didn't debut in Sonic 2 Genesis like many people think. He debut in Sonic 2 on the Master System and wasn't playable, I know most people here probably already know that but some people might not. xD
  3. I would love to see Teen Titans get a blu ray collection! Have all five seasons including the movie in high definition would be freaking epic! Sure I already own the series on DVD, but the quality could be so much better. I'd buy the complete collection in a heartbeat if they ever released it.
  4. I don't own a Wii or Wii U anymore, so I've never actually played the Wii version of the game. I however do own a copy of the DS version and thought it was pretty fun. I'd have to say that my favorite part of the game is honestly the soundtrack. I still haven't got around to actually completing the game though...
  5. Green Hill Zone is a pretty cool stage, but honestly IMO it's been overused way too many times. I can understand why it's been used, since it's the first level in the very first game that started the franchise. But to see the same stage get rehashed over and over again really makes it become boring IMO... :\
  6. Lots of things have been on my mind lately... And I'm hoping 2016 will be the best year of my life! :D

  7. I've discovered Vaporwave tonight. <3 I love this album, it's so chill. My favorite song off the album is End of the Night.
  8. I absolutely loved this Steven Bomb. <3 And wouldn't you know it, Peridot is a shipper. xD I can't wait for the hiatus to be over again. I wonder when we'll get new episodes... :S
  9. Well I unlocked Charmy the last time I played the game. I'll most likely never use him though, since he's basically a Tails clone and I haven't played as Tails in a while... But what can I say about this game? It's freaking amazing! The gameplay is pretty fun, and is my favorite mobile Sonic game for sure. I just hate how you have to use 50 red rings to spin the wheel to get a new companion/character and it's all up to chance if it lands on a chaotix egg... Also my high score is only like 750,000 something... :V I haven't even reached 1,000,000... probably has something to do with the companions I'm using. (I have chip, and I always use him but I switch off between Jewel Chao and Egg Chao... also I hardly ever use items. xD)
  10. I honestly like the game myself. The only dislike I have is that Sonic isn't playable nor is Tails... despite knowing that they were playable at some point in time. I still have yet to collect all the chaos rings though... I'm lucky that my girlfriend got me a complete copy of the game a few years back, since I've noticed that the game is quite expensive now. (I'm actually looking at the game now, since it's on my computer desk for some reason. xD) The music is awesome too!
  11. I suppose I'm late to the party, but welcome back SSMB! I think I lost a few likes but eh, no big deal. I'm just glad to see the forums are back up and running.
  12. Sweet we're getting a console port of the game! At this point, I am very content and even if we don't reach the other goals I will be fine. I can now play it on the Wii U since I plan on getting one really soon. (I could get it for my 360 but I am not sure if it will last that long... :V) Already posted about this over at my forum.
  13. Damnit that crap again? >_< It was hinted at that her love side will hit on any guy in front of her in the Teen Titans Go comic books. She hit on Robin too, but yet again that universe is different from this one... Maybe it's good that it's airing on Wednesdays now and that I can't watch it on tv. Man the show went from alright to meh within a few episodes. Hopefully the next one will end on a happy note like the last one, and the two don't end up together at all and they never bring it up again, it's starting to get old. >_> Plus where the hell is the RobxStar stuff, the stuff that was actually cannon in the original series and New Teen Titans comics? Dx
  14. I personally like Mighty No. 3's first concept design more than her final design, the one with the metal prongs on her head similar to a plug. However I am glad they went a different direction with the character. I betcha the lightning rods on her head will either absorb electricity so she can heal herself or she'll use her most strongest attack at full power or something.
  15. xD I've known that for some time now, I'm an admin on a Teen Titans forum and the site owner actually posted about that a while back. I told them the company makes very acurate toys since you know they make the Sonic stuff. Also did anyone else see the horrible yet funny episode the other day? Oh and I am very pissed off that it's been switched to Wednesdays so I now have to rely on watching it on the internet now. >_< But EWW BBxRAE LAME! Seriously I hated that portion of the episode, that's my most hated couple of any fandom seriously. But thank god they didn't end up together in the end yay!
  16. Sweet we are so close to the console goal! Since I don't have enough money for a decent PC to run the game I really hope the goal is reached. I can't wait to check out the making of documentary when it comes out though. But did anyone listen to the podcast yet? I haven't had time to and I won't be able to until tomorrow since pretty soon I have to go to sleep. >_>
  17. I would love to see Call become a playable character at some point. Who knows, maybe that's the mystery goal? I love how the console goal is now 2.2 million making it even more closer to getting a console version! I bumped my pledge up to $20 so I will be getting a digital copy. However if the 3DS version does come to be, I don't know which one I would pick the 360 version or 3DS version for awesome action on the go. :V Also out of the concept art for Call I like the one with purple pigtails. :3 She's cute, but also looks like she's about to attack at any time. I would love to see the character look more badass and less like Roll.
  18. I've been spending so much time working on my Mighty No. 9 forum. I think I need to go to bed, i'm tired. x.X

    1. Legosi (Tani Coyote)

      Legosi (Tani Coyote)

      It's good you're committing time to something big! Never lose sight of your goal! :)

  19. There's no doubt in my mind that this project will make it well beyond 2.5 million. We will be getting this on consoles, I just have a gut feeling. As for handhelds I really hope it will get ported to handhelds as well because playing Mighty No. 9 on the go would just be perfect. <3 The theme song reminds me of Mega Man 8 my favorite classic MM game too.
  20. I really don't think we'll be getting a Episode 3 anytime soon. I wouldn't mind seeing a third installment though, it would be cool to see Knuckles again. Plus it would be cool to play as Tails and Knux too, like Sonic 3K. But the way I see it, I don't think Sonic Team is going to bother making a new episode due to the response they got from both episodes.
  21. My most favorite cartoon of all time is Teen Titans of course. The animation is awesome, it's a hybrid of anime with american style art, dubbed as "Murikanime". It was named after the dude who created the cartoon of course. Plus it has the hottest animated character ever and the story arcs and action scenes are awesome! xD I have other favorites such as Rugrats, this was my favorite cartoon back in the day before Teen Titans existed. Chuckie is still my favorite character from the series. I have many more, too many to list but I wanted to share with you my most favorite cartoons. <3
  22. I changed my signature a bit, I created a Mighty No. 9 forum early this morning and decided to add the link to my signature. :V
  23. It's the media and like someone stated all they want is money. I honestly think the opposite, I happen to be very attracted to larger women and find women of all sizes to be gorgeous in general. I never really pay too much attention to the magazines, but the media is very heartless when it comes to body image. I hate it because then society believes the media, therefore making women feel insecure about themselves. This is honestly why I hate society so much, but it makes me feel happy inside knowing there are many other people who feel the same way I do about this issue.
  24. I love Megaman so I definitely went ahead and backed this up. This has been the only kickstarter I have ever backed up before, I will save up for a decent computer so I can play this once it does come out. Megaman is probably my second favorite gaming franchise next to Sonic, and the X series is my favorite. Mighty No. 9 looks a lot like Mega Man.exe, I'm okay with that. Take that crapcom for treating your best franchise like crap the last few years! Oh wait there's going to be a Wii U version?! I'm definitely trying to save up for one ever since Lost World was announced, this will give me yet another reason to get a Wii U!
  25. I still see DSI XLs being sold at my work, including the original model of the 3ds and the 3ds XL so it might take the spot of the DSI XL, but yes they still keep the other models on the shelves as well until a bit later after they are released. I honestly don't get the hate this handheld is causing though, this isn't the first time any gaming company decides to make a cheaper version of a console or handheld with less features. Why is this time any different? :V
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