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  1. Damn, I know it's late but I hope you had a good birthday, man. It's been a while.

  2. Good graces on the day of your birth Doctor

  3. Happy birthday, Crusher!

  4. Hope to see you around again sometime .  The last time you were here was my birthday! 

  5. Sheev and Snoke sounds like a comedy duo.

    1. Klinsy


      Sheev and Snoke go up in Smoke.

    2. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      They went downhill when they went Solo.

    3. Jack / Joker

      Jack / Joker

      Eh, I found their dynamic pretty forced.

    4. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      It did sound like a bit of mindless Bibble at times. I heard they were a bunch of Sleazebagganos off-stage as well.

  6. Something's not right here, but I can't put my finger on what it is.


    1. Klinsy


      Yeah, that's clearly a Cadence account.

    2. Celestia


      I should've left it like that for the rest of the day. Hell, that's what I should have done in the first place, without the name change. Alas...

  7. By the end of the week, I'll have probably seen literally 502 Bad Gateways.

    1. Spееdy


      Yeah, me too =) Even in personal user's signatures for some odd reason...

    2. Blacklightning
    3. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      502 Bad Gateway Simulator 2016

    4. LovieHats


      Maybe this is an April Fools joke

    5. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      Maybe the joke itself went through a 502 Bad Gateway.

      Which is why it started in March.

  8. So when Mephiles rejoins with Iblis and becomes Solaris again, and he's doing his thing... is Robotnik still tumbling down cartoonishly from the sky during that time?

    1. Treacher
    2. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      Okay, good stuff. Now I can continue imagining that Robotnik was still falling with style when he got caught in the white flash.

  9. Two months late on this, but I've only just recently been learning about the Mario 64 "parallel universe" thing. I find it every bit as fascinating as it is funny.

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Yes, but are you QPU aligned?

    2. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      As long as Mario's de facto speed is involved.

    3. Tara


      An A, press is an A. press you can't just 1/2 A. Press.

    4. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      That's where you're wrong, "Tara".

    5. Dejimon11


      Parellel universe?

    6. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      @Dejimon: Someone was doing a TAS of Mario 64, with one self-imposed challenge on the player's part being that they had to collect all the stars in the game whilst touching the A button as little as possible. Cut to one mission in Hazy Maze Cave, and... well, maybe you ought to see for yourself. (Just a warning though that it's a pretty lengthy video.)

  10. Actually, before I forget, I'd like to mention another, more minor choice: G.U.N. (I know it's not technically a character, but still.) A lot of people who don't like Shadow sometimes say that they look at Shadow as a sort of personification of everything that they personally don't like/want to see in the Sonic series. While Shadow has never been one of my top favourite characters, I don't feel that way about him specifically, even though I was never really interested in his backstory with Gerald, Maria, and so on. (If anything, I was more curious about what the deal with the Biolizard was.) But I do feel that way about the G.U.N. organisation. Why? Because simply put, I don't see anything entertaining about them. Their creations are pretty dull, any form of personality we see from anyone that isn't Rouge is dull, and anything regarding them that's quirky or humorous is either unintentional (everything about the G.U.N. Commander) or not really specific to the organisation anyway (Generations G.U.N. Truck, which was probably may have been tampered with by Robotnik anyway). I see them as nothing more than another generic military with shady morals, and I generally don't care for that archetype anyway due to how overdone it is in my opinion. What's more, I can't think of a role for them that I'd be overly bothered about, as I'm pretty content with Sonic and Co. fighting whoever without this boring military getting in the way of things. Also, I know they were instrumental in how Shadow's past on the A.R.K. worked, but I always thought his backstory was a little silly even before Black Doom's involvement was added in. (Once he became part of Shadow's story, it merely became a different type of silly for me.) Also-also, it should go without saying that I'm not talking about Rouge herself when talking about G.U.N. On the contrary, she's one of my favourite characters in the series. Wasn't it established that Starlight didn't actually consider the long-term consequences (aside from the Mane Six never becoming friends that is) due to her revenge-induced shortsightedness? Like that was the whole point as to why Twilight was lecturing her about the consequences, with the barren wasteland that Twilight showed her being a serious wake up call (note her conflicted-looking demeanour when taking in the scenery). Then after that happened, even though she briefly tries to soldier on with her plan even after having witnessed what would happen, remember that she was currently in the middle of an emotional breakdown. Presumably her thoughts and feelings were all over the place and thus she was thinking even less straight about what she actually wanted to do. Once she went back to Twilight's castle, she finally had some time to calm down and come to proper terms with "Wow, I almost destroyed the world. Fuck." That's what I got from the whole thing anyway. Not that I'm trying to change your mind about her, I'm well aware that what happened with Starlight in the finale was controversial for many fans, and I can understand why. (I personally didn't mind it too much and will be looking forward to what they have in mind with her, but that's just me.) But then again, former antagonists having reformations that are considered rushed but then get elaborated upon isn't anything new in this franchise, so I'm not too concerned about what will happen with her in Season 6 for the time being. Although I do agree about her backstory being rather minimal for a justification. Also, about Starlight being super powerful for a regular unicorn, it could go either way, but I think that might get elaborated upon in Season 6 as well, as this show does have a tendency to do that sort of thing with a few of it's plot points. (Eg: How Twilight's status as a princess not meaning much during most of Season 4 - which was a common complaint at the time - ended up being a plot point for that season's finale all along.) We'll just have to wait and see, I guess.
  11. It's always awkward for me to look back at older posts. There are a few parts in that post of mine that I cringe at now, I could have worded it so much better. Nevertheless, my opinions on Scourge haven't changed since then, so I won't bother going on about him since Verte did a good job with him. Instead, I'll talk about Eggman Nega. -Blaze is a unique alternate dimensional equivalent to Sonic, with her own personality, appearance, and abilities. And it wouldn't be unreasonable to guess that Marine is Tails' alternate dimensional equivalent as well, and if she is, then she too is pretty unique. Yet all Robotnik gets for his alternate dimensional equivalent (and/or his descendant, but whatever) is a guy who looks and acts exactly like him? If Blaze's villain has to resemble the good doctor, why not just use Captain Whisker instead? At least he has a more unique personality than just "Eggman, but worse". -Those who claim that Nega works because he's "a darker Eggman" don't get that the regular Eggman is perfectly capable of having his darker moments already, and by existing in the way that he does (or did, seeing how he now tends to only appear in Olympic titles these days), Nega is basically stealing his more villainous traits for himself, which isn't appreciated when Robotnik was already going through that whole decade getting himself screwed over by nearly every other villain. -Another common claim of why Nega is good is that he's the Chaos to Robotnik's Order. Not only do I not think this works well at all, but also, I think Sonic being the Chaos to Robotnik's Order is a way more interesting setup, seeing how more often than not, the more Chaos-centric side is always the antagonist in other franchises. -There is pretty much nothing Nega could do with his brand of villainy that couldn't be covered by regular Robotnik. Even if it involves going to other dimensions, Robotnik already has the technology and resources to achieve that. Nega just showing up in itself was enough to make the plots of the two Rival games ten times more of a mess. -His plan in Rivals 1 in particular is incredibly stupid, because if his plan went off successfully, then logically, he wouldn't exist. Like Mephiles, he fails to think things through, and also like Mephiles, "being evil" and "having a crazy side" aren't good excuses. There are Looney Tune villains who are more on-the-ball than he is, and we're supposed to believe this guy is so much smarter than regular Robotnik? -All in all, he undermines Robotnik in the sense that he's a shallow copy of him (with a voice that resembles Palpatine on helium if Rivals 2 is anything to go by, Mike Pollock even sounds like he's trying not to laugh when doing his voice), and he undermines Blaze because if she's going to have a nemesis of her own, a character as great as her deserves something better. I'll talk about Mephileslie the DeviantDARK some other time. There was a pretty detailed post I made about him back in 2014, but I think it might have been during the period that got wiped clean in the server reset. Bah, humbug.
  12. I suppose I might as well add my own take on this. So I used to watch the Nostalgia Critic during the 2009-2011-ish days. I didn't watch it super-religiously, it was just a little weekly something to look forward to. I never really paid much attention to the other guys on That Guy With The Glasses, but I didn't hold anything against them. Anyway, sometime in 2012 - which was when the Critic was originally retired anyway - was when I started to lose interest in the show. Not really because of anything to do with the show itself mind you, I was just starting to resonate much more with the style of other reviewers/comedy reviewers by that point, such as JonTron and SomeCallMeJohnny. But I still respected Doug and his work, I would occasionally go back to some of his videos, and I would still fondly remember something from this or that review. That said, I've heard about (and occasionally discovered for myself) what's been happening since then, and not just regarding Doug, but with Channel Awesome in general. I know about what happened with Demo Reel. I know about the many questionable goings on behind the scenes. And while I've only seen bits and pieces of the Critic's new reviews (I've only seen a handful of them in full), I've seen enough to be able to tell that I wouldn't regard them as being all that great for the most part. The behind the scenes business at Channel Awesome in particular gets me the most. Obviously you'll keep in mind that there'll be a few disagreements and whatnot behind closed doors with these things - nothing goes along perfectly - but to learn about just how far this particular rabbit hole goes, and how bad things apparently are/were all this time... yeah, I won't lie, I have a bit of a tough time looking at the folks over there the same way nowadays, especially when a large number of them appear to be involved in one controversy after another. As for what happened with Demo Reel, I'm reminded of Jon Peters' obsession with giant spiders. If you're not aware, producer Jon Peters was for whatever reason absolutely obsessed with having one of his films involve a giant spider of some sort, regardless of whether it made sense or even what genre the film was. He had previously attempted to try and get Superman to fight a giant spider for instance, to which he was effectively told "Nah mate, it's not happening, sorry." He finally got to use the giant spider idea for the 1999 Wild Wild West film, and then that film went on to not do very well (albeit for various reasons, not just that on it's own). Anyway, what I mean by this comparison is that from what I'm gathering, Demo Reel is to Doug what the giant spider is to Jon Peters, albeit not necessarily in the exact same way. Now that Demo Reel came and flopped, he seems to be having a lot of trouble coming to terms with this, and so he's trying to incorporate Demo Reel into his reviews as much as he can, not realising that his audience are most likely only going to dislike Demo Reel even more because of this, rather them endear them to it. (By the way, I'm guilty of being one of those people who generally never cared that much about the "storylines" that the guys on there did. I didn't hold a strong dislike towards them, but aside from the occasional exception, I felt they would often just slow things down for the most part.) Now don't get me wrong, I am aware that Demo Reel was Doug's dream project, and I understand that to witness it doing as poorly as it did must be hard to deal with. If I were in his position, I'm sure I would have trouble dealing with it too. But this... this isn't the way to go about it, you know? He just seems to be very bitter and callous about the whole thing, something that doesn't hide itself very well in his more recent material, whether he knows it or not. And regardless of the quality of his sketches, I think that's the biggest problem that his new reviews are dealing with. After all, if he's not even bothering to hide his demeanour on what happened with Demo Reel, the increase in sketches and other things that the general audience aren't keen on are probably partially influenced by it. I used to have a lot of respect for Doug, but now... maybe not so much. His debatable joke quality aside, I know he's more intelligent than this, so to see him... well, like this, only makes it all the more confusing and disappointing. Even outside of the Critic/Demo Reel business, him and the rest just seem to be... I don't know, falling apart I guess, including his morals and things that he originally stood for and believed in. It really is a massive shame.
  13. "Now Black Doom is the key to all this... if we get Black Doom working. Cause he's a funnier character than we've ever had in the games."

    1. Failinhearts


      Now I'm just imagining Black Doom intentionally being the comic relief...

    2. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      It's so dense.

    3. Failinhearts
    4. Rey Skywalker-Ren

      Rey Skywalker-Ren

      i can see him being in boom lol

    5. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Again, it's like poetry, it's sort of - they rhyme. Every stanza kinda rhymes with the last one. Hopefully it'll work.

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