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  1. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    ... since when did people decide to take spike placement lessons from video games?
  2. went and saw black panther yesterday.

    10/10 the king is good. he was lost, but then he found the way.

    1. Jovahexeon Ghost Trick

      Jovahexeon Ghost Trick

      Wakanda forever?

    2. Briraka
  3. lol.

    1. KHCast


      XD I love these oblivion vids ha 

  4. i've got an imporatant question for anybody who's played skyrim here...







    ... stormcloak or imperial?

    1. KHCast


      I do Imperials since stormcloaks are racist nationalists, but both are full of shit in their own ways 

    2. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      I find myself going neutral for most of my replays, but I tend to side with the imperials a little more. I always felt dirty helping the Stormcloaks due to how bigoted they are. It doesn't really help that I tend to play as races that the Stormcloaks hate, so...

    3. Briraka


      i chose the stormcloaks. the empire has been crumbling ever since the oblivion crisis, even to the point where cyrodiil itself is becoming a cesspit. the secession of the provinces of hammerfell, morrowind, and black marsh, as well as the conditions of the white-gold concordat pretty much sealed the empire's fate to deteriorate like the others that came before.

      of course, there's the racism, but the major instances only seems to occur to windhelm, and even then, i try as much as the game lets me to reverse it.

      also, my character is an argonian. might be a strange choice for someone who's race is segregated and opressed by some of the nords, but the empire, even at the height of it's power, could never really secure the rights of my people, either. so i'm not too bothered by being called, "lizard".

    4. KHCast


      Stormcloaks are short sighted and led by a power hungry dick that’s only using the cause as a stepping stone for his own agenda. Ultimately, not much Good will come from their rule either. Not to mention imperials despite siding with the thalmor, are looking for ways to take them out.

    5. Briraka


      having just played the civil war questline, i can tell you that ulfric is pretty genuine with his cause, as much as, or even seemingly more than, the imperials. and the stormcloaks are looking for a way to take the thalmor out as well. they're just going to lack the numbers that a united empire that consists of a whole whopping three provinces, one of which is becoming a cesspit, and the other is high rock, home of the people who... practically invented political squabbling.

  5. just got back from the last jedi

    the hate for this movie's flaws are definitely overblown. granted, it's not the best star wars either, but i thought it was a step up from the force awakens, and probably the best non-OT film.

    1. Patticus


      While flawed, it is an excellent film. Force Awakens seems to get better each time I watch it, too.

    2. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      I agree. Sure there's some moments that I wish they did differently, but overall, I was fairly pleased with what I saw.

  6. did another remix of a mmx3 track, but with an upgrade in bits instead.

  7. i think the more probable possibility here is that in-house doesn't care about gender either, but instead of being more inclusive, they just went with the traditional all male line up because of the reasons stated above.
  8. oh hey, i did a music thing after like, seven centuries.

  9. Why.. why are you still Sonic fan?

    i'd say i'm still a fan because of other fans. even if the current output by sonic team may be lackluster, all of the fan games, fan art, just the general exchange of thoughts and ideas within these communities keeps me coming back, regardless of the lack of quality in the main official titles and shitty fandom politics.
  10. read through the forces spoilers thread...


    i didn't expect much from the game and it still pisses me off with how incompetent and lazy it apparently is.


    1. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider


      You didn't like how the rival they were pushing was fucking nothing the whole time? Or that the final boss was the Nega Wisp Armor for the third time?


    2. Briraka



      no i do not particularly care for those features, my good man.


  11. what if infinite has the same backstory as doomsday from the dc comics?

  12. some say forces panders to much. i say, it doesn't pander enough!



    ... where the fuck is wendy wichcart, SEGA?

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Yes. The most iconic villain of Sonic!

      Wendy Witchcart!


    2. Briraka


      if there isn't a level where tails flies around and throws a ring around, i'm gonna be SO disappointed...

    3. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Why isn't the entire game just like that?


    4. Dangerous ball tower engin

      Dangerous ball tower engin

      Wendy witchcraft. Pfft! 

      Where are these guys?Battle_Kukku_16th.thumb.png.8990d267189eb1d3498101a9c82ce447.png

      He'd make a good rival battle for tails and


      This guy because he looks cool.

    5. Mister X

      Mister X

      The Battle Kukkus should be a Tails-exclusive boss fight in Mania 2.

    6. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      Oh man I would love to see Void again in a Sonic game

  13. what would happen if forces had as many facial options as oblivion did?

  14. > DRM confirmed for mania PC.

    ... well, i guess it's time for me get a ps4 then.

  15. Sonic Crushes <3

    two good ways to avoid the annoyance of these obstacles would be to: 1 - program the game so that only solid objects labeled as "crushers" have the ability to harm the player. 2 - test the shit out of the hitbox collision so that the player won't get crushed in a space that the characters could easily fit through.

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