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  1. Hui

    Happy late birthday!

  2. TSS... my old internet stomping grounds, about 10 years ago. Back in what I call the Wild West of the internet... hah! Formative years of my teenage life were spent with the best of friends made here. I always look back fondly upon those memories, the good and the bad, and keep close to TSS for my ongoing Sonic news. Thanks for being a large part of my life TSS, and SSMB. Happy 15th!
  3. As always, happy birthday TSS, and congrats to the Dreadknux and the team for another successful year! I won't ramble on about my whole history with the place, but I've been a proud member since the early 2000's, and still check out the news every day, even if this is my only visit to the forums for the year.
  4. Flint

    I've still not grabbed that, not too fussed about 2D stuffs anymore. Also it requires MONEY. Will do one day though.

  5. Xnic

    Haha, I hear you there. That's probably the number one reason why I haven't returned. I bought Sonic 4 mind you, and I'm enjoying that.

  6. Flint

    Naw, just not that close to the fandom anymore. Still like the series and all, just don't really have the passion to read arguments about the series 24/7 anymore. (say hi to Chris!)

  7. Xnic

    Sounds like the sweet life, man. First year of uni, doing music education, enjoying all the perks of living away from home. Actually I'm going to the same university at Chris, funny enough.

    Not manning the ship here much anymore, are you?

  8. Flint

    Just living life man, just living life. Uni, music, furfaggery. Life's cool. You doing dandy with yours?

  9. Xnic

    Yeah, I live! haha. Been around and whatnot, just not saying anything or signing in. How have things been, old friend?

  10. Flint

    Dude. You LIVE.

  11. I agree with Mort somewhat. I liked the soundtrack for Sonic Unleashed, and wouldn't mind something in that fashion, but I also wouldn't be disappointed if they did chiptunes or something Sonic Rush-like. Honestly, Sonic level soundtracks are one of the few things I feel haven't really declined over the years. In terms of style, I hope they kind of bring a broad spectrum of different styles in. I hope they have a few tunes that date back to the original tunes, at least remixed. Some happy stuff with a bright brass section. Something a bit jazzy for the darker or casino levels. A good boss dig, and something nice and intense for the last levels. I feel Sonic has always done a pretty decent job at setting the mood for these different locations and certainly expect no less for Sonic 4.
  12. While I completely agree Nintendo's got a big task ahead of them, I think they're completely capable of it. Let's admit it, they have the money to really develop something above and beyond expectations... the key point is, like you said, making sure they meet the needs of hardcore gamers (who are having their doubts about Nintendo now) and making sure they keep their casual audience (who may not be completely hooked- or willing to dish out for a new console). Microsoft and Sony have begun to jump on this bandwagon with Natal and whatever Sony is planning. It's obvious that Microsoft is somehow wanting to one-up Nintendo with Natal. I think the same can be said about the handheld side of things. Nintendo's gotta make something to trumph the iPod touch, because that is ultimately stealing market from them. I know the DS isn't doing bad, but the Next Big Thing can't just be another form of the DS. All that said, Nintendo's gotta make some smart moves for next gen.
  13. : P Haven't drawn in awhile, and this seemed like a quick, fun way to contribute to something that looks rather cool. Another Cluckoid hahaha
  14. According to Reggie, the new Zelda has to be perfect before it's released, which may not mix well for some people who believe the 2010 release date. IGN's Article
  15. Xnic

    Haha, yep, I'm still kickin'! I always checked TSS for Sonic updates, and finally decided to join the community again. :P I'm surprised there are still the amount of people I know around!

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