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  1. Trump is all about white identity politics, so yes, push those multiple refusals to condemn white supremacy.
  2. The one thing I wish Biden had mentioned was that Poll Watchers were abolished in the 1980s after it came to light that the Republicans had been using them to intimidate voters - particularly black voters. Trump trying to glorify them was horrible to see. He told the Proud Boy scumbags to "stand back and stand by," too, clearly a message to prepare them to take up arms.
  3. Sources: Yahoo, The Atlantic Alarm bells should be sounding and the Democrats should be preparing for every single contingency. If nothing else, this should hopefully spur more states to sign on to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. The sooner we toss out the Electoral College and bring about Proportional Representation and ranked choice voting in every election, the better. Republican Senator Proposes Bill That Would Make It Illegal to Count Votes https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2020/09/republican-senator-bill-illegal-mail-vote-count-deadline.html If there's one thing you can count on Republicans to do, it's to continually try to destroy democracy. MORE DISTURBING SHIT: Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transition of power, talks about throwing out ballots, and says there won't be a transfer of power. Says it might take "months or years" before we know the election results. Trump campaign reportedly discussing plans to bypass the election results, including abusing a loophole in the constitution. Reportedly discussing the strategy of alleging voter fraud as an excuse to bypass the popular vote and select electors loyal to the Trump campaign, while trying to make sure that the courts support him when the issue is brought up. Don't forget that Trump told his voters to vote twice! Democrats warned that Trump may declare himself winner on election day. Armed alt-right groups have been appearing at polling places, having organized via Facebook. Trump supporters have been intimidating early voters.
  4. I fully expect McConnell to have Tom Cotton or some other equally odious shitstain confirmed by the end of the month. They don't care about looking corrupt (their base doesn't care anyway), they're all-in on power grabbing and don't give a single fuck about morals, ethics, or decency. So if Biden wins and carries the Senate, he needs to have Schumer double the SCOTUS' size, pack it with shades of progressive and centrist (all young), impose retroactive term limits on all lifetime judicial appointments of 18 years (ensuring a new justice to the SCOTUS every two years), and look at adding Puerto Rico and DC as states to bolster the Democrats' ranks and balance the Senate more evenly, keeping it from being held hostage so readily by red states. Would he actually do that? I don't know. But he needs to.
  5. It's hardly an outlandish conspiracy theory, considering that the US spent many decades in the 20th century forcibly sterilizing minorities. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugenics_in_the_United_States America's long-running genocidal rampage was the inspiration for the Third Reich's more infamous sterilization programs... https://www.thedailybeast.com/ice-forced-sterilizations-claim-revives-americas-sick-eugenics-tradition https://www.theonion.com/shocked-americans-never-thought-they-d-see-forced-steri-1845079051 It wouldn't surprise me if Stephen Miller were involved in this.
  6. I guess America and China aren't so different after all. This is textbook genocide. Whatever moral high ground the US used to occupy has been drowned beneath 200,000 Covid victims, and the uncounted thousands of victims of ICE.
  7. Has anyone else noticed that it's almost impossible to post here on Android? Maybe other OS' are the same, but I can't speak to them.

    For example, the formatting options are extremely limited in portrait mode; the quote box is only present in landscape mode. However, in landscape, the keyboard takes up around 70% of the screen, while the address bar takes up 20% (rough estimates), leaving a basically unusable sliver of 10% of actually visible post space.

  8. There is no structural mechanism in place to prevent a complicit President, DoJ and Senate from seizing power. Now we find ourselves in the middle of an out-of-control pandemic, because Kushner saw what it was doing to blue states and enjoyed the death toll so much he refused to roll out a national testing program (a crime against humanity if ever there was one). A situation where mail-in voting will be a necessity. And they are openly destroying the only service people are going to be relying on to vote. The is the electoral theft they "warned" us about (read: projected, as usual). They are this close to their end goal. If they achieve it, armed insurrection will be the only way to undo it. There won't be another free election without it. "U.S. Postal Service chief warns of 'dire' finances, adopts manager hiring freeze" - The USPS is not a for-profit business, and was never meant to be. Nevertheless, it is one of the few federal agencies that has managed to turn a profit in the past. - Thanks to the Republican Party during George W. Bush's second term, the USPS is the only federal agency that has to pay pensions 70 years out. Were it not for this intentional act of sabotage, which allows the conservative media to attack it for being unprofitable, the agency would turn a profit tomorrow, and every day thereafter. Republicans typically view profitable things as needing to be privatized, so they can get involved and suck up the profits themselves. They are sabotaging the USPS to drive public opinion against the agency, allowing them to privatize it without much complaint, which will have drastic impacts on minorities, rural communities, etc, but right now the primary goal is voter suppression and electoral fraud on a scale hitherto undreamt.
  9. Unmarked rental vehicles containing armed government employees with no identifying marks (believed to be from the CPB and other agencies, acting under the direction of Homeland Security) are pulling citizens off the street in Portland, for the high crime of criticizing the government, and are taking them to undisclosed locations. https://abovethelaw.com/2020/07/sorry-to-interrupt-your-friday-but-homeland-security-is-disappearing-american-citizens-off-the-street/ I would expect to see these tactics rolled out over many other cities experiencing unrest over the coming weeks. Portland is Trump testing the waters for the insane, tyrannical overreach the GOP has been harping on about Obama being guilty of. Turns out, yet again, that that was more projection. What's that about false cries of boogeymen?
  10. Welcome to the Fascist States of America. Freedom to assemble? Gone. Freedom of the press? Gone. Freedom of speech? Gone.
  11. Child soldiers deployed by the Atlanta PD, to discredit any protesters who go near them, and justify their own violent attacks.
  12. It's not about opportunistic greed, it's a routinely downtrodden, oppressed, unheard community, that even now is being stripped of what political voice it has (see the last part of my prior post), reaching the point where violence and destruction - aimed at a society that has consistently betrayed them - are the only recourse. America could've listened when Kaepernick took a knee, or when Black Lives Matter marched, but it didn't. No, "tHoSe ArEn'T VaLiD FoRmS oF PrOtEsT," it cried, "sToP DiSrEsPeCtInG ThE FlAg aNd OuR VeTeRaNs," "sToP bLoCkInG ThE RoAd," "dOn'T PoLiTiCiZe ThIs sPoRt," "yOu'Re SuPpOsEd To bE A RoLe MoDeL," ad infinitum. A few weeks spent indoors and white people march with guns into state capitols, foaming at the mouth with rabid anger over the mild inconvenience of doing right by their fellow man during a public health crisis. The black community has endured centuries of continual oppression and injustice, violence and discrimination. It has met these with countless peaceful protests that went unheard, and were maligned - that didn't work. "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." - John F. Kennedy These protests, this violence, the looting and destruction, doesn't come from nowhere. In Minneapolis, as in Ferguson, it has deep roots, that we would do well to understand. Give this a listen. It's about Ferguson, but can probably be applied to every major city in the country: The L.A. riots in '92 didn't spring forth from nowhere. Philadelphia didn't bomb MOVE in 1985 out of the blue. The 1960s Miami police chief Trump quoted ("When the looting starts, the shooting starts.") wasn't an aberration. The NYPD doesn't have a rock bottom reputation for racism for nothing.
  13. Is it still third degree murder if the cop knew the victim?
  14. CNN's ground team in Minneapolis was arrested on live TV without explanation. If this isn't punished harshly, to make the police nationwide afraid to do anything like this again, I fear it won't be long before other police departments start doing the same (looking at you, NYPD & LAPD), and then we find journalists being disappeared. Trump's threatening to send in the military with the green light to open fire, after quoting a racist police chief who started a race riot in the 1960s (likely a Stephen Miller/Grima Wormtongue "suggestion"). There was some chatter yesterday that the South Carolinian's comments reflected an unstated concern about his party's electoral prospects. It's a fair point: if Graham assumed that Donald Trump was a shoo-in for a second term, and that Republicans will have no trouble maintaining their Senate majority, he may not be quite as eager to see current judges step aside to make room for far-right replacements. https://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/lindsey-graham-abandons-pretense-independent-judiciary-n1217716 Remember all the harping from Republicans about Democrats appointing "activist judges" who "legislate from the bench"? Pure projection. If we don't end the GOP's reign in November we will lose all hope of making any meaningful societal progress this side of the 2070s. That is, unless there can be a mass impeachment or invalidation of Trump/McConnell judicial appointees - though the requirements to see that through are high indeed. We're already backsliding to before the 1960s on the civil rights front. Voting Biden is the only option. Meanwhile, Republican vote rigging:
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