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  1. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    One wonders if Trump remembers tweeting like this at all. I know that his physical supposedly saw him the picture of good health, but the man has been displaying classic symptoms of dementia for months, and his dietary habits and views on exercise leave a lot to be desired.
  2. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    I don't recall there having been any furloughed government employees during those shutdowns, though I may be wrong.
  3. Gimme a claymation Sonic game, like now, please.

  4. Nintendo Labo (April 20th, 2018)

    This looks like pretty good fun, and it'll be a great way to pass the time, especially if you're into crafting, or you're a kid (or kid at heart) with spare time, a wad of cash and a cool design in your head. I haven't got the time, money or inclination to dive in, sadly, but I've gotta give kudos to Nintendo for coming up with these crazy cool MacGyver peripherals. Truly inspired!
  5. Star Wars

    That sounds like a pretty cool arc, and since it was never aired, it's possible that it could yet be realized in a more cinematic form. If I recall correctly, everything that was written and finalized for the show, but never completed (or even animated), is still considered canon, even if the only way to see it is from when it was in the early stages of the animation process. However, well, it's from TCW, a show that isn't coming back because Warner Bros and Disney are deadly rivals or something, and that could limit its likelihood of being turned into a Fett movie from the get go. Unless Disney decides to de-canonize it and put out a new Fett origin-ish story, which seems possible. I would love to see Cad Bane and Fett going head to head in a sci-fi wild west showdown though, perhaps as the opening entry in a Fett movie series, or as the finale of a multi-film series taking us from the Clone Wars, through the Galactic Civil War, and way out beyond Endor and Jakku. Or both! Maybe they could be the Star Wars equivalent of The Duellists (a really great movie, by the by). I just can't stand the idea of Fett's rise being Cad Bane's fall, because Bane is one of the best, most interesting characters to come out of TCW, and it'd be such a shame to see him blasted to death after just 160 minutes of one film. This guy on Twitter has been doing some excellent analyses and breakdowns of Star Wars, lately. His Tweet threads are wonderful, eye opening, mind blowing stuff. Here's a good one from today:
  6. Someday when you are older
    You could get hit by a boulder
    While you're lying there
    Screaming, "Come help me please!"
    The seagulls poke your knees


    1. SupahBerry


      i love it when you say that



      alot of great skaters bust their teeth

    2. Space☆Yeow


      a classic

  7. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-lawyer-arranged-130-000-payment-for-adult-film-stars-silence-1515787678 Well, at least now we know why Trump went off on a libel law rant at his meeting earlier in the week! Not that he hasn't has his sights set on them for years, the narcissistic babyman.
  8. Twenty nights in the ice is a long time, when there's Hostiles On The Hill, It's not about what you wear, It's all about where you are.

  9. Star Wars

    TCW, at the time its final season came out, didn't even get to the stage where Boba had acquired his iconic suit of armor, IIRC, and Slave I had been destroyed in an earlier season, so he was short that ship too. I don't know if such scenes as that above would make it into a Fett movie though, I mean they might just plump for playing those out in a prequel novelization or comic series instead, which would be a criminal waste of great characters. I dunno, I think Fett might be better suited to his own show, or failing that, a duology/trilogy movie series of his own. After TCW, with only glimpses in ESB and ROTJ, we really haven't got any idea what he was up to. Plenty of untold stories, lots of room for growth.
  10. Star Wars

    It's not, though - at least not yet - because all the Rebellion is now is an idea, rather than a tangible thing. Before, it had a fleet, it had component factions, it had hardware and so many people all working to restore the Republic. All the things that were wiped out in TLJ. If the conflicts of the first two trilogies were based roughly around the World Wars, this is more like the American Revolution at its darkest hour, when Washington was encamped at Valley Forge. The First Order isn't in total control, it hasn't been dominating galactic life for 20 years, it lost its Supreme Leader before it could strike the killing blow on the Resistance, and before that, it lost its primary base of operations, not to mention its navy's flagship. Maybe things will be different in IX - maybe by then it will be a galactic empire, maybe the children of TLJ will be the young rebels of IX, maybe there will be new fleets and naval battles and maybe it will look more like the past. But we don't know yet.
  11. Star Wars

    Well, sort of, but no, not really. Palpatine hid in plain sight for decades, before orchestrating a relatively even war between the Republic and the Separatists, resulting in the weakening and destruction of the Jedi Order, his accrual of "unlimited power," and his subsequent founding of the Galactic Empire. The First Order, meanwhile, is much smaller than the Republic or Empire, being formed from surviving groups after the Battle of Jakku, supplemented and maintained by mass kidnappings of infants across the Outer Rim territories. It existed in hiding (though there were rumors) for decades before suddenly destroying the New Republic government and virtually its entire navy at the same time - thence it came forth from the shadows, destroying the Resistance in short order, but not before its primary base (Starkiller) was itself destroyed, along with its long-time Supreme Leader, Snoke, and his flagship. First the power lay with the New Republic, then with the First Order, then it looked as though they might be evenly matched, and now the Resistance has been reduced to literally enough people to fit aboard the Millennium Falcon - it has no fighting ability whatsoever. The First Order, though itself weakened, is now in a position to fill the galactic power vacuum. The Rebellion may have been reborn on Crait, as Luke told Ren, but this is such a vastly different set of circumstances than the one we first met in A New Hope. Imagine if Yavin IV had been destroyed in ANH, and along with it, the Rebellion's entire fleet, but Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie and a few others got away on the Falcon. Or at the end of Empire, when we see the Rebel fleet traversing deep space, after escaping Hoth - imagine that, but all but one ship was turned to molten slag. Those would be a lot closer to what we are faced with, going into IX. The First Order hid deep in the Unknown Regions for decades, based at Starkiller, and was widely believed to be a myth. The New Republic Senate didn't want to acknowledge the threat, probably because most of its members remembered the Galactic Civil War and wanted to avoid fresh traumas like that at all costs. However, when Leia heard the rumors (likely driven by the FO's kidnapping raids), she believed them - but she was called a warmonger for her efforts to try to warn the Senate. Still, she managed to persuade enough of it to grant her a tiny task force to go and investigate, and I'm sure they were only too happy to see the back of her. Her investigation turned into a staunch resistance against the encroaching threat of the First Order - and it was the only resistance that anyone was offering. So, the task force took the name as its title. After Starkiller Base wiped out the New Republic government and its navy, the Resistance was on its own - no resupplies, no new personnel or materiel. Leia was officially in possession of the last known remnant of the New Republic Navy. Presumably, the New Republic wasn't much in evidence in TFA because Abrams was keen to avoid a Lucas-esque political subplot that might've interfered with people's enjoyment of the film.
  12. Star Wars

    A Boba Fett-centric stand-alone film has been the topic of much discussion within Disney, and I believe that it will happen - but right now we've got Solo: A Star Wars Story coming out in May (hopefully they'll delay it like all the others, so as not to cannibalize sales, since the next Avengers is also out then), Episode IX next year, and in two years' time we'll have Kenobi: A Star Wars Story. Boba Fett's film will show up later. It won't be an origin story as such, because AotC and TCW pretty much sorted all of that out. Maybe they'll do a ten or twenty minute origin recap for us, with various returning favorites like Cad Bane, IG-88 and Bossk, but beyond that, it'll presumably be about him building a reputation after TCW, bringing in/down significant bounties - maybe a Jedi. Or maybe they'll skip over everything and begin where RotJ left him - in the stomach of the Sarlacc.
  13. This was a damn fine MegaDrive/Genesis title: 


  14. Star Wars

    Personally, I loved TLJ - the only part where it "faltered" to me was the Canto Bight segment, but I thoroughly enjoyed everything. I see its flaws, and I do feel a little uncomfortable with Luke's arc, knowing Hamill's creative differences with Johnson regarding Luke, but it's a phenomenal movie and I can't wait to see it again.
  15. "I can only tell you that there is absolutely no collusion. Everybody knows it. And you know who knows it better than anybody? The Democrats. They walk around blinking at each other." - Donald J. Trump



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