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  1. I put myself on the Wait List for the F4F Varia Suit Samus statue they released last year IIRC. At least, their site said it was available for Wait List, so I did the thing.

    I don't know if I kept my OG Samus statue from ten years ago, or threw it out.

  2. When they're just about the only thing of substance being offered after a year of no Directs, what other reaction could you possibly expect from people for whom anime and JRPGs aren't appealing? You know, people who don't ordinarily mind their inclusion, but would like something that resembles genre variety, even if not all of the genres appeal. Personally, I never go into Directs expecting everything to be aimed at me, I'm always just looking for something, just one thing, to grab me. I don't remember the last time that happened. The very fact that it is the first Direct in a year or more means expectations are naturally high for a slew of announcements from across the genre spectrum. If it had been all Untitled Goose 'Em Ups, I would expect a backlash from those in the gaming community who don't want to play goose games.
  3. Pretty good summation by Dunkey. I don't understand this obsession Nintendo's got with JRPGs, to the exclusion of everything else. I guess their core audience might be into it, maybe, but there's just nothing there for me. Again.
  4. It's like if Sabaton covered the Romans / Byzantine Romans. Love it.
  5. That "just did my taxes" feeling.

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Can't relate.

    2. Patticus


      @Your Vest Friend Well, in the UK the HMRC will handle your taxes for you, but in the states, 'tis not the case.

  6. Speaking as someone whose primary music experience is Spotify at work (YT is forbidden), I'm real disappointed in the lack of Nintendo OSTs on there.

  7. I thought I heard the voters say
    "Leave us, Donald, leave us."
    Ten days 'til Biden inaugurates,
    And it's time for you to leave us.

    Leave us, Donald, leave us!
    Oh, leave us, Donald, leave us!
    For the tweets are gone and the nukes won't blow
    And it's time for you to leave us.

    Oh, his mood was foul and the tensions high.
    "Leave us, Donald, leave us!"
    He stirred his crowd and they marched on high.
    And it's time for you to leave us.

    Leave us, Donald, leave us!
    Oh, leave us, Donald, leave us!
    For the tweets are gone and the nukes won't blow
    And it's time for you to leave us.

    He hates to serve in this rotten gov'.
    "Leave us, Donald, leave us!"
    The press is loud and there ain't no love.
    And it's time for you to leave us.

    Leave us, Donald, leave us!
    Oh, leave us, Donald, leave us!
    For the tweets are gone and the nukes won't blow
    And it's time for you to leave us.

    He fears the court so he wants four more.
    "Leave us, Donald, leave us!"
    Impeachment looms, he's at Putin's door,
    And it's time for you to leave us.

    Leave us, Donald, leave us!
    Oh, leave us, Donald, leave us!
    For the tweets are gone and the nukes won't blow
    And it's time for you to leave us.

  8. Patticus

    AMERICA: 2020

    A lot of people need to be arrested, tried and imprisoned for today's events, starting with US Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, whose officers opened the gates and allowed the Trumpist terrorist insurrection to break into the Capitol building without offering any meaningful resistance. One terrorist woman was killed earlier after being shot through the neck. Sadly just one. Trump's cabinet secretaries are reportedly openly discussing invoking the 25th Amendment. Impeachment articles are being drawn up by Ilhan Omar. Cory Bush has put forward legislation to get rid of all the representatives who supported Trump's election challenges. There is some hope, but we're on the razor's edge now. Trump's somehow-still-free traitor army of fuckwits remains in DC overnight, I understand, likely to resume its criminality tomorrow. Trump has been silenced on multiple social media platforms at last, but it may be too little, too late. How long before Russia uses its massive SolarWinds hack malware to bring the entire country down in the middle of this chaos?
  9. That F A R T tho


  10. Doesn't matter, if Section 230 gets repealed then the Internet as we know it will die.
  11. Patticus

    AMERICA: 2020

    Recent polling suggests that maybe half of "very conservative" voters will skip the Georgia runoffs due to the aforementioned "rigged process," but given how many votes Trump got in the general, and how badly the polls "missed" in states that lack ballot paper trails (oh hi Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham, didn't see you there), I wouldn't count on that for hope this time. Better to just get everyone who wants to vote to the polls. Ossoff and Warnock winning is going to be the only way to guarantee the security of Americans - financially, and in essentially every other area of life.
  12. It's all a matter of perspective - we are all the protagonist of our own story, the sidekick to our friends' protagonists, the background characters in the lives of acquaintances and strangers. We fill a number of roles simultaneously. Imagining people complexly is hard.
  13. Yeah, right now it's this this Christmassy beast:
  14. Mitch better have my money


    1. Harkofthewaa


      Do the idiots even realize that if they don't do this they're probably gonna lose the two seats coming up for grabs?

    2. Patticus


      Georgia's senate seats going blue would be the best financial outcome for every American earning under $75k a year. So, most Americans. Without them, all we get is $600. With them, an additional $1400, plus probably more.

      All I know is, I got debts to pay off, savings to restore, a new phone to look into buying ('mon over here, Moto G9 Power) and I am definitely eyeing up the Samus & Ridley statues on F4F - not to mention some very nice SixthScale Star Wars figures.

    3. CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      @Harkofthewaa considering they also lost the presidency, that’s not really surprising.

      This just seems more like last minute spite on their end as a result.

    4. Winston


      McConnell already got what he wanted, a conservative majority on the Supreme Court for years to come. He doesn't care about anything else, and will happily make other Republicans look better by refusing to hold a vote while they say "Well I'd support it if the vote did happen." He'll always get re-elected so he has nothing to lose. He's just there to make the other Republicans look better while they talk about how they'd do something popular even though they never would and never will have to because of Mitch. 

    5. Patticus


      He is definitely a bullet sponge for the GOP, no denying that, but he clearly wants to keep the Senate a one party chamber. If he can't, Biden can (and must) expand and rebalance the Supreme Court, and work to undo much of what McConnell has been doing these last few years.

  15. Patticus

    Star Wars

    Mando season 2 as a whole was top tier Star Wars, between all the fantastic cameos, our boi Din being a total badass thoughout, and great fan service that didn't come across as being too much. Plus Bill Burr's phenomenal performance as Mayfeld. The finale was outstanding, despite the shaky quality of the deep fake - I couldn't have conceived of any better a second season than this. The tradition of Star Wars shows having okay first seasons and outstanding second seasons continues. Stuff you might not have heard... - Lando, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ahsoka are all limited run shows, likely just a season or two each. Lando was described as an "event series." - Bad Batch looks like a direct sequel to the Clone Wars. The logo swap at the end of the sizzle reel trailer seems to confirm it: (Yes, that is a young Fennec Shand, and a young Tarkin.) - If BB is a TCW sequel, it is possible that it will take the same format - mostly following the journey of a handful of main characters, with a few forays into other characters' stories. Cad Bane and Boba Fett were due to have a climactic bounty hunter showdown in TCW S7 before the show was initially cancelled -- the unfinished episode animatic is now up on YouTube. I hold out hope that the episode will be resurrected for Bad Batch, with more bounty hunter stories being woven into the show. Hard to say if that'll happen, though. - The Acolyte takes place 80-50 years before TPM at the end of the High Republic era - the same era that's got new novels from Claudia Grey and Charles Soule (among others?) that are set 300ish years before the prequels - the era is long and the stories many. Acolyte seems to have a predominantly female cast, which bodes well, given that Star Wars does female badasses incredibly well; Padme, Leia, Asajj Ventress, Ahsoka, Sabine, Bo-Katan, Rey, Rose, etc.
  16. *Looks at birthdays list*

    We're getting old, man...

    1. Strong Bad

      Strong Bad

      Fo'real. I first joined SSMB before some people who browse it today were even born!

  17. The Sonic music compilations on Spotify are great and all, but not including the OG Ice Cap Zone in today's winter-themed album is some bullshit.

    Michael Jackson is dead and buried. I can't imagine that there are any more revelations to come out. The world is dealing with much bigger issues right now. Just own the music already. Fuck.

    1. pppp


      Problem is, Both Brad Buxer and SEGA are still fighting over who owns that track.

  18. Trump is all about white identity politics, so yes, push those multiple refusals to condemn white supremacy.
  19. The one thing I wish Biden had mentioned was that Poll Watchers were abolished in the 1980s after it came to light that the Republicans had been using them to intimidate voters - particularly black voters. Trump trying to glorify them was horrible to see. He told the Proud Boy scumbags to "stand back and stand by," too, clearly a message to prepare them to take up arms.
  20. Sources: Yahoo, The Atlantic Alarm bells should be sounding and the Democrats should be preparing for every single contingency. If nothing else, this should hopefully spur more states to sign on to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. The sooner we toss out the Electoral College and bring about Proportional Representation and ranked choice voting in every election, the better. Republican Senator Proposes Bill That Would Make It Illegal to Count Votes https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2020/09/republican-senator-bill-illegal-mail-vote-count-deadline.html If there's one thing you can count on Republicans to do, it's to continually try to destroy democracy. MORE DISTURBING SHIT: Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transition of power, talks about throwing out ballots, and says there won't be a transfer of power. Says it might take "months or years" before we know the election results. Trump campaign reportedly discussing plans to bypass the election results, including abusing a loophole in the constitution. Reportedly discussing the strategy of alleging voter fraud as an excuse to bypass the popular vote and select electors loyal to the Trump campaign, while trying to make sure that the courts support him when the issue is brought up. Don't forget that Trump told his voters to vote twice! Democrats warned that Trump may declare himself winner on election day. Armed alt-right groups have been appearing at polling places, having organized via Facebook. Trump supporters have been intimidating early voters.
  21. I fully expect McConnell to have Tom Cotton or some other equally odious shitstain confirmed by the end of the month. They don't care about looking corrupt (their base doesn't care anyway), they're all-in on power grabbing and don't give a single fuck about morals, ethics, or decency. So if Biden wins and carries the Senate, he needs to have Schumer double the SCOTUS' size, pack it with shades of progressive and centrist (all young), impose retroactive term limits on all lifetime judicial appointments of 18 years (ensuring a new justice to the SCOTUS every two years), and look at adding Puerto Rico and DC as states to bolster the Democrats' ranks and balance the Senate more evenly, keeping it from being held hostage so readily by red states. Would he actually do that? I don't know. But he needs to.
  22. It's hardly an outlandish conspiracy theory, considering that the US spent many decades in the 20th century forcibly sterilizing minorities. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugenics_in_the_United_States America's long-running genocidal rampage was the inspiration for the Third Reich's more infamous sterilization programs... https://www.thedailybeast.com/ice-forced-sterilizations-claim-revives-americas-sick-eugenics-tradition https://www.theonion.com/shocked-americans-never-thought-they-d-see-forced-steri-1845079051 It wouldn't surprise me if Stephen Miller were involved in this.
  23. I guess America and China aren't so different after all. This is textbook genocide. Whatever moral high ground the US used to occupy has been drowned beneath 200,000 Covid victims, and the uncounted thousands of victims of ICE.
  24. Has anyone else noticed that it's almost impossible to post here on Android? Maybe other OS' are the same, but I can't speak to them.

    For example, the formatting options are extremely limited in portrait mode; the quote box is only present in landscape mode. However, in landscape, the keyboard takes up around 70% of the screen, while the address bar takes up 20% (rough estimates), leaving a basically unusable sliver of 10% of actually visible post space.

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