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  1. 232 patriots, 196 career criminals. Un-fucking-believable.
  2. Anything that keeps the country from crashing out is a good thing, just as long as Boris doesn't win out in the end. But more time also means more time for the right-wing press to spread its lies and propaganda.
  3. It would be no bad thing at all to force every Republican politician to publicly vote against impeachment after all of the evidence gathering, the hearings, the damning testimony from the apparently ever increasing number of whistleblowers. That way, five years down the line, when the whole GOP is decrying Trumpism, when they're all claiming to have been against him from the beginning (as they inevitably will), we can point to the impeachment votes and say, "No, you definitely supported and enabled the kleptocratic, kakistocratic, stochastic terrorist fascism of the would-be King Trump, you sickening fucks." Then we curb stomp their worthless careers and replace them with more AOCs.
  4. While yes, CNN can be and has been shady (all that free-of-charge wall-to-wall Trump coverage during the 2016 election, for one), Sandmann and his friends are hardly the good, innocent boys they claim to be: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/covington-catholic-high-school-nathan-philips-video-nick-sandman-native-american-man-maga-trump-a8740876.html
  5. Why does Sonic look like a bad fan art now?

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      You need "all that bad fanart looks accurate and on model now".

  6. This is the worst timeline.


    1. Ferno


      i'll bet bernie won in that timeline tho

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I wonder how would effect these versions:


    3. Heckboy


      that sonic with mega man's face reminds me of thisImage result for jay jay the jet plane

  7. So THQ Nordic did an AMA... on 8chan.


    1. blueblur98



      could they not have chose reddit or, like, just about ANYWHERE else?

  8. Sanders has always had problems with calling out "socialist" foreign dictators for their shit, and that will be a contributory factor in his not getting the nomination again. But, real talk time, he shouldn't need to be the nominee - he only needs to advance left-wing policies and ideals into the party's election platform, for better candidates to endorse, adopt and, ideally, enact. With Elizabeth Warren also running, it should end up being the most progressive platform in the party's history. Just so long as the eventual nominee isn't an octogenarian, things should work out well for the Democrats.
  9. So, Drunks & Dragons is the best thing.

  10. >Trump declares National Emergency to build wall. >Democrats immediately tie it up in the courts for years, until a Democratic president can shut it down. >Trump gets to say he tried his best, blaming the Democrats, placating and rallying his base.
  11. So much for the unconditional love of parents... I hope that his children do come out to him, force him to put his money where his mouth is - either shut up or commit murder and go to prison.
  12. Is this a coded message telling illegal aliens it's cool to commit white collar bank fraud?
  13. We're going to be uncovering new cheat codes for years to come, aren't we? That's cool as heck.
  14. The very same thing happened with Metroid Prime 3, if I recall - announced before any meaningful development, to sate a crowd hungry for more Samus action. Nintendo's big mistake is not necessarily in announcing too soon, it's in always in treating Metroid as a third tier game series, seeing lower sales than Zelda & Mario as a sign that there is no public appetite for it, and then acting all surprised when it turns out people really do want more. The fact is, if Metroid were given the Mario/Zelda treatment - new games at regular intervals, building a much more coherent universe and narrative, etc, then it would probably do a lot better than it does now; languishing for a decade or more at a time with no new content. Anyway, I'm happy to see that Retro's back at the helm, but I worry that it having so few (if any) of the team members who actually made the Prime series involved will lead to it suffering, quality-wise. That said, if Nintendo really liked the demo they pitched, then there must be some solid talent working there, and I have confidence that they will deliver a great game. I have plenty to play in the meantime, but I would appreciate periodic updates, perhaps in the form of random and obscure concept art drops and whatnot, dev diaries and the like. Something more than the deafening silence they've given us these past few years.
  15. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs was an excellent movie. Highly recommend.

  16. Temporary protected status, apparently. Nothing like what they need. Naturally, the Democrats have rejected the proposition. Trump is not happy about that.
  17. If Trump wants the world to believe that he did not collude with Russia to win the 2016 election, he's going about it in entirely the wrong way. His behavior just screams "guilty," regardless of whether he is or isn't innocent. But what else can we expect from a man who has behaved this way his entire life? He's an idiot, with the instincts of a criminal, and undoubted ties to the organized crime and drug underworlds, who has always had smart people around to cover for him. Surely this house of cards must come crashing down at some point?
  18. I'm so fucking stoked to see Castro join the race, but if he gets far in the primaries, or even nabs a spot on the ticket, his surname will become the new "Barack HUSSEIN Obama." A communist-flavored cudgel to raise the hackles of the uninformed and the ignorant, rather than an Islamic one. The end result will be the same, and indeed I could see a new birther movement springing up, Trump at the helm, implying that Castro was born in Cuba. He's a great guy, but his last name will hinder him, so maybe he'd be better off as the VP on the 2020 ticket.
  19. Activision & Blizzard both lost their Chief Financial Officers within a week of each other. One quit, the other fired.



  20. Sonic Mania Adventures is the best of all the Sonic cartoons.

    1. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      Indeed. Part of me wishes it would be made into a genuine show, but I'm not sure how far they can take a series with silent characters. 

    2. Kiah


      That’s not how you spell SatAM.

      Don't get me wrong as Sonic Mania Adventures is an absolute delight providing entertainment, humor and fine characterization and character interaction all without a single word which generally isn’t my cup of tea so that makes it all the more impressive. 

      At the end of the day while I wouldn’t mind more SMA episodes at all I want to see more with my Sonic animations as far as time goes and I need to have my boy and crew actually talking lol. 

    3. Maxtiis


      The fact that a Christmas episode was made just out of the blue has me hoping that the occasional new episode will become a regular occurrence for Sonic's social media.

  21. Governments and economists publish forecasts all the time, and we place our trust in their accuracy. I'm only going by what they've been saying, in addition to those elements of the press not wedded to Brexit. Why should we all have to "accept" the Leavers, after their campaign's lies and malfeasance have been exposed? What exactly should compel the almost half of voters who did not vote Leave (lest ye forget that the Leave win was razor thin) to suddenly lie down and accept it, particularly after years of incompetent "negotiating," knowing what we know now, and understanding that many of our worst fears look for all intents and purposes on the verge of realization? If Farage, Hannan and co are allowed to spread lies about the EU while abusing its expenses policies for decades, if the right-wing British press is permitted to lie to the public for decades about the EU, sure as shit the rest of us can, should and absolutely will have carte blanche to raise merry hell over what we see as the most horrifying, devastating vote in recent political history. The public narrowly made its decision based on the lies and misinformation of anti-EU propagandists, heaped upon many years of anti-EU propaganda from the right-wing press, which filled a knowledge vacuum left by an incompetently run Remain campaign, and previously, the abject failure of the center and the left to educate the public on what the EU actually is and does. For example, this lead to farmers nationwide voting directly against their own interests by voting Leave, only to find out later just how financially ruinous to themselves their votes would actually be, leading to their clamoring to ensure their own government might fill that void itself. A matter this important should not go to a referendum only once, it should be at least twice - the initial vote, and then a second, third etc when we know what's actually about to happen. It's incredibly dangerous to jump out of a plane without double checking your gear, so too is it the case for jumping out of the EU.
  22. The best results being a shrinking economy and a likely recession, and at worst, Rees-Mogg et al using the economic crisis to force the UK into a trade deal with Trump (Washington becoming the new Brussels) that'll let them bring in corporate America to asset strip the nation and make them billions, while they swan off to their fancy mainland European getaways, well away from the growing numbers of food banks. The NHS is already in critical danger from the lack of EU staff, there's talk of months of delays for incoming trade at Dover, god only knows if international flights will be happening, the army might be called out to distribute medicine or food, and I know there are a lot of other likely consequences I'm not remembering. It already looks like an huge clusterfuck in the making. Why would you want that? In what ways will you and the UK benefit from this separation? We elect politicians not only to obey the will of the people, but also to make decisions on our behalf on matters that we the people very often do not have even the faintest clue about. The EU is one such complicated beast - can you define without Googling what the differences between the Council of Europe and the European Council are? I can't. How many average citizens could? Doubtful more than a couple of percent of the voting population could, and most of them would probably be academics or politicians. The majority of the voting public are uninformed and ignorant about the EU on a good day, but with the right-wing Tory/Murdoch press spreading lies and misinformation about it for decades -- the EU has an A-Z list of myths about itself, many of which were peddled by the British press -- and that effort intensifying in the run-up to election day, those days are scarcely to be found, meaning that the British voting public are buying the shit the right-wing press are feeding them, if not immediately, then certainly over time. It's not a subject I would ever trust the public to have a say on. Not without passing an EU knowledge exam first, to make sure they actually know what they're voting on - not merely what they think they're voting for, like "are sovrintee." Disturbing. Deeply worrisome stuff.
  23. Is it, though? For one thing, the referendum wasn't legally binding, and for another, the Leave campaign was based on lies sold to an ignorant public, and violated campaign finance laws, neither of which was known before the referendum (well, the lies were, but not admitted to by Farage & co until after). In addition, today we know much more about the consequences of leaving than we did in 2016. After watching the omnishambles unfold for two long years, lead by third rate incompetents, and knowing what we know today, public opinion has inevitably shifted. It's hardly a betrayal to require multiple referendums on a matter that will so overwhelmingly color the UK's experience over the coming decades, given the likely economic fallout and pain to be suffered by the working and middle classes. Referendums, like elections, should not be generational, but as frequent as is necessary. As compared to the contempt shown to the EU, Britain's largest trading partner by far, by conservative Brits for decades now. The EU doesn't want Brexit because it knows we are better off united than divided, and you shouldn't expect them to accede to all our demands with a smile. If they show us contempt, I feel it is well earned at this point. Except for every single EU nation, which nobody can make deals with on an individual basis; you deal with the EU as a bloc or not at all. Trade deals take many years to draw up - and we were promised a raft of them by now, by that disgraceful idiot David Davis. I've yet to see any evidence that such deals are even being contemplated yet, let alone readied for the day the divorce takes place. How many years is the UK going to be isolated and floundering while it comes to terms with the WTO's rules, now that they apply to it too? There's patriotism and national affection, and then there's racist nationalism of the sort espoused by Farage and co, which rose dramatically in the years following the last economic crash. The latter has stained the former, like curry sauce stains everything it touches, and it has become difficult to separate the two.
  24. I had a dream that Sega was developing a new Mania-inspired Sonic title; a "super chill Sonic vacation" taking players through 5 or 6 classic zones (all new level design of course).

    1. JosepHenry


      I will take 7.

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