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  1. The song sounds eerily similar to What I'm Made Of, from Sonic Heroes' soundtrack. I mean so much so that I think Crush 40 must've lifted the melody/sound/feel of the song right out of it and adapted it to new lyrics and slightly altered pacing. C40's getting quite stale these days in my opinion, I don't see why Sega couldn't try and find another group with its own distinct style, it could potentially change the whole feel of their future games.
  2. Long as the opening post has a bit of substance to it - one or two decent paragraphs if you can - and isn't spammy, feel free. =]

  3. It's Kabutops, one of the original 151 Pokémon and an avatar I maintained for many years over at GamesRadar (UK) and now use at GRcade. First time he's made an appearance here for me though.
  4. Source That yellow car looks a bit like a 2020 version of Brum. XD From Nintendo Power. http://gonintendo.com/?p=74439 I found Excite Truck to be a preposterously good laugh. From first impressions it looks like they're throwing any notion of cool to the wind and going screaming down Route Fun with this. Could be wonderful. The graphics in the NP scans look pretty nice, too.
  5. I'm thinking about making a Zero Punctuation thread. Did you watch the videos? The game runs silky smooth, the music is outstanding and in all it looks like a thoroughly wonderful little game.
  6. Daft Punk composing for Tron 2? There has literally never been a better suited pair of musician and film. The Terminator Salvation trailer is up. http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/terminator...tml?showVideo=1 I think it looks great! Public Enemies trailer is also up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BawY4gjAdM That looks fantastic, and the music isn't half bad either. Another Depp classic in the making? Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter featurette... http://www.traileraddict.com/trailer/watch...hter-featurette That looks so good, just how I imagined it.
  7. This news follows several rumours and reports on other news sites that have been doing the rounds these past few days (link and link). MGS4's Payton Joins Microsoft Halo Crew Source Team Halo confirmed. They are really putting together some talented devs for this team, it's getting me a bit excited for what Haloish goodness they might bring us, and I'm not even all that into Halo!
  8. Source Gameplay Footage Use that blob Underground Screens Pic. More pic. Another pic. And another. (Curse this tiny picture allowance!) Those 2D graphics are almost obscenely beautiful, it actually looks like some sort of equivalent to Braid, though I'm sure playing it will reveal it to be a very different kind of platformer to that.
  9. Formerly known as Metal Sonic (god, that was when I first registered...), Shazra the Hedgehog, Prometheus, and a few others that I forget, I'm a long time member and a long time feature of the forum staff. Currently working as a cashier in the Skipton branch of Morrisons supermarkets (eh, it's a living), also doing a CCNA course at college with a view to possibly entering a career in ICT afterwards. Interests include videogames, science, politics (long as I don't get into some complicated debate ), current affairs, sci-fi, history, music (Blue October, Sigur Rós among others) etcetera etcetera.
  10. I'm back guys, no need to panic, law and order shall be restored, even if it kills you. Really sorry to hear about the wankers terminating the SSMB account, Dread. That place was like... full of histories. Is there any chance at all we could get a simpler forum layout going, ala http://www.grcade.com/index.php ? *Plug* *Hopes*
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