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  1. I liked it back in the day, but I barely touch it whenever I feel the urge to go back and replay any of the Sonic Adventure games. I remember I used to use some Geocities website (I think it was called Chao Center), that had pictures of all the evolutions and secondary evolutions of the chao. I used to be pretty into it back in the day, but I hardly remember any of it now. I appreciate it for what it was, but to be honest its not exactly on my list of things I hope to see in a future Sonic game.
  2. Whenever I'd take the train past here, I'd always wonder how there isn't already a Sonic zone with this name.
  3. I feel that the ranking system was probably one of the most fun aspects of SA2, and I would have loved to seen something similar incorporated into subsequent games. I felt it added so much replayability, and there are a lot of levels where I had to practice a lot to earn the A rank. Even in that video of Metal Harbor alone, did you know you could do a bounce attack at 0:22 rather than simply landing to link those two chains of beetles and increase your bonus? Did you know that when running across the aircraft carrier at 0:35 you can do a bounce attack and take out the jet flying overhead for an extra 500 points? The fact that the A ranks were actually difficult to get, so it made me look into all these mechanisms and really learn the stages better than in most other Sonic games. I'm a little surprised people are so sensitive about getting low ranks (especially since you only need to get an A once for it to be recorded), but if that's the case maybe they can just replace the ranking system with a star or something instead of an A rank and no mention of a grade for anything below an A. For myself at least, I was always equally disappointed with a B or with an E. Regarding the criticism that you need to play a certain way in order to earn the A, I think that is a definitely valid (and Metal Harbor is ironically one of the worse examples, given that it is particularly linear and such a short stage), but ideally a stage should have enough opportunities the earn a top rank that you aren't forced to go in one particular path or do one particular trick to pull it off.
  4. Thanks for putting all this together, it was a definitely a fun read. Zone Discussion Questions 1. What is your number 1 Favorite/the BEST level in Sonic Adventure? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your top favorites? One thing I always loved about the levels of Sonic Adventure is that often you'd see some part of the environment which you couldn't interact with and would be curious about, and then later you'd come back as a different character and get to explore that part. Lost World would probably be my favorite level. I think aesthetically it's probably my favorite, and it's a nice balance of fun and difficulty. It also is at the part in Sonic's story where it feels like you're finally going to be getting some answers. It's also one of the most challenging time goals for the A mission (or at least I thought so back in the day, had to be under 4:30 as I recall). I always had a bit of a fascination with Hot Shelter as well, being that it's the only stage Sonic doesn't have access to. I think Gamma's version of Hot Shelter I particularly like, especially the part where he's on the trains. I guess they reused the concept heavily for Rail Canyon in Sonic Heroes, so I guess I wasn't the only person who thought it was cool. 2. What is your least favorite/the WORST level in Sonic Adventure? Or you can’t pick one, what are your bottom least favorites? I never really cared for Casinopolis. It was definitely somewhat cool to get a look at the upper levels with Knuckles, but the sewer section with Sonic and Tails was pretty uninspiring. A lot of straight corridors to run though, and as Sonic you'd typically need to do it twice to get enough rings. 3. What are your favorite Level Music Tracks from Sonic Adventure? I would probably have to go with Red Mountain in the volcano. Also love that Station Square theme. 4. Is there any level in Sonic Adventure that you would want to see revisited, for plot reasons, in a future game? (Example: Return to the Egg Carrier, which is still in the ocean) Can't say so particularly, but I suppose if they wanted to use a human city in a future game I'd like to see Station Square again. 5. Were you happy to see Emerald Coast & Speed Highway in Sonic Generations? I thought Speed Highway was definitely a solid choice, and I think they did a pretty good job with it in Generations. I never played the 3DS version of Generations, but I think there are better levels they certainly could have picked than Emerald Coast. It's a fine level, I just feel sometimes the first stages get too much love when there are clearly superior ones after it. Remake Discussion Questions I can't say I really want them to do a remake, but if they did I'd rather they kept it somewhat faithful to the source material and just updated the graphics and fixed the bugs. I'd much rather them spend the time to make a new game than keep trying to improve the old. The original definitely has it's flaws, but it's still a fun experience.
  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. I was listening to the Sonic Adventure 2 soundtrack the other day, and while I never really thought much of this song when I was younger, I think Fly in the Freedom has got to be one of the most underrated songs in the entire Sonic series. It's different from the typical Sonic song, which is probably why it gets overlooked, but it's a great theme for Rouge and holds up pretty well by itself too. The lyrics aren't even too corny.
  7. As a New Yorker, I always thought it'd be cool if there were a level with Sonic running through the subway tunnels. At first it might seem kinda linear, but I think it if it were done right it could be good. It might play sorta similar to Rail Canyon, with some similarities to something like Mine Cart Madness in Donkey Kong Country or the parts in the subway in Mirror's Edge. Like there could be a part where you have to outrun a train for a little bit, and there can be a part where the floor drops out and you can be in a deeper tunnel. And I suppose you'd have to go subway surfing at some point.
  8. You can easily tell Sonic Adventure was the first main Sonic title after the Genesis games. What I love the most about Sonic Adventure looking back at it is the little things, like animals in the robots and capsules at the end of levels. I also like its more cartoony artstyle as opposed to SA2. It's hard for me to look at Sonic Adventure objectively, though. It's literally the first console game I ever played.
  9. I'll start out by saying that under no circumstance should this game ever be remade. It is ripping open an old wound that has caused a lot of pain, and in the best case scenario, the question becomes "Why the fuck couldn't they have done this the first time?" That being said if a remade were to be made (and there won't be, since Sonic Team's time would be better put to making a new game), I think a decent/good (not excellent) game could be made from the basic premise of 2006. And don't tell me Sonic Team would do better making a new game. I know they would. But if they hypothetically did try and fix '06, here is what I think they should do. Story It seems like the story is that anyone likes from '06, which is really saying something, considering how poorly done it was. I will also say that the one part that I think is relatively well done in the story is Shadow. He's not an angst ball anymore, though it wouldn't hurt for him to show a little bit of emotion. Sonic's story is by far the worst of the game. I think his story could be tied into Silver's a lot more (and better). Get rid of Elise. Blaze can be the princess (an idea I saw a few other times in this thread). Eggman transports Sonic to Blaze's world (parallel dimension). Silver is Blaze's bodyguard/soldier (but don't have Blaze be a damsel in distress). Eggman fools Silver into thinking Sonic is the enemy. Turns out if either Blaze or Sonic dies Mephiles and Solaris join together and rape bitches in both dimensions or something. Sonic's story can revolve around him finding this out somehow, and learning the Blaze and Silver are not the enemy. And for the love of God, have Mephilies at least get the chaos emeralds or something before he shoots Sonic so it makes a tiny bit of sense. The above is (obviously) a very rough sketch of an idea. The main reason for even keeping the story is because I think a significant portion of the fanbase likes the darker, more story driven Sonic games. The main thing that really needs to cut Elise out and the Sonic love story crap. Gameplay Fix the glitches. Derp. To put it more concretely, here's what I'd like to see. Sonic: Have his normal jump damage enemies. Include the spin dash. Don't make any enemy take more than one hit to defeat. Have him turn easier. Redo or abandon mach speed sections (perhaps have many of the platforms fall behind him as he runs, but don't force him forward?). Shadow: Get rid of the vehicles, except the hang-glider and hovercraft. Have him be able to shoot chaos energy with the X (360) button that does damage to enemies. Occasional heavy enemies can take 3 hits (max) to defeat. Have him slightly slower than Sonic. Silver: Speed him up significanly (as fast as Knuckles or Rouge in 06). Don't make him stop running to throw things. Give him a spin jump, but no homing attack. Add a few more puzzles. Amigos: Keep them, but fix them up. For most of them, fixing their shitty controls should be pretty self explanatory. Make a few a little faster, perhaps. Significantly change Tails, however. Make him control like Sonic Adventure, although his speed can be reduced a little if need be. Level Design For the hub worlds, make them smaller. Like have each one be a quarter its current size. And made it less bland, for the love of all that is holy. Give the humans a more cartoony look. Get rid of sliding on water as Sonic in Wave Ocean. Give Sonic a level in the cool, underground part of Dusty Desert like Shadow has (seriously, it reminded me a lot of Sandopolis Act 2). Fix the board physics in White Acropolis and Crisis City. Make the speedy parts of Flame Core less scripted. I'm not sure if this is considered a level design flaw, but fix the loading screens. That's most of what I have for now. Might not be an AAA title after all that, but it certainly wouldn't be an F one.
  10. Gamma is pretty much my favorite Sonic character ever. And a lot of people have called Omega a bland ripoff, but I think Omega has a lot of potential. As Dr. Mechano said a while back, Gamma learned to love, Omega learned to hate. I think that's something that can be more fleshed out. Especially since Shadow seems to have been down that path before. But as Diogenes said, Omega can only really work well as a supporting character. And I'd be rather surprised to see Shadow or Rouge reappear in a major Sonic game any time too soon. That being said, does anyone else think there may be some potential for Tails and Omega to have some sort of relationship? Maybe it can be something as simple as Tails is interested in the technology in Omega or he can build him some kind of power up. That seems like maybe it could be a way to get Omega interacting with some other characters other than just Rouge and Shadow.
  11. Planet Wisp was easily my least favorite stage in the game. The pink wisp was annoyingly overused in act 1, and act 2 was fun in the forest, but then they literally decided that they were done with the 3D with the minor exception of the quick step part in between the two factories. Then again, I guess their source material for Planet Wisp was just about entirely 2D as well...
  12. I will also say that Sonic Adventure was just about the first video game I ever played (the first console game at least), so I actually found it kinda difficult when I first played it, and it took me much longer to beat it. Trying to maintain a more objective viewpoint, I still think it's a longer game. The cutscenes do count towards it being longer (although it obviously isn't gameplay time), but the story is one of the major reasons I also look at Sonic Adventure more favorably than Generations. Also, I think it would have made Generations long enough had they simply made it an actual challenge to get S ranks. I S-ranked half of the stages my first time through them, and got the other half the first time I went through them while not looking for red rings (and even got some S ranks while looking for red rings). One of the achievements is to clear classic Green Hill Zone in under a minute. I think my best time before I set out to get that achievement was around 2:30, and it was still an S. To get the achievement, I actually had to search out the shortest routes and spin dash a lot. Had they made getting S ranks require a similar level of effort, the game would probably have lasted me closer to a month than 2 weeks. Even Adventure's A emblems were more difficult than the S ranks in Generations.
  13. Of the 3D games: Adventure 1/2 > Unleashed > Generations > Heroes > Colors >>>>>>> 06 >= Shadow At the end of the day, it's just too damn short. I've just about gotten every achievement for it, and I've had the game for not even two weeks. It's a lot of fun, but it just doesn't have the longevity to push it up any higher.
  14. I think Planet Wisp was far and away the worst stage in the game. Between all the pink wisps as classic and the factory section in modern being just about entirely 2D, I just was not a fan at all. And of course it was the longest stage too. That being said, Crisis City and Rooftop Run were both great levels. It was really cool to see what Crisis City could be like sans glitches. But for Rooftop Run (and Planet Wisp too, for this matter), well, it just hasn't been long enough for me to be nostalgic about it or want a remake of it. And I understand why they put it in. I don't think it was a bad idea per se, but especially with the type of game Generations is, I feel it's inevitable the modern remakes won't be appreciated as much as some of the older ones..
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