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  1. It would be amazing if they recorded her trying to speak Japanese.
  2. Danica is still in the Japanese version. The big question I have is if they fixed the online collision issues for it...
  3. Next we will get Rebecca Black. Her all star will play her infamous Friday song, and attacks by firing out giant letters that spell out "FUN!" while she says it. Her transform animation involves her changing seats, as we know how indecisive she is. We so excited!
  4. I think the fact that S0L directed that comment at a guy who has been constantly whining about the lack of Ryo might be a sign. Or am I reading too much into it?
  5. Even if they are working on something non-Sega related, it doesn't necessarily mean they aren't working on a next-gen port of ASRT as well. It's not unusual for dev teams to work on more than one game.
  6. If they do that (which I hope they do) then more tracks should also be part of it to justify a re-release. New items would be nice too.
  7. If we can't get the DLC on consoles then I would be happy with a next-gen updated version. With fixed collision physics
  8. If those are the file names, they could've just named them as such to mess with our heads. It's obvious they are not who are supposed to be added. What this would indicate though is that we are in for more than one character.
  9. So, we should brace ourselves for some kind of announcement tomorrow... http://forums.sega.com/showthread.php?440186-Any-news-on-DLC&p=8094354&viewfull=1#post8094354
  10. I for one like having AI and items, but then I play for chaotic randomness more than anything.
  11. You can add me to the PS3 list. Same PSN as my username.
  12. Surprised this hasn't been posted here yet... http://forums.sega.com/showthread.php?474696-Console-Updates
  13. Don't assume it is only one character we are getting. If we get Miku, I'd expect someone like Ryo and perhaps even another to come with her.
  14. Ralph has been spotted in some 3DS footage, so he is still in that version at least.
  15. And the F1 driver will be driving a 3 wheeled stock car, just to mix things up even more.
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