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  1. The game needs to make money somehow - I mean I guess it could just all be centralized into the rings system as that seems to the main money making bit in the game now. I dunno, I prefered Nintendo just taking the one transaction as I never have to pay for toad tickets anyway. So game is pretty much free going forward - much prefer that to "Amy costs 30000 rings and odds are you'll only make that much by paying for this £7.99 bundle of rings unless you're willing to play the game for hours (oh wait you can't because you're out of lives you better buy those too chuck)"
  2. Looking at the game FAQ is a bit uncanny. One of the FAQ answers confirms a few of more unique buddies are back (RC UFO, Yacker, Wizard Chao) - the leveling system is still there (wasn't it up to like 100 before? it's now up to 5) - teams are in and you buy them with rings like before. Also they've gutted the friend system out, so there's no farming extra tries this time around. I really get a vibe like they basically got the source code for runners and built around it. Not that I mind if that's true, core game was good, it was all the other nonsense that bogged it down. I'm gonna be bummed if it's Android only though - surely it'll be both platforms?
  3. Honestly I think Sonic looks great all things considered. Body is a little weird but then that's lego, Sonic's a character that relies heavily on circular form while lego has always had that rectangular vibe. You can't really have it fully one way or the other. Anyone remember that Sonic "Kubrick" that sometimes makes the rounds on e-bay? That looks awful, at least they gave him a unique head mould here instead of standard Lego head with spikes stuck on. Also....Sonic Lego sets. Your own Green Hill displays. I would be all over that seriously
  4. One thing I've always wondered and it kind of surprises me it wasn't used to counter Ken's original case. While Knuckles was something of a Blank Slate in his early years. What's quite interesting is that both Archie and Fleetway took him in a similar direction, even though I'm fairly sure the Fleetway team never really saw much from Archie. Mind they actually stuck to their guns with the whole "lonely Guardian" thing instead of introducing the whole family. StC Knuckles basically goes about finding old tech, things his ancestors left behind ect, and then you have Zachary who shows up later on. I mean they probably still would of lost out on the extended Echidna family anyway, but at least SEGA could of been like "this idea isn't *that* original, sorry"
  5. I wouldn't lie honest! TBH I'm sure that "Guardians" title was on the last survey too and thought it was kind of weird. Survey also lists Mighty the Armadillo as a character on list of "Characters you know" and I was like "!!!" because I know we've all wanted the 4th member of the Chaotix to show up. The crossover stuff was weird too. Maybe I'm being pranked by SEGA? o_o Paradox has a screen with proof it came from a SEGA address.
  6. At this point on my Android version I have everyone since WW release bar Shadow. Kinda bummed at the recent trend of events that pretty much just consist of shoving more companions into the premium roulette without a new story or something. Also wasn't runners supposed to have like 150 main story events or something. Will we ever get something beyond episode 50?
  7. it struck me as weird that SEGA greenlit Fire & Ice and announced it like they did. It seemed a bit like a kneejerk reaction to the fact 2015's Sonic events basically consisted of...well...Runners. No fan events, no new main games, just a cartoon based on (your rather poorly received) western reboot - and a mobile game. I didn't mind Shattered Crystal. Though it's by and large kind of mediocre. But it did seem a little phoned-in as outsource projects go. Not surprised that a delay is because the studio considers their VR project a bigger money maker (even though I find that a bit of a laugh tbh, VR's great for showing off, but I suspect the home market will never be there for it) In general the Boom project has been a disaster, someone at SEGA did some terrible vetting on picking the studios for the project, about the only thing they kinda got right was the cartoon (and the comic I guess?). It's a shame because I really liked some of the ideas it had going, but basically has all been wasted with terrible execution (or needed money SEGA simply does not have to really make it work).
  8. There's the beginnings of a decent (mobile) game in Sonic Dash 2 but it's really REALLY buggy and laggy. The events and missions stuff is pretty neat, but it almost has the reverse problem to Runners, while it's a bit better with it's rewards - the main game is a bit lacking. It has good ideas! But the generator for the levels is a bit cheap, I had at least one point there the game gave me one route with an impassible obstacle and pits on both sides. (at least I can unlock amy with those free 30 red rings and not by teeing off all my facebook friends)
  9. Okay so now my iOS version has stopped shovelling ads at me today...but also stopped offering me the free first death continue. It's back to 5 red rings to continue or nowt. Someone else on facebook reporting same thing happened to them yesterday and they got ads back today, so the ads only happen so many times in a day I guess. I think I must of done something like 20-30 plays to get to that point.
  10. If you are below around EP 35 then keep playing main game as you should be able to complete routes within the 3 life limit. If that's becoming a struggle then go for the event. There are revive token award bundles. But red ring amounts are kinda nerfed in comparison to the soft launch events
  11. Should be 7am this morning but the Runners twitter has gone quiet since the release tweet and there's nothing in the English version to suggest the Birthday event is coming. Not even a notice, they were hyping Puyo Puyo about two weeks prior to the event. Hum Found this on the Runners website. Apparently Japanese players are getting our western ads and facebook is borked for everyone. Not sure what the moving function bit is about, but assume it's about the fact that you can't transfer your Red Rings to another device at present. Oh and the sonic birthday event BGM is messed up...
  12. Ads appear if your playing using the stock 3 revives the game gives you at the time. Ads do not appear if your using revives you brought with red rings, or were given to you by facebook friends prior to the update. Ads will still appear if you want the free continue mind, but that's your choice, can always use red rings instead or not continue at all.
  13. Game runs fine for me on both iPad Air (which has always been the stronger platform even in beta) - and Moto G 4g runs it fine too, I do get the sound cutting error on Android - but tbh I'll take slightly cut off sound effects over the stuttering "whoops just ran you into a wall/ made you miss that jump!" thing that used to happen pre-update. I was wondering why Hogfather was complaining about ads when I was only seeing them in continues, then I played my iPad version which has nothing more than the standard 3 revives. When your playing with an auto generated revive token, the game will run an ad at the end of the run. If you have spare facebook revives (or buy a bunch with your red rings) I believe you should be able to avoid the extra ad. Honestly IMO it surprised me how generous Runners was while in soft launch. I've played my fair share of freemiums and a bunch of them nickle & dime at every corner + make the in-game "currency" almost non-existent unless you cough up some IAP money. In a standard run in Runners you can usually get 1-2 red rings, more if you have the Battle Cruiser. I imagine Sega found the majority of players don't ever buy red rings, possibly because they made getting them too easy for players to endure the playing time for them. Game's supposed to be making money, so how do you resolve that? By limiting the Red Ring supply in-game + ensuring "free" players at least pay their way by having some ad sponsorship in there. It was always going to lead to that, only way it wouldn't of is if people had brought red ring bundles. That said it's always a delicate balance between giving customers what they want, and businesses getting what they need. All I'm saying is people should remember while Runners is free, in order for it to keep improving and adding stuff, it's gotta be making money somehow. The compatibility issue is certainly an issue however, I'm hearing if you have a Hudl 2 your out of luck, which is a little weird. That tablets newer than my phone, yet mine runs the game without the heating issue.
  14. Lolll Facebook nerfed which means Amy is still almost impossible to get. I guess they realized people were going wild with revives. Might also be to give newbies a chance to catch up a bit. Game runs a lot better on Moto G. Less skips in play. Though now sound effects cut out a bit early. Second tier on roulette now has a standard "buddy" egg. Game now keeps tabs on your distance score while running. Exp system is...weird. My team are level 33's and the bar only inches a bit after runs. I think the more exp you have, the cheaper the ring amount for next level is?
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