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  1. Just checking back in here after, what, almost two years or something? Hi all!
  2. Just checking in again

    1. Wentos


      Do stick around!

  3. So yeah, entertaining myself with Cataclysm and Splatterhouse for the most part. Cataclysm is a really nice return to WoW for me. I hadn't been playing for a while, and this revamp of old Azeroth was just what the game needed. Everything is as polished and smooth as WotLK now, and it's a blast to level through. Still, it doesn't quite give me the feelings of wonder about the game world, and of satisfaction when I finally reached some level, like it used to when I started playing almost 4 years back. Splatterhouse is a surprisingly fun distraction from all those story-heavy games I enjoy. It's only fair it gets pummeled in a lot of reviews, because there are a lot of technical issues, besides the simplistic gameplay. But sometimes you don't need deep and strategic gameplay, or an 'epic greek myth' story to enjoy a game. Sometimes it's just simple fun! Just switch off your brain and pummel every last monster to a bloody pulp, and feel fucking metal while doing it! \m/-.-\m/
  4. The Goo Goo Dolls rock, even though their music has mellowed out over the last 10 years. Still an amazing band.
  5. Yeah it is final, and it is drawn by someone else. From Eurogamer: I really don't like the final cover art. Some characters seem to have herp-derp-syndrome or something. Why didn't the character artist for the game draw the cover as well? Why Capcom??
  6. Full on Rock Band 3 at the moment, with a side of Mass Effect 2 now and then. At first I thought the RB3 setlist was a bit lame, but after playing through a lot of songs, I kinda love it. There's an almost perfect balance between all genres, from cheesy 70's and 80's pop songs, to full on big rock and metal tracks, and everything in between. Seriously, on one Road Challenge your pre-made setlist is Tears For Fears followed by Marilyn Manson. Dude!
  7. Personally, I haven't had any trouble with old shit on my HDTV. The SNES works fine with the RF adapter (though everone knows that RF adapters produce a pretty bad picture regardless of the TV), the Mega Drive and Dreamcast look fine with the old AV cables, and using SCART for my Saturn, PSX and PS2 hasn't produced any problems whatsoever. The only isssue (if you can call it that) that I can think of, is that with quick flickering, (like the flickering character shading of games like Super Street Fighter II), the flickering doesn't look right. Cracked, if you will. But no unplayable scenarios have popped up yet. Unless of course, you count the fact that old-skool games can look like a supermassive pixel-explosion if blown up on a big enough HDTV. But yeah, just sit farther away from the TV then. Thinking on it though, I remember that FFXII looks terrible on an HDTV. It's really strange, since it supports widescreen and everything. And earlier Squenix games don't look so bad at all.
  8. On my second Mass Effect 2 playthrough, this time with an ME1 imported char. Ocassionally dabbling in some Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Castlevania Lords of Shadow on the side. But what's this?! Rock Band 3 incoming! Uh oh...
  9. I've had this amazing AMV on my harddisk for a couple of years now, but seeing as the author put it up on Youtube, I just wanted to share. I really love the song. Instantly made me a fan of Vienna Teng.
  10. Dusk, that short was absolutely amazing. Never even heard of Blender Foundation before this, but I'll be following their work from now on. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I find the movie to be boring as hell. Turned it off about halfway through, much to the delight of everyone in the room. Why anyone'd want to make an animated series out of it, is beyond me. Though I suppose that there are actually people out there who really liked the movie so much that they want more.
  12. Well, I have a lot of videogame soundtracks that I enjoy, so I'll just start off with what I've been listening to for the last few days. - Castlevania (Lament of Innocence if you're in the US) - PlayStation 2 - "Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab" "House of Sacred Remains" I really liked the game when it first came out, and I still enjoy it more than most of the 2D Castlevania offerings. Especially the music has been stuck in my mind since first playing it. Some tracks are simply amazing. Hope you all agree.
  13. This: Korean thrashers Crash. Awesome stuff. Nuff said.
  14. Fiercely addicted to Mass Effect 2 right now. Just got it last Wednesday after turning in some old games, and I can't put it down anymore. Going for Paragon right now, but I think I'll start a second (female) Shep after I finish and go for a Renegade. Just to see what's gonna be different. Shit, how am I gonna juggle this and Halo Reach starting Tuesday..?
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