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  1. Goodbye and thanks for, well, something I guess.

  2. Oh my, a mod is threating me for saying my opinion about a thread where the very first post can be read as "I hate X Y and Z and I want X Y and Z to stay the fuck out of my games." Clearly this isn't the place for me to hang out nor would I really want to hang out in a place where mods can straight out call me a furry pedophile, a Nazi ir dump thinly vailed threats that could be if I was paranoid enough as an actual threat to track me down and break my knee caps. I don't know what the mods problem is in this place nor do I really give a shit anymore, I had some fun talking with people here who are not powermad fools with a giant stick up their A-holes, but after seeing just what kind of thugs are in charge of this dump and what happens when you say something they don't agree with I can safely say. I'm outta here!!
  3. I don't fell like writing a big post so here is a simple number list. No more Solo Sonic. Less 2D gameplay. A lot less on rails 3D gameplay. More focus on story and plots. Better replay value. Online multiplayer gameplay. Limit the use of boost a lot. Stop flanderizing the cast for fucks sake. Add variety to the gameplay that doesn't feel forced into it. Stop blaming the friends for the games sucking. If they're not playable or even present and the game still sucks and sells even less than games where the friends are present, it is quite clear to everyone with a functioning brain that its the Solo Sonic, no story, boost only gameplay that is wrecking the franchise and driving down sales.
  4. I feel that I should point that your surreal fantasy worlds also came with the rather insulting price tag of throwing away up to 98 percert of everything from the games in order to build their worlds, despite the games clearly having a lot of cartoony elements that could be easily used for surreal fantasy worlds. AOSTH: Only Sonic and Tails can be said to be related to the origin material, namely the games, nothing else is from the games, not even Robotnik looks like his game counterpart. Satam: Only Sonic and Tails again. Robotnik/Eggman was butchered into a walking mountain of fat that spent 90 percent of his time sitting in a chair talking smack and Tails was ditched in favor of original American stereotypes. The ´brainy cheerleader, the southern belle, the tech savvy nerd and the cowardly foreign exchange student. Underground: Only Sonic and Knuckles can be said to have any trace to the games, everything else was made from scratch. Archie: Modeled after Satam, Archie spent up to over 15 years blissfully ignoring most of the game material and characters in order to sell their own fantasy world which had very limited actual Sonic content. Fleetway: Stayed truer to the games but still altered a lot of the material to suit their needs. Boom: Is a cartoon/comic based on an alternate game series or is it vice versa? Point is, this was made by westerners from scratch with limited input and material from the main series as it targeted goal. Sonic X for all it did wrong, at least stayed truer to the characters and origin material than anything the US and UK has chucked out. Call me crazy but if you need to throw away over 90 percent of the source material in order to produce your comic/cartoon then you are really only insulting the medium you're basing it on.
  5. It's a throw back to an earlier statement he posted on twitter a few months ago. Remember the one where he states that a movie needs to be rated PG13 or its dead in the water? My guess is that he is actually surprised that a super hero movie that didn't fall into the PG or below ratings was produced by Hollywood. Beats me, I guess it depends on how badly we mess it up according to his standards of story telling.
  6. I disagree with that statement. I vastly preferred Sonic as he was written by the Japanese writing team from Sonic adventure until Sonic Unleashed as he was the perfect mix between seriousness and laid back funny guy; unlike the one we have now who is written not for all the western audiences, but for an US audience solely and it shows a lot both in execution and reception from the audience. For me, the US written versions of Sonic has and will always be the worst versions of Sonic, all the way from his version in AOSTH to his latest game incarnation US Sonics has always been defined by a mix of jerk jock and amateur comedian with little to no redeeming moments. Chief among the worst versions so far is the version of Sonic found in Generations where he literally seemed to give fuck all about the fate of his friends or the world around him and only cared about having fun.
  7. Anyway, this might sound dickish. But at this point, I think its safe to say that if we want that Lara Su chronicles comic/graphics novel thing to happen, we'll have to produce it ourselves since Ken Pender's is too busy either tweeting his support for Hillary and his hatred of Sega/Archie to actually get anything done.
  8. Geez, at this rate he'll be demanding next that Sega and Sony send out a limo out to pick him up, followed by a personal tour through the movie studio by the CEO's of both companies with a concluding two hour long clip art presentation of the entire script... at which point he'll whine about them stealing his ideas since he was the first to think of Sonic and real humans interacting together. Seriously, this guy is a douche.
  9. Alright, Shadow the hedgehog style weapons combat and vehicle driving in the new Sonic game, it'll be awesome... just kidding. I don't think leaving out Ideologies should be needed, rather, developers should take care not to turn their games into a authors tract aimed at spending 90 percent of the story time talking about what the developers/director believes in. Kojima, I'm looking at you and your "nukes/war is bad" ideology.
  10. Hmm, do not talk about *** do not discuss *** and don't being up ***, I am so tempted to be a complete ass-hat right now and ask if that subject extends to a possible SA4. Eh, on a different note, given that there seems to be a chance of Sonic Boom being a part of the anniversary game, I wonder how and why this would even come to be as to my understanding Takashi Iizuka hates Boom Sonic.
  11. I don't see why anyone even cares about this? Seriously look at this, right now he's just using feminist lingo to trash talk Archie in an effort to stay noticed while inciting problems for his former work place. Best course of action at this point is to not re-tweet his posts or respond to his attempts at obtaining attention.
  12. Feeling the dread that once again that the franchise that I've invested so much time and money in, is one again going to give me the finger as a thanks for being such an easy sucker.

    1. Rey Skywalker-Ren

      Rey Skywalker-Ren

      don't worry, i lost hope in the sonic series sometime ago

    2. Idon'tcare


      That's not really cheering me up... Oh well, at least I have this to look forward to. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7IySqRPny4&

  13. The more I hear about the big 25th anniversary game, the less I want it. Seriously, every time more news or rumors comes out, it feels just like SEGA is waving a giant flashing middle finger right at me. I don't want Solo Sonica anymore, I don't want boost to win or play, I don't want to sit through another classic nostalgia trip, I'm dead tired of seeing SEGA pimping his friends out to keep their fans coming back only to reduce them to utterly worthless cameo roles as mere gesture. I'm tired of reviewers, PR folks and "fans" blaming the friends for Sonic's poor sales and bad game receptions. Most of all, I don't want to spend another hour playing a new Sonic game while thinking I should just stop and do something else. At this rate I might just celebrate the big 25 by downloading Sonic Unleashed and Generations for the PC and use every single character mod out there to play those games as everyone else but Sawnik.
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