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  1. I hate this. First of all, it seems like the 3D sections are almost 90% automated. When you go at full speed (or boost) the game locks your horizontal movement so you only have to hold up or the boost button and jump occasionally. If you want to move left or right you have to slow down. The air boost feels really off too, it has this weird arc and it simply doesn't feel as good as Generations air boost. I don't like the double jump too. It also feels way too weak to be useful in 3D sections and in 2D sections it doesn't make you change directions like in Colors. Other than that the basic movement seems to be slightly worse than Generations but nothing horrible, and the way homing attack kills your momentum doesn't feel as bad as I thought. The level design isn't also very good, but that's the only part we can't judge the whole game for as it might get better later, even though Sunset Heights didn't look any better lol. As for Classic Sonic, the boss is pretty decent, but the controls aren't very good too. The acceleration felt a bit too high to me, and drop dash is definitely a bit off. Avatar was the most boring one of the bunch, but there isn't much to say about that one as you can tell all of its flaws from the footages. I also don't like the port itself. It runs at 30fps but it feels really choppy, probably because I got too used to Generations but still. It runs at 720p too, even when docked, and some parts of Chemical Plant look pretty bad without proper lighting.
  2. Eh, if it was a joke then the funny part would be the preview itself, not the comments :V
  3. Thank god I'm not the only one who thought this looked pretty terrible. Push Square's preview seems to be more like a bait than a joke, tho. EDIT: Also yeah, attacking people for having different opinions for a game is not cool.
  4. quantity over quality I mean, they even attempted to add every single Sonic zone to the game, but when they realized they couldn't do it they dropped it and some other fans picked it up. I wish I was joking. Not to mention the game having around 40 playable characters and 24 menu themes that look awful in a funny way (except for like, 3 of them).
  5. Zavok's body looks a lot simplier than Shadow's, Shadow has this manly chest hair while Zavok's chest is just red. But I agree, They are close when it comes to detail so I shouldn't have given that as an example. But I still think his design is quite cartoony compared to the rest. He was designed to be the big bad villain of a lighthearted game, which is something you can easily tell from his colors, generic spiked bracelets, and spiky patterns used in the design. And when you put him to the same game as Shadow (who was designed to be the cool, dark and mysterious rival of Sonic in a game that takes itself way too seriously) he just looks kinda out of place.
  6. Completely new levels, more focus on the story like Sonic 3 & Knuckles, a different art style (or at least a new original Sonic sprite) and at least 1 new playable character would be more than enough for me tbh.
  7. This is actually what they should have done. This isn't the easiest platforming section ever but as long as there's a bottom pathway too this isn't really that bad. I mean, I know there's a bottomless pit, this is a Sonic Team game. But the fact they are showing this screenshot as a "bad example" with the reasoning of "too hard" makes very little sense because you can make this level design work better than what's currently there. I really don't think they gave any thought to this whole thing at all. I don't even know why they even bothered.
  8. Nice renders and all but Zavok's design really clashes with everyone else. His simple and cartoonish design worked with Lost World's simple art style, but here when compared to more detailed characters like Infinite or Shadow he simply looks out of place. I also can't say I'm the biggest fan of silver Infinite.
  9. Oh hey, thanks for the mini review! I'm glad people are enjoying it, even tho it's a bit glitchy right now.
  10. I forgot to make a post here, but there's a new demo of this fangame. You can download it from the website.
  11. 1. I really like how Forest Falls Zone looks, and Green Hill Modern is also my second favorite Sonic level. But I have to go with Seaside Hill. I just love how it looks both in Generations and Heroes. And It's fun in both games too. 2. Hard question. I think Splash Hill is a really dumb zone. It's just a boring clone of Green Hill and it lacks charm of most other Green Hill Clones, so I'll go with that. I don't hate it though. 3. Seaside Hill is fucking awesome. Maybe because of nostalgia idk but I love Seaside Hill's music. 4. Well, I liked how the whole island burned in Angel Island, so I would like to see something similar to that. 5. I don't even have a single idea. 6. I don't know. As long as it's not like Splash Hill or Windy Hill, I would be okay. 7. Yeah why not?
  12. My first Sonic Game was Sonic Heroes, it was also my second PS2 game. I used to be really bad at it. I remember spending days on those rail grinding levels. Then when I finished them, I reached Frog Forest. I fell in love with that zone. And the disk stopped working for some reason. I tried everything, cleaned the disc, deleted the saves, cried etc... But nope it was dead :/
  13. Here we go. Marble Zone: You have to be slow, and you sometimes you have to wait. Unacceptable. Well, at least the music is good, and it looks okay. Labyrinth Zone: No. Metropolis Zone: I don't hate the first 2 acts of this zone that much. But oh man Act 3, it's just... ugh. The enemy placement is horrible, especially with starfish. I always, always get hit and die at the end of that level, just because of these fucking starfish. Wacky Workbench: 2bouncy4me. But seriously, I actually don't hate this zone that much, but it's still pretty annoying. The worst thing about this zone is going to the past and finding the generator thing. It's hard to do, annoying and kinda boring. Big the Cat's Story: :V Death Chamber: I spent 30 minutes on this stage. Why? Because the radar was bleeping on somewhere it wasn't supposed to be, and I thought I entered the every single room, even though I didn't. And the radar wasn't bleeping in front of the room I didn't enter, so I had no idea. But I wish that was the only problem of this stage. I have how most of the rooms look same. Yeah they have different colors, but I didn't memorize the colors when I first played the level. Meteor Herd: It's just waay too big. Mad Space: ... Cannon's Core: When I played Aquatic Mine, I didn't notice the Air Necklace, so I didn't get it. And it turns out this stage is extremely hard and annoying without that. Nice. Thanks. Rail Canyon / Bullet Station: I kinda like these zones, but the rails are really fucking glitchy, and this ruins these zones for me. ALMOST EVERY FUCKING LEVEL FROM SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG Yellow spring stages from Sonic Colors: It's just a bad gimmick, at least that's what I think. I dunno, I think it would be more bearable if it allowed us to use air dash. Rooftop Run Act 1 (Generations): I don't know why but I hate this level. It's just really unenjoyable and annoying for me. Casino Street Zone Act 3 (The one with cannons.): I have no idea why, but I had some trouble when I first played this level. I guess I need to replay this level to learn if this level is as bad as I thought. Desert Ruins Zone 4: Autoscrolling doesn't fit Sonic very well, and there are bunch of cheap deaths. Silent Forest The One With Spotlight: You probably know why. Lava Mountain Act 2: This is literally the most annoying stage in any video game.
  14. While those are Naughty Dog games, people at BRB are who made these games. They are still the same people, the only difference is number of employees and the name, I think. Okay, I admit, I really don't know how much of BRB is former Naughty Dog developers tbh. But I assume most of them are, and I think this makes them experienced enough. I also don't think you need to be a big company to be able to make good games. EDIT: I need to add this, while I think choosing BRB wasn't a stupid idea, I don't think it was the best one. It was their first game as BRB, and there was a risk of fucking it up. But it was a much better choice than choosing some new or obscure company that is known for porting games to other systems. I don't think it's possible to think RoL is a good game, even for them.
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