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  1. Really am disappearing now, but I'm glad you had a good day (and to be honest, there'll probably be a moment where Sonic won't need his own train seat in the future, so I wouldn't worry)! Would be cool to chat Sonic and writing sometime so, if you don't mind, drop me a PM and/or MSN or something? In the meantime, take care and have a great evening/weekend! *salutes*

  2. Thanks for the crossed fingers! Getting the train you can probably guess. I got a train from Darlington around 6 and due to a terminal failure with the rear engine it had to terminate in Doncaster leaving me stranded. A train due in Doncaster heading for London came around 10 minutes later and I had to get on a mostly booked out train and get whatever seat I could. But importantly I got there.

  3. Hey, just wanted to say that I'm sorry to have missed you at Summer of Sonic! I was hoping to run into you, as you seem like a decent chap and we share an interest in writing, it seems. Hope this finds you well, take care!

  4. has been away for ages and apologises to those who know of him.

    1. Raxz


      Who are you again?

    2. SeanP SunsetPark

      SeanP SunsetPark

      We've never spoke before so hi there. I joined last year and haven't been around for ages. I just finished uni and I've got my ticket for SOS so I'm keeping up to speed with what's going on.

    3. Pelly <3's U

      Pelly <3's U

      I remember you

    4. SeanP SunsetPark

      SeanP SunsetPark

      Hi Pelly, I remember you too. Like I say, have been overrun with essays for the last year or so. Now that I'm finished I'm coming back to things like this, especially with SOS coming up.

    5. Pelly <3's U

      Pelly <3's U

      Ya I was hardly on the forums this last year either, since I started my first year of uni

    6. SeanP SunsetPark

      SeanP SunsetPark

      You should have a pretty good time at uni. I know I did. Now I have the pleasure of looking for a job.

    7. Pelly <3's U

      Pelly <3's U

      ya I love uni, just takes up all my time. Good luck with the job hunt

  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  6. has just seen a man be hit in the face with a cricket ball on TV. I know I shouldn't laugh but...

  7. ...no... well my brother but he was never interested. I just loved to make stuff. I made and drew and cut and glued and coloured while watching constant episodes of British sitcoms on a loop. I probably made games for other things but because I made so many Sonic ones all the others have been pushed out of my head. Oh and thank you too for the effort compliment!
  8. Recently, I was having my annual clean out in my room in order to put new stuff in its place, most likely the latest Sonic merch I can get my hands on, but through the rooting of old stuff I found something I did a good few years ago. Around the mid-to-late 90's and early 00's I always used to make my own board games based on Sonic games. I remember making board games based on the Adventure Gamebooks and one I made was set around Sonic Shuffle and I found it. Yes, I know it wasn't well accepted as a game but I enjoyed making this which is the important thing I suppose. Rather than lose this forever I thought I'd share it with all of you should you be interested at all. It is a pretty big board which I used the bendy Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy figures from SA as they fitted the board. Having been sat in a box with other stuff it has ripped and bent a bit. One way of getting an emblem was to do the level based mission. I saw this as a factory zone and had a machine piece that needed to be picked and delivered to a certain space. And if you were Tails or Knuckles you could take a shortcut: And the mision is complete when the piece is delivered. Tails next to a precioustone (or Chaos Emerald from the box) and a spring: And how about mini Sonic Shuffle? The Chao Garden level: And these were cards, scoresheets, and cards listing mini games and events based from the game. So what I was wondering was this: Am I the only one who used to make his/her own games like this or did anyone else make their own games/toys etc.
  9. I just finished Sonic Adventure DX yesterday. I am proud. Now what to do? So you recommend I get out the good old Dreamcast and play again on there? I don't care I've just finished it, I'm playing it again old school style if you say it's that good! And after that, SA2, maybe Sonic Heroes after. I might play Tails Adventure soon as well. I love that game. I also like to play Sonic R but sometimes for a challenge I'll do a time attack and keep replaying the race against the ghost. After I defeated the ghost about 3-4 times its practically impossible to win. But who cares, in the end, I'm better than me!
  10. Haha, yeah, I'm a bit of a merch monster - years of collecting - everyone has to start somewhere! Thanks for the compliment!

  11. 1) Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast) - Seeing a huge 3D sonic game like this for the first time put my tiny, innocent, childish head in awe. While the DX cut may be bundled with some extras and a some sharper graphics, it is the Dreamcasts nostalgia that wins this one. And playing as so many characters in a full story which linked with everyone else's just blew me away. But how I got Sonic Adventure makes it my most favourite game. Sorry for using up lots of space for this but if this short story is to be told it shall be told properly. Ahem. It is Christmas Day. Sonic Adventure and the new gadget 'Dreamcast' have been on the market for some months. My brother and I are downstairs and our mum and dad are filming the occasion and we are sat on the floor in our little pyjamas (I have Sonic ones. Those in Sonic pyjama knowhow will know the black ones with Spring Yard screenshots on the top) ripping open presents with beaming faces that would put the sun to shame. My bro gets lots of stuff that he likes, I am likewise. We sit under all the paper clutching our new toys. Mum and dad open their presents and all is well. My bro and I start to take our toys upstairs when our mum says 'Wait! You have missed one!' We look. The floor is clean of wrapped presents but re-carpeted in mulitcoloured wrapping paper. 'I think I see something behind the chair,' says our dad. And the keen little investigators we are, brother and I trek to the end of the living room to see behind the chair another video camera on the floor cathing our reaction to a huge box-shaped-box wrapped in SONIC WRAPPING PAPER!!! We cheer and tear the paper seeing a spanking new Dreamcast with Sonic Adventure, unscrathed, shining, pristine, upon the Dreamcast. We still have that Dreamcast. But the game was good. 2) Sonic Unleashed - Speed stages were amazing and the music was epic. The graphics are astonishing. OK, some of the werehog stages lasted 30 minutes but the whole game was worth it. 3) Sonic Heroes - Large gameplay, decent story but most importantly - the return of the Chaotix! No Mighty which saddened me but graphics, sound, gameplay was all good.
  12. Hi, loved that painting video. I find Sonic hard to do with paint but that was cool. And your collection is huge. You put a fan like me to shame. I shall have to up my collection game.

  13. This is not a want item; it is a need item!
  14. Arrived in Goldenrod. I've just spent ages on Voltorb Flip and finally got enough coins for Dratini with a few lucky tries on Level 6 and 7. Two battles with Dratini in the grass on the route south of Goldenrod, it picked up a Shiny Leaf! At the moment I have Totodile Lv 20, Raticate Lv20, Flaaffy Lv21 and Dratini Lv16. Slow progress but I'd rather take my time with the game than rush through it quickly.
  15. My essay is done and Pokemon SoulSilver has just arrived in the post which is great timing. Got me a Totodile!
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