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    like everyone else i'm a sonic fan so be happy. I also am a flash animator and do game reviews now and then.
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  1. segasage


    video in question: Does anyone else here thing theirs no reason for titan fall not to have single player? Though to respond to the whole Origin debacle, Its not worth using, Origin and Uplay have nothing better to offer compared to things like GOG or Steam.
  2. while i like the show, it can also depress me.
  3. Since i'll be going with nintendo for my console choice this next gen( ps4 maybe, maybe even xbox one if they shape up) I really am digging what's being done with the Wii U pad. They're finally making art academy for the Wii U so were gonna be able to make art using that nice screen. I know that Colors! is also coming there so its gonna be really cool to draw with it, but if it were pressure sensitive it be an instant hook. Is anyone else looking forward to using their Wii U for drawing?
  4. This honestly supprizes me that any indie developer would defend this putrid anti gaming device. heres what Capybara had to say: "This clarification is about answering our fans, and shouldn't reflect negatively on Microsoft or Xbox One – they've been the biggest CAPY supporters out there (and also lets face it: Titanfall and Halo are going to be crazy delicious game magic). The Xbox 360 has been a great home for marquee downloadable games, and we believe this is something that will continue, and grow, over the years on Xbox One." Its most likely that they were paid by microsoft to give the xbox one some positive talk even though its false. Since when has the xbox platform been a good home for games let alone indie ones( they'll just put them in the indie section and hide them away from the spotlight). Even with the xbox one now having self publishing and supposedly every xbox one being a dev kit, they still somehow manage to screw that up. They don't tell you about the very large license fee to publish on the xbox one. Its also been confirmed that Below won't be exclusive to the xbox one its only a timed exclusive( why are they still doing that kind of crap). Microsoft needs to step up their game if they're gonna win over hard core gamers. But gamers need to let them know they need to fix this crap. Let them know if you don't have real exclusives that aren't halo you won't buy their console and hopefully they'll listen and you might get a good system kinect 2.0 free. But until they get there heads out of there arses, dont buy that cash register that can play games. source : http://www.cinemablend.com/games/Below-Developer-Defends-Xbox-One-Microsoft-58173.html
  5. Warning: read the whole thing before you comment. Before i share what i think about the xbox one( formally the xbox 720) I have to say that of all the things to name your console, You had to name it the xbox one? Ok now back to the matter at hand, This may have been one of the worst reveal to a console i've personally seen in years. There is literally no reason the get this thing whatsoever. Here are some reason this console and conference fail. You are forced to be online at least once a day just to play your games offline otherwise. You can let a friend borrow a game since you'll have to pay a fee to play it on your friends xbox one, Basically there will be no used games. No backwards compatibility whatsoever with 360 games. Little to no games were shown at the conference. The kinect is still to be a priority to microsoft despite most people don't like it. One thing i also noticed about this console is you are required to install the games like you would a pc game, Why would you require someone to enter a key and install and game on a console. But unlike the pc, you cant install the xbox one games multiple times( once you install it, its useless unless you pay a fee). Thankfully most people can clearly see the xbox one is a ripoff and are not buying it(sony and nintendo's stocks went up after this conference, no joke). Now i know theres going to be someone who'll disagree with what i have to say but just say it, I like to debate. I'd like to know what do you guys think about the xbox one and everything revealed about it?
  6. i really like how the game is looking, its going to be beutiful on the wii u.
  7. havent been here in awhile, i missed this place

  8. last week I saw the dreamworks film " the croods" I personally enjoyed it. But i wonder, has anyone else seen it and what did you think about it?
  9. For those of you who didn't know I have a podcast called the nocturne podcast(I'm known a megadrivesonic on the show) and our most recent episode has an interview with video game lyricist sensation brentalfoss. Here is a link to the episode http://www.muscletower.com/index.php?page=podcasts&epid=416 let me know what you think of it, and be sure to check out the other episodes of the nocturne podcast, you may like it.
  10. I think the show itself is okay, but there are some fans who take it a little to seriously but that happens in all fandoms
  11. looking at these again makes you wonder how much effort it took to make these stunning images, and in 3d studio max too. that 3d application hates me, i cant do a thing with it. but i am pretty good with Maya myself.
  12. well as most people are saying here on this thread, the sonic adventure games were the best 3d sonic games Sega ever manufactured. most of the fans who want decent game play would agree on this after playing sonic 2006 or shadow the hedgehog( unleashed was OK,sonic colors was great and generations looks like it will be good).
  13. Thank for the best way to listening to ssr on an Idevice, as for the ones that it docent work on well find anouther way.
  14. I was raised on his films, in fact he was my inspiration to become a animation filmmaker. I am currently making an indie movie called the nocturne gate, read about it in the link below and be on the lookout for a twitter for the film( I'll post a topic To the twitter here at the ssmb) And I forgot to mention that I can't wiate for the dragons liar movie.
  15. Your work is just fantastic. Do you know how to use Maya because I think I could have you as a 3D animator in my indie film. Look into it on the link in my signature.
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