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  1. Over the years, the SEGA company has put in the effort to draw inspiration, both directly and indirectly, from musicians/composers around the world. They've done this through direct partnership, various licensing deals, etc, so the topic here is going to be what music you've heard that would be particularly fitting for the Sonic franchise. To get the ball rolling, here's one I've always found had a particular Sonic CD type of vibe to it, and would be suitable in another title akin to it, which is more than possible now that Mania is likely starting a new 2D series of games.
  2. I had Natsume invite me to E3 last year but turned it down in the end because there really wasn't much there of interest to me as a whole. Isn't E3 kind of... Fading away nowadays? it doesn't seem to be the big deal it used to be by and large. (Edit) Especially considering how much it costs for companies to have a booth there when they can get the same advertisement for much less, if not for free by using the internet.
  3. Huh... I don't recall. I remember losing it when I got attacked...
  4. Did that BUBBLE shield DEFLECT a FIREBALL? This is reaching DBZ levels of insanity.
  5. I'd actually love for the team to go on another tour of the world again for inspiration for a new game. With the staff huddled up over in Japan under SEGA's lock and key there's really not much inspiration they can get. With any luck, now that Iizuka is in the West, (he... IS still over here, right?) some better creativity will return. I think the majority of the ST staff could use a breather and just go a few places again, look what it did for the Adventure titles and Unleashed, with Unleashed just being SO good.
  6. THANK you for pointing this out. It's a fantastic argument for people who think Sonic is purely fantasy/toon based. When you look back on even the earliest titles, there was always more than plenty of realism put into every game. You actually feel like YOU can go where SONIC goes and that's what makes me so turned off from experiments like Lost World and why I appreciate Sonic BOOM and Project 2017 in comparison. When you strip as much realism as possible out of the environments Sonic is in, you don't even have a real Sonic game anymore.
  7. I still stick with Sonic 4 being the equivalent of Sonic 06 canon wise. It was GOING to be, and now it's not. I'd be fine with Mania being the new canon continuity. (Edit) ...What if Bon Jovi did music for a stage or the boss of the game...?
  8. I think we can all agree they wanted Metal Sonic to be the star and get the VIP treatment in Episode 2 above everyone and everything else.
  9. "Listen guys, people want to play as Classic Sonic in his OWN games, they don't want Classic Sonic in Modern Sonic games, it's too much." "Listen guys, people want Sonic to be funny and quirky, but they don't want the whole plot based on jokes, they still want to take it seriously." "Listen guys, people want Eggman to be an actual threat, making him too big of a joke is detrimental to the franchise." I'd think anyone with a position at SEGA should get common sense things like this, if they can't grasp that much they shouldn't be employed there...
  10. The sad thing is I, personally, think Sonic would be dead now without Aaron, so the fact it seems to include such little power is pretty sad when you think of just how much a company owes a person in particular. ...Is it wrong/bad of me to think Aaron means more to the company and does more for it than Mr. Iizuka...?
  11. Here's A Question...

    What is ONE thing from a country of your choosing YOU think the USA could learn/benefit from?

  12. I don't think that's quite the right way to put it, considering by and large isn't it SEGA who tells them "Do it like this, do it that way, cater to this audience" and they have to basically operate by that demand/expectation from the company? I mean, I get Iizuka is the head honcho of Sonic Team, but doesn't he still make titles based on what SEGA expects him to? Granted he/they can SUGGEST games but they don't really get to decide what they can do/make by and large, if SEGA says no they have to sit back down I would think. (Otherwise given Iizuka's past I'd think we actually WOULD have gotten SA3 and Shadow 2 by this point if he didn't have to do what SEGA says) Titles like Lost World seem like the entire opposite of his taste for the franchise, and who knows, maybe that's why it sucked...
  13. Isn't Sonic 4 pretty much like 06...? That being it intended to do something with the canon, but was wiped out in the end anyways? I doubt Sonic 4 is canon whatsoever now, it's there but in its own bubble, not part of anything anymore. It tried to be, then got... Well... Yeah.
  14. I'm not saying ALL of them mind you but it will be bad if every boss in the game sticks to the typical confinement of a tiny area. I love being on the move ala the Freedom Planet and, as you mentioned, Advance 2 bosses, it feels more adrenaline pumping to me.