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  1. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    I've been focusing on what others beyond just you are saying. Your arguments are entirely "those darn whites" and "those poor minorities" as well and I can only stand that for so long so I moved onto other political things being discussed. Not be black... Right after Obama... This is definitely devolving back into anti-white territory again. Nice job on your part. very nice job. He's a manipulative man who knew how to play his cards right and he won by being ahead of the game. The reasons he won sucked, sure, but he won because he was smart enough to use weaknesses and bad natures to his advantage. He's savvy, not a great man perhaps, but definitely savvy.
  2. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Yes he did, try not to come back in here with random mess like that again. Going around the country, having meetings and speeches all over the place, nearly entirely funding his campaign single handed. It took a lot of his PERSONAL time, work, and money to win. A lot of strategic work as well. So that "I HATE TRUMP ARGHRGHRGH!!!" stuff isn't going to work. You might hate him, but it took a lot on his part to win.
  3. Concepts/Things In Mania You Dislike

    I'd like to imagine the Super Sonic boss happening the same way, only you're warping through space during the battle, like each hit takes you to another planet you circle around while fighting or something.
  4. Sonic Forces is Rated E10+...

    I'll give you that... Perhaps if not for the Sonic 4 harkening boss music, the way he talks wouldn't be so bad. I'll give you credit and say the music is worse than anything else during that fight and, honestly, makes me NOT want to fight, without mute anyways... How can you be any less "epic" than that? The ruler of the world gets a terrible carnival tune for his battle. The problem with Forces, as I've mentioned, is trying to cater toward serious/darker demands using methods/mindsets from 20 years ago and, likewise, bringing back villains FROM that timeline to do so as well. It's doing the right things, in dumb ways, as I've also said before.
  5. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    No it's not, whatsoever. If effort is bullshit that certainly explains all the complaining today. If you don't push hard, you don't get anything, that's reality. You have to be clear how much you want the job, any job. And there's your problem and likely why obtaining a job has avoided your grasp. Do the application online, and when it's finished and sent in, go to where you applied, talk to management, be well dressed and stand straight, eye contact and firm shakes, and your chances will vastly increase. It's up to YOU to be pro-action, not pro-sit-and-wait.
  6. Sonic Forces is Rated E10+...

    It's like I said, something like Colors/Lost World is fine, on OCCASION, but making it what the entirety of the franchise is about from game to game on end is a mistake.
  7. Sonic Forces is Rated E10+...

    It's actually his behavior/lines during his Classic Sonic battle that bothers me.
  8. Sonic Forces is Rated E10+...

    I don't have a problem with what Forces is doing at all really asides the characterization/writing of Eggman so far. SA/SA2/Unleashed/Black Knight are the games I've always considered sweet spots for plots in both tone and depth of the 3D portion of the franchise as big budget AAA titles.
  9. Sonic Forces is Rated E10+...

    Being honest in most of these arguments it's either begun or drawn out by Dio, if not for that I doubt it'd be such an issue here as often/much as it is.
  10. Sonic Forces is Rated E10+...

    Yes! This precisely! It's not BAD to have a title now and then akin to Lost World, but when the franchise REVOLVES around that for games on end after all the variety it offered with its tone/plot between SA and Unleashed when things WERE a little more serious/dark, sometimes much more... It was just enticing. Black Knight is another title that played with being serious and dark well, sonic getting thrashed, showing PHYSICAL signs of torture, and rising up with the aid of his friends... It pumped you up!! Now it's just herp derp rainbow six lets fight!! and ho ho fat man lets do it mr. nosey! basically. Nobody is saying 06 NOR Shadow ever needs to happen again, ever, but by GOD would it be delicious to have another SA2/Unleashed/Black Knight type of tone/plot after all these years.
  11. Sonic Forces is Rated E10+...

    No, really I'm not. You're going on with ANOTHER one of your usual anti-dark/anti-serious moments and I'm responding accordingly.
  12. Sonic Forces is Rated E10+...

    Forces is going for an SA2 and Unleashed hybrid kind of thing while trying to maintain some of the stuff they did in Colors is what I get from it. It's awkward but... They are welcome to try it I suppose.
  13. Sonic Forces is Rated E10+...

    I'm so glad you're satisfied with products in this franchise that sell the worst and are received the worst by critics and consumers alike. TWO serious games that went TOO FAR does not mean seriousness and/or darkness are wrong in this franchise. It means they went too far and need to keep it scaled back. Both of the Adventure titles and Unleashed did this perfectly. If you'll take a dozen more Lost World type plot/tone titles then I'm sorry Dio but you're absolutely terrible for this franchise's health.
  14. Sonic Forces is Rated E10+...

    What the hell kind of "serious" Sonic are you talking about? He hasn't been serious since 06. 11 YEARS Dio.
  15. Sonic Forces is Rated E10+...

    Being honest, despite the flaws I'll take what the Adventure titles, Unleashed, and Forces is doing above Colors and Lost World and all the BOOM games any day. Even during the Genesis the term "dark" was pretty relevant, what with the pollution and warping planets into metal, in some ways it's a necessity for the franchise. Don't you ever get sick of Colors/Lost World junk @Diogenes?

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