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  1. We should make Penders do the writing for Sonic Forces. Surely if SEGA made him their friends there would be no more problems. Then we could get the GREATLY demanded spin-off series all about the Echidna race! It's a must have!
  2. Considering they've lost to Penders in every form possible up to this point I'd say it's certain being a Sonic game doesn't matter whatsoever. So... Now folks love Shadow? Then what was with that sh@t storm I got for bringing him up?!
  3. lol It was more of a gag idea than a legitimately serious one. (But considering it's Sonic Team, it IS possible, I suppose... We had a Dark Shadow after all via Mephiles...) ...Maybe it's not something I should try jinxing...
  4. Say... What if we're getting a game based on a future where there's an Evil Sonic that Eggman corrupted to aid in his world conquest? Oh the many, many fanfics...
  5. Holy crap man... That's some strong emotion there... What are we even posing in this thread now? lol
  6. Heeeeeeeeeey... ...I'm not that bad... lol Anyways, it really seems to be a problem of over-saturation of new villains written badly causing problems more-so than the notions of new characters in general. If we could slack off on all the new enemies and especially the horrible writing/characterization by and large I think this notion of "new=terrible" would simmer down by a vast margin.
  7. The problem is likely more of a matter of poorly written characters by and large and an overabundance of new villains that suffer from this poor writing. We don't really get that many new "hero" characters, and certainly very few that appear more than one time, the last being... Wasn't it the Babylons from the Riders series? If we could stop getting countless new villains with poor characterization that would help a lot I feel.
  8. Being honest I think this whole "No more new characters!" is a bunch of crappy hot air. For all people scream about loathing the idea of more new characters in this franchise, the minute a new character comes out peoples high and mighty balls retract and they scream like little girls because it turns out it's actually good/refreshing to have new characters when done right ala Sticks from BOOM who, feel free to correct me, the majority pretty much love. In the end new characters is always a good thing when done right and made memorable, be them one time appearances or not. So... The argument of new characters being bad and there being too many really is a pretty worthless one since when a new character comes that IS good people want more of it.
  9. If the Generations title is anything to go by The E.G.G.M.A.N. might be returning as Eggman's main theme in Forces since an interest in bringing it back does seem to be there.
  10. I'm speaking ONLY of the plot, not the game play/content of the game besides that. Plot topic, plot.
  11. I think this is Sonic Team's personal dilemma, they peaked with Unleashed, it felt to me like it was the last Sonic game they thought would ever be made so they went crazy thinking it'd make them go out with a bang. Then when it proved successful and Sonic was essentially "saved" thanks to it, well... It was a moment of relief and "...shit..." combined I think.
  12. A hybrid of Sonic Adventure 2 and Unleashed, just to balance out things after Colors, Gens and especially Lost World, then tone it back down to a purely Unleashed level.
  13. With me gradually following in as the third dead horse as the most random and apparently nonsensical S-O-B that SSMB has likely had to deal with, at least in a while. (I can praise myself in a negative way... Right...?) As far as returning to the Forces focus, I'm wondering something new... Hub Worlds + Arena's = Training with non-playable characters as a fun little feature added on the side, having classic battles ala Sonic Adventure but with much better AI programming.
  14. I have a hard time finding Dio making any sense at all in this argument. Even on the Genesis the franchise was about using action and cinematic themes combined during game play when you controlled a character and during cutscenes when you could not. This goes into a "spectacle" argument as well I suppose. Things like Lava Reef being destroyed by the Death Egg while, then, Robotnik chased you down, Doomsday Zone played heavily on a cinematic experience with action combined. Then you had the whale chasing and GUN truck in the Adventure games, and SO much in Unleashed was a cinematic and action oriented experience during both game play and cut scenes. If a Sonic title wasn't cinematic it'd be a bore by and large, and without its action... What the heck are we even playing?
  15. Keep trying Dio Even in the other games I've mentioned the plot was integrated into the game play itself. Look at one game I didn't mention, Heroes.