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  1. How Ditto Feel In Pokemon

    Poor bastards...

  2. I was just being randomly stupid. I loathe to admit it but I'm guessing it's something that will p@$$ off Penders as was discussed a while back. ...The release of this game might be fun for all the WRONG reasons. lol
  3. What if Infinite is actually Silver's twin sister?
  4. Fun is infinite, thus so too are the stages/zones in Mania. ...If you count DLC that is...
  5. I dunno... I'd like to be the crazy man two feet from the nut-house and say at least 20 or so, but the ever shrinking sane part of me does thing 15-18 is more likely. The depressed side of me stands next to you however in that estimate.
  6. Blasphemy I say! You can never have a game that's too long in this franchise! Now too SHORT, there's a definite and factual occurrence. lol
  7. Say... What is he means there are more stages in Mania than in ALL of the Classic titles COMBINED? ...What a thought.
  8. Chemical Plant Zone is mentioned by characters in Forces, don't hold your breath.
  9. Hmm... Can we throw a "missing" poster somewhere in the boss arena that has Adventures of Sonic's version of Robotnik shown...?
  10. So, the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon titles, more often than not, more negativity happening toward them than positive. However, that's not to say that Ultra Negativity can't be used to a thread's/topic's advantage, so lets give that a shot. In these two titles, what are your Ultra Hopes for the game that will help calm your Ultra Negativity and entice you into buying and enjoying the title for yourself? What features do you want removed? What features do you want added? What features you you want kept and improved upon? Is there anything in particular from Sun and Moon besides specific game play features you didn't like and Ultra Hope is changed/improved in this new version? Something about the music? The graphics? Locations or anything plot related? Do you want more characters? Fewer characters? More plot, or less plot? Is there something from past generations you hope returns in the Ultra versions? Anything you can think of that would draw you into the Ultra versions of Sun and Moon, discuss it here. Let everyone know your Ultra Hopes for a better Ultra Pokemon title! Lets Get ULTRA Yo! - Darkwing Mon
  11. Here's the SwitchForce channel on Forces and Mania
  12. When he really DOES stand out on his own you really get to see his full potential. Despite how quickly Chaos may have wiped it out, he had the Egg Carrier MK II as a plan B ready right off the bat, had it not been against Chaos x 9000 power I'd say Sonic and co. would have been obliterated from the sudden surprise, he had the thing waiting and had he used it to gain the upper hand against the heroes, Forces would have likely happened back then. "Surprise bi@$hes!" Then you had SA2 where Eggman took matters into his own hand, popped a gun up to Amy's head and said "F@$k you, give me the d@$n thing now" basically. He didn't waste time, didn't bother with being smug again, he stepped up and took instant action. (No laughing, just doing, THAT'S a better Eggman) Then you had Shadow where he'd prepped an entire armada of hundreds/thousands lying in waiting. Again, had the Black Arms not happened, it would have been another game that could have started Forces then and there because of the massive scale of attack on the world he could have performed. (Too bad it had to be wasted on Black Arms...) Then you have Unleashed where Eggman technically DID win from the start. He wrecked Sonic and obliterated the planet in one fell swoop. Had it not been because of Dark Gaia's complications, there you go. Whenever he steps up on his own, Eggman gets FAR more serious, FAR more direct and quick with his actions, and he finally SHUTS THE HELL UP instead of gloating behind his god/monster of the week. ...I like an Eggman that shuts up and just kills/destroys everything, it always makes for the best plot and best characterization.
  13. ...Haven't we had more games featuring Eggman WITH help than WITHOUT actually...? I don't see how he's had a chance to really prove himself in any way/shape/form in terms of being capable on his own since we've had someone/something with him since Sonic Adventure in just about every title since 3D became a thing.
  14. Are you surprised? Lottery and Lost World stages, of course they wouldn't give you anything you actually wanted.