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  1. I've been focusing on what others beyond just you are saying. Your arguments are entirely "those darn whites" and "those poor minorities" as well and I can only stand that for so long so I moved onto other political things being discussed. Not be black... Right after Obama... This is definitely devolving back into anti-white territory again. Nice job on your part. very nice job. He's a manipulative man who knew how to play his cards right and he won by being ahead of the game. The reasons he won sucked, sure, but he won because he was smart enough to use weaknesses and bad natures to his advantage. He's savvy, not a great man perhaps, but definitely savvy.
  2. Yes he did, try not to come back in here with random mess like that again. Going around the country, having meetings and speeches all over the place, nearly entirely funding his campaign single handed. It took a lot of his PERSONAL time, work, and money to win. A lot of strategic work as well. So that "I HATE TRUMP ARGHRGHRGH!!!" stuff isn't going to work. You might hate him, but it took a lot on his part to win.
  3. I'd like to imagine the Super Sonic boss happening the same way, only you're warping through space during the battle, like each hit takes you to another planet you circle around while fighting or something.
  4. No it's not, whatsoever. If effort is bullshit that certainly explains all the complaining today. If you don't push hard, you don't get anything, that's reality. You have to be clear how much you want the job, any job. And there's your problem and likely why obtaining a job has avoided your grasp. Do the application online, and when it's finished and sent in, go to where you applied, talk to management, be well dressed and stand straight, eye contact and firm shakes, and your chances will vastly increase. It's up to YOU to be pro-action, not pro-sit-and-wait.
  5. Actually, now that you mention this, yes, that's another big issue of mine. it took me FOREVER to figure out how I even accessed these moves I was unlocking until I noticed the menu while browsing the file screen and it had me saying "the hell?" basically. The concept of fighting each other for the gem was awesome, I think it was the boring "arena" location. Side scrolling Super Sonic bosses are the best to me which is why I doubt Doomsday Zone will ever be topped.
  6. So you did the later I'm assuming... That was your mistake then, if again, ASSUMING that I'm correct. You have to call in and, most importantly, meet the management face to face. Firm handshake, eye contact, good stance, dressed well, etc. Otherwise if you're unemployed after "trying" then I can definitely see why.
  7. If nothing else, start at Mc. Donalds then and work your way along to other jobs. You have experience for things it sounds like, it's a matter of you giving in to doing jobs you might not like for a while. Though again, reality.
  8. I work at K-Mart and given the condition of the company I might be one of the next poor saps on unemployment for a bit. The town where I live is booming as of late so work is a non-issue for the most part. Experience is a big factor that will help as well.
  9. So... You couldn't find work soon enough... And you turned to SSDI instead as a supplement for work...? You should have gone on unemployment benefits, not SSDI, that was a tangled web kind of mistake. I'd recommend doing triple time to get off it and back in the workforce then if your condition/health that made you qualify for SSDI allows you to do so.
  10. Working for one. If i'm not mistaken you're only allowed to do so much. They take benefits away in a snap if you work so many hours and/or earn so much.
  11. SSDI? The disability benefits? Ngh... I would have avoided that if possible. They put a TON of limitations on what you can and can't do when you have that benefit... I'm not sure what to tell you with that lock/chains on you then. It's a hole you dive into for safety but then you find yourself trapped when inside. My argument on taxes doesn't stand since you live off benefits. The only thing I can literally say is good luck.
  12. Oh, it does? I never noticed... I was trying to clear it away so much so I could see what was happening in the background so much I never let it stay thick long enough to pay attention to the ring count... I'll edit my OP then.
  13. I was in the same boat. Well... There's always KFC! Or theaters. I'm not sure of why you can't afford driving school but if you can't I recommend finding some means of putting money back. If nothing else, use your tax money to go at the start of the year.
  14. Now that Mania has been out for a while, I figured it's time to bring up what folks DIDN'T like that was in Sonic Mania, bring to light some of the things players have found questionable/bad in the title. While the game is overall spectacular, we shouldn't forget to take note of the problems we saw and things we'd rather avoid in whatever title might come next following Mania. For me, what I really loathed in Mania was Oil Ocean Zone - Act 2 The stage and background are spectacular, and it WOULD have been my favorite stage in the game, but the way they threw in that smoke feature you have to keep clearing away really ruined the act for me since I couldn't enjoy its design and details because everything kept being blocked from my vision. In future games following Mania, it would be nice not to add in anymore features like that which obstruct your vision in stages especially since the point of the games, or one of them, is being able to really savor everything it has to offer. And when all you see is smoke over and over again, you just can't do it. I know it was done to add in a sense of urgency, but since the smoke mainly serves to block your vision, all it served to do for this player was annoy and frustrate me when all I wanted to do was enjoy the glorious design of the stage and take my time savoring the details, yet instead I was pushed to find the next lever so I could finally see for just a few more seconds. This was a BAD idea in Mania to me... What did YOU have an issue with? Lets get this thread spinning! & Knuckles.
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