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  1. More like a dream. I'm just imagining the game being about the first half taking down the Heavies that are messing with Eggman's plans and/or keeping him on the run, then after you defeat them all Eggman is free to take everything into his own hands and resume his ambitions making him the primary focus for the second half of the game. ...Let me dream.
  2. Wanna know a secret? Taking down the Heavies is the first half of the game. Then you move onto the second half.
  3. Let me put this in your minds for a second... At an event in LAS VEGAS... SEGA is promoting a church/cathedral harkening stage... "You people need Jesus"
  4. Too bad the "nostalgic seniors" at SEGA had to tell them "CELEBRATE THE OLD DAYS!!" after Generations already having happened just a few years ago and Forces doing what it's doing now. Imagine an entirely new title without any of the old stages despite their new coats of paint.
  5. It's also just as easy for developers to "turn off" the hud for shots of the game. It's wasting time speculating over something simple.
  6. You guys ever heard of a close-up picture? It's not hard to ZOOM IN just enough so the hud isn't shown so viewers can focus on the stage itself and not on the text and/or icons around the border... ...Bit of a derp kind of moment here.
  7. Sonic in a cathedral? Transformation into Jesus the Godhog confirmed.
  8. Took my neighbors son to the hospital today.

    Her son lives with her as her caregiver the same way I live with my gramps as his. Guy's in his 50's if I'm not mistaken. Fella asked me for a ride to the doctor and by the time I went in their apartment he was doubled over on their floor.

    Spent the whole day sitting with him and turns out his gallbladder had swollen up. His girl arrived in the evening and took things from there. Hope it doesn't have to get removed.

    1. Mightyray


      Hope the bloke is O.K., that sounds very, very bad.

  9. So... Can we agree weapons/guns are fine in Sonic now? Weird, the OC thing is using the same kinda thing in Forces. Edit Forces is f@%ed.
  10. Whoo boy... You're bringing that/them into this thread? Gonna need the strong stuff.
  11. Kintor, log off, you're drunk. But being serious, I do think there will be more to the social media aspect of things revolving the Switch by the time the holidays roll out. I doubt they'd add capture functionality unless they intended to go into detail with it at some point later on. When they play their cards right and have their ducks in a row Nintendo really does know their thing, and judging on the Switch thus far I'd say they're back in line. So... I'm not concerned. Though in all honesty I highly doubt the OC thing is going to be huge enough for folks to want to go all out and shove their character every which way on the internet. Diehard folks will ala DeviantArt blokes but beyond them... Meh... I think the ability to do speed runs and record them via the console itself will be the bigger thing. And even if the Switch hasn't gotten that far by the launch of Forces, that's what those capture things are for YouTuber's use on things like older consoles and handhelds.
  12. I'd consider this temporary until more features come down the road to further integrate the console with the internet ala recordings for YouTube and such. Priorities are in different directions at the moment but the online/social focus is down the road. Once more is added I doubt the Switch will be too different from other consoles with, currently, more involved internet aspects.
  13. ...Doesn't the Switch have that same integration this time around? Or something pretty much along those lines. Plus if I'm not mistaken more features are likely down the road, potentially recordings eventually. I dunno... I do think bringing up the whole "This Console vs That Console" debate/topic is kind of overused already in this thread.
  14. No. They rarely do this when randomly doing new things for the sake of satiating what's likely their own boredom with these back-to-back Sonic projects. Want to make a new NiGHTS game? Lost World Want to make a new Ristar? Unleashed That's the vibe I got from those games anyways. When you've worked on the same thing for some 10-20 years and half way down that line was told "MAKE ONLY SONIC!!" reducing the later half of your career to a spiky blue animal that runs around, you're going to go mad enough to do whatever it takes to keep your own interest piqued.
  15. Forces is a thing, so clearly they didn't. Which turned out to essentially be a major DLC add-on for Generations with a Custom Character feature thrown in. If they wanted to do all the crap they're doing in Forces they SHOULD have released DLC over the months/years for Generations to get this Classic and nostalgia nonsense out of their system. Green Hill for Classic, Death Egg robots for Modern, the Egg Pawns all over the place again with a new coat of paint... Had they spent these past few years releasing a stream of DLC for Generations while workin on the "Next Big Game" we might have seen more originality and/or creativity out of Forces.