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  1. Wait you can't change your username anymore on here ?

    1. TheOcelot


      Profile - Account Settings - Display Name - then you can change it

  2. WEW That Sonic Forces huh :joy:

  3. So some girl who got a CD at the event uploaded all 5 tracks on YouTube "Regrets it" and takes down People preserve the tracks because why the hell not ? (Bloody great) and she's on a rampage to take every video down it seems. (These tweets are deleted... I wonder why?) Kinda silly IMO. The minute you upload something for Sonic fans, THEY WILL RIP THE CONTENTS for themselves of something that won't be easy to obtain later either seeing it is an event only thing. Now if this was me I would upload the files in FLAC/MP3 and share with the whole fanbase who can't even get the CD for obvious reasons. Not hoard it to myself and be selfish by getting my friends and followers to report and dislike other videos that host the music. Pathetic.
  4. Sonic Dash made it to Windows Store so really It may have a chance ? Either way SEGA wouldn't profit much from it considering how much people don't care for Windows Phones/Tablets.
  5. My Wii U really isn't a games console. I'ma gonna rename it The Wrestle Box

    1. Shaddix Leto Croft

      Shaddix Leto Croft

      Cause all I do is watch Wrestling on the Internet Browser XD

  6. Or we've downloaded an APK provided by fans ? People outside JP/CA in Europe (Look above at where Blue lives ) have downloaded it that way onto their android devices.
  7. > MFW Uncharted 4 is delayed Yeah this is a good thing for Naughty Dog to delay this plus gives us breathing room between Rise of Tomb Raider and U4.
  8. http://puu.sh/gwrp8.png Now a tab like that would be sweet ;D
  9. Mhmmm I guess so.....Well I've recently bought Tomb Raider for the Xbox One again so I'm starting with that then. "3. Photographic Evidence. Have a camera or the Print Screen key ready once " Thank god the Xbox One just got a Screenshot feature xD
  10. I didn't lose much really considering I went a "break" from forums........

    1. Shaddix Leto Croft

      Shaddix Leto Croft

      Orrr I was kidnapped by IRC folks :D

  11. "No. Don't ever hype up something like that for a game like this. It will only lead to backfiring." Words to live by from The Deleter

    1. TCB


      If this was about Rise of Lyric then oh my god my sides xD

    2. Shaddix Leto Croft

      Shaddix Leto Croft

      It's in the ROL topic right now from last year XD

  12. Wow nobody has listened to anything for a whole year Currently listening to the Metal Gear Rising vocal OST
  13. This game is going to be the BOMB! No it's going to be the BOMB FOR SURE. Gameplay looks SOLID AS HELL. Better than Unleashed werehog combat without a doubt.
  14. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-06-20-sniper-elite-3-has-a-10gb-day-one-patch-on-xbox-one What a joke! I feel for those who have shitty download speeds who get this game on Xbox :P
    1. Shaddix Leto Croft

      Shaddix Leto Croft

      It's like they forget to add 10% of the game really

  15. Step One: Get the game Step Two: Turn on the Xbox "XBOX ON!" Step Three: Open disk tray "XBOX EJECT SONIC 06 AND BURN IT" Step Four: Put Original Xbox Sonic game into the Xbox Step Five: Have fun or a bad time considering Sonic Heroes is pretty crap!
  16. Can we rename this topic to "Hideki Naganuma Sample Origin" since most of the tracks in this topic is by Hideki Naganuma XD
  17. Quick question: Where the hell is the final red ring in Windy Hill Zone 1 ? I can't seem to find it :|
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwlGUhHjPWo&feature=youtu.be So I came across this glitch last night during a late night playthrough of hard mode Frozen Factory on the 3DS.... I don't think the game testers seen this one Sorry for the camera quality and moving the camera I was in bed at the time when this happened
  19. In bold you can also cancel out of the Laser as well as the...err the Gyro Wisp..I forgot it's name haha.
  20. It would be financial suicidal and wouldn't benefit SEGA in anyway. Even if they did who would support SEGA ?
  21. I will say that DIMPS did make annoying special stages though without circle pad control That is the weak point for me.
  22. Been playing the 3DS version and it's not bad really been enjoying it...besides the worms in Desert Ruins >_> however I like it but this made my day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPrENv9E2RE&feature=youtu.be This is the cutest thing EVER! XD
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