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  1. Even Johnny Gioeli knows about the football:


  2. I have seen England win a penalty shoot out for the first time in 22 years I don't know what's real any more I'm not sleeping tonight

    1. TheOcelot


      The expression of your avatar perfectly suits this status.

    2. Covskin


      I looked more like this though


  3. I still haven't got round to playing Mania yet (been waiting for a price drop), but upon seeing this I'm jumping in on Day 1 of Plus. Never did I think we'd see Mighty and Ray come back, hell I thought their cameo poster in Generations was more than could be expected of Sega's acknowledgement they existed. I'm stunned the guys have got the go-ahead to revive them. They're essentially a blank slate for new twists on gameplay, and I trust these guys to come up with something interesting. Art book should be snazzy too.
  4. Covskin

    Badass game covers(and just...bad ones)

    The original EU Boxart for Broken Sword looks like this: The original US Boxart for the same game (with a worse name) looks like this:
  5. Covskin

    Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    It wouldn't be the first time, remember when Play Magazine gave Sonic 06 a 9 out of 10? Still, I think its more likely just Famitsu being generous, as they tend to be. (Just for reference though, 32 out of 40 is the same as everyone giving Sonic Mania 8 out of 10, hardly hating the game).
  6. Covskin

    Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    Seems to be less about difficulty, more about how time consuming it is. 5 Red Rings, 1 Number Ring and 1 Moon Medal for each level. 30 Levels, plus bonus levels...people probably haven't had the physical time to manage it yet.
  7. Covskin

    Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    Well, if you like playing the game, then there's a huge amount to do post-game. Based off Spaceport though, its very repetitive. I assume the later levels will make finding the number rings and moon medals harder to find. Still, that's each level needing beating a MINIMUM of three times, and that's assuming you get all 5 Red Rings on your first attempt, as well as getting an S-Rank on one of those attempts!
  8. Covskin

    Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

  9. Number one for me has to be Breath of the Wild. I actually bought a cheap second hand Wii U just to play it (though thanks to Odyssey, I might need to get a Switch somewhere down and end up buying it a second time). The sheer scale of the world astounded me; I was constantly wandering off from my intended target to inspect the smallest of distractions. No fight was by-the-numbers, I always had to be alert. Shrines offered variety everywhere. There are some small issues (weapons breaking, dungeons were a bit lacking, some open spaces took too long to traverse and horses weren’t that useful), but I was absolutely engrossed for the 4-6 weeks it took me to finish my 100 hour journey. No game has grabbed me like that in years. Life is Strange took me by surprise to be honest. I got the season for less than a fiver, expecting something mildly interesting, more as an alternative to Telltale as I’d become tired of their formula. The quirky tone of the first episode intrigued me, and by the end of the second episode hooked me. A true example of your choices making a real difference, even your standard playing style and not just your binary yes/no decisions. In fact, the rooftop scene might be my personal favourite gaming moment of the year. It tailed off a little bit near the end, but really brought everything home in the finale. To stop rambling on too much, honourable mentions for Uncharted 4 (including a rare foray into online gaming for me, I really clocked in more hours on that than I expected to), Super Mario 3D World, Bayonetta 2 and The Last Guardian. I haven't played Mania yet, waiting for a sale.
  10. Covskin

    Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    Ok, possible extra ending scene after completing all the secret missions I guess. Maybe a secret boss, possibly just make you fight the normal final boss again though. This game doesn't look as terrible as I feared. It doesn't look good though. As it stands, I probably won't bother with this one, which is a shame. But, the levels are just way too short, and generally uninteresting from a gameplay / level design standpoint. Graphics look nice, haven't heard enough to form opinions on the music or voice acting. In fact, barely seen any story stuff, so can't comment fairly there either. But as a guy who values gameplay above all else, I just can't justify spending the time or money on this one. (in before "Neither could Sonic Team). Something must have happened in those 4 years, because this is NOT the product of that entire time.
  11. Covskin

    Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    You called it.
  12. Covskin

    Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    Even at the end of the game,Red Rings are right next to each other...
  13. Covskin

    Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    I've only had a chance to see a couple of brief videos (my internet speed went kaput last night for some reason). With the previews and demo in mind, have there been any levels longer than 2 minutes yet?
  14. My first gig was Linkin Park, back in 2003. They were touring Meteora, and I was ecstatic that night. I may not have liked anything they did past that, but damn. This is a bigger shock to me than Chris Cornell.
  15. Covskin

    Metroid Prime 4 Announced for Nintendo Switch

    Not Retro Studios? Sorry if this is a stupid question as I haven't seen the briefing yet, but do we actually know what they're up to yet?

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