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About Me

Name's Steve. Or Stephen. Or Skinner. Depends who I'm with.

Been a member here since roughly April 2004, which makes me feel very, very old.

I live in England, I work in the Public Sector, and I live with my girlfriend. Sorry ladies, I'm sure you're all heartbroken that someone else got to me first.

Oh, I'm also sometimes delusional.

Every year I make a visit to Donington for Download Festival, as I love live music. Camp NOOO!!!, as me and my friends call ourselves, is a Camp of drinking, debauchery, drinking, wrestling, cheesy pop music, drinking and drinking. Except me. I don't drink. Stuff is foul.

Bands I recommend seeing live: Metallica, Rammstein, Motley Crue, Steel Panther, Rock Sugar and Turisas.

Football's pretty good too.


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