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  1. This made me wish we didn't get so many delays at the start of this year. At least with some resolve we wouldn't have to worry much. Now with this happening with not even digital sales going on, this incoming hiatus is upsetting. Ironically enough, I want this real pandemic to end soon not just for this but for everyone around the world.
  2. I get they don't want Cream involved, because of and despite how much she lost, but sending out only Gemerl isn't really the best move. Sonic did say that Zeena's arrogance can help the robot, but still.
  3. There is none. The whole point of bringing in the Six at all is to literally control the presently out-of-control situation that is the Zombots, when he finds Eggman too lazy to do it. He even made sure to grab the same [kind of] Conch that stunned and disabled them because he know they're going to betray them, because they hate Eggman that much. For all his preparedness, however, something is gonna happen to ruin this contingency, because they aren't interested in being enslaved again if they have anything to say about it.
  4. Whisper would want to beat the shit out of him. Without Tangle to hold her back this time, she may want to [literally] kill him. Cream? She'd just want to rip off his dumb mustache. Although... We have a whole double sized issue to cover in a couple of weeks, so hopefully.
  5. If nothing else, the highs and lows had to deal with the comics overall. Both the Pre and Post SGW Archie stories had so much potential, but the whole legal mess or whatever canceled both and with those the long running series. Lost a lot of equally potential new characters. The IDW reboot still has some big shoes to fill.
  6. Well it could work the same way as the 2015 version of Marvel's Secret Wars; they don't have to take over the whole Sonic main comic for several months. Just the Prologue and Finale/Epilogue issues, while in the two issues between, the remaining character handle things. The respective comics (MLP, TMNT, etc) the characters are sent to can last only 3-4 issues all running simultaneously.
  7. Been thinking about this for a while and, up until they decided to go all out with this Metal Virus business, I was imagining a major event where a handful of the Sonic cast is sent across different dimensions [Sonic X-style] by another one of Eggman's schemes, rather than everyone in one place. Sonic (plus Amy) & The Transformers - Sonic is always bustin robots, so this is perfect, especially if Metal Sonic is included. Amy would join them amd team up with Arcee. Shadow (plus Tails) & GI Joe - I got nothin. But Shadow agaist Storm Shadow would be nice. Tails would help the Joes with his gadgets, and Cobra could be interested in Shadow for their malicious goals. TMNT & Knuckles (plus Tangle) - Not sure about the dynamic on this one, but Raph and Knux would make a good pair. Tangle could join them as well. Cream (plus Blaze and Whisper) x My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - with FIM's story "continuing" in comic form, these Sonic characters would be perfect for this crossover. Cream, obviously and doesn't need explanation, Blaze has been slowly being friends with the cast, and Whisper is trying to break out of her shell since her tragic past and recent team up with Tangle. And Friendship plays a key part in almost everything in MLP, especially saving the world. Finish the event up with a single issue where everyone reunites (bringing along a single character from each IDW world), to defeat Eggman.
  8. No. Sonic's speed been successfully burning off the virus's progress so far ever since he and Tails came up with the idea, which became necessary to analyze and come up with a cure before they lost Tails's lab and the HQ. But Gemerl is saying the virus is probably adapting, or Sonic's body is losing health, to the point where said burn-off is becoming less effective against it. No doubt Eggman already had this in mind to ensure its literally unstoppable.
  9. I don't understand what is or isn't a "fan's desire". Are you saying she needs to be keep being happy and perky?
  10. Exactly. You can't just keep up the optimism unless there is a sure sign that things will get better. And so far every bit of those signs have been ruthlessly, hilariously tramped. Cream has been trying to keep an upper lip since she lost Cheese and Chocola, but when she lost her mom, you start to wonder what's left. Tails was sure that he had the makings of a cure but lost it, and any backup of that data, from a Zombot attack. He's running/ran out of options. Hell, even Sonic is struggling to keep being his "Sonic Self" because he's dead tired, on the verge of collapse or zombotification, can't even touch anyone without infecting them, and have to continue putting up with Eggman's crap.
  11. What exactly do you want her to do to "act like Amy" again? Anyway, everyone is deteriorating this issue. And it's clear things are gonna get worse. It's gonna be a miracle to see how all this gets resolved. Also speculating/hoping about what comes next when the whole Metal Virus plot is finally over, so don't take me too seriously: And while we're on the subject of Tangle's big moment in this issue.
  12. The fact that most of the arc post-WU reduced to 10 pages per story before Panic in the Sky didn't help much either.
  13. The “illusionary continent” known as the Lost Hex was once known as PROJECT HEXUS, an experiment started by the Zeti race (Empire?) to create a mobile hub world for wayward, intergalactic travelers who have lost their homes. The “sectors” found here are said to have been terraformed with samples of several lively planets, allowing varied environmental suitability for many different creatures. Before it was even halfway finished, Master Zik (pre-Deadly Six) had [somehow] stolen HEXUS and disappeared without a trace. How and why he did this was a mystery the other Zeti have yet to solve. Though the Deadly Six have made this their home ever since, they don’t necessarily rule it, despite their terrifying power. However, it has been said that travelers have indeed made themselves home as well while staying clear of the Six. Word spread across the galaxy about a moving planet (or in this case, continent) and eventually gave it the name “LOST HEX”. It was last seen hidden near Sonic's world.
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