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  1. I feel like I should post this for you all to see... http://forums.sega.com/showthread.php?t=309359 Possible, or too much of a long shot? What do you think? Could this be a possibility?
  2. The curse?! You mean the Tails Doll curse?! Or just some random curse? Even so... *is careful*
  3. While its true that those can be mockup pics, I decided to do some fiddling around anyways. Its impossible for player 1 to stand still during those moving boss fights, but the CPU(Tails)can.(we all know how glitchy he can be) XD And of course...the clock shouldn't run yet on Angel Island, as shown in that pic. I hope being able to team up with any character will still be a feature, though. I've been longing for some Knuckles+Tails tagteam action!(besides just doing the Marble Garden Zone boss)
  4. Hello, everyone. I'm MightytheArmadillo, a fellow Sonic fan. I've been eying this place due to Shadzter's postings on the Sega Forums...and I couldn't help but finally join. This seems like a nice community, so I hope I'm welcome!
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