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  1. I don't give a shit about whether or not people enjoy her music. It's irrelevant to someone with a strong opinion on something whether or not other (wrong) people want to like it. Now since you're not going to fuck off and stop preaching at me with your self-righteous rhetoric I'm just going to put you on ignore now. Bye.
  2. Neither is loving devotion to her. Or any other fictional character. Piss off and don't be so quick to judge or assume you know what's best for others unless you want to be told the same thing.
  3. I won't, provided that it's not part of a "pack" that includes her and the other characters that won. Otherwise fffffffffffffffffffffffffffff But luckily I may not have to worry about that because there's still nothing really said about her eligibility. She's not owned by Sega so there's a good chance she's out.
  4. So Vectorman has 51 votes to go in the poll. It's safe to say he'll make it. I'm still sickened by the fact that people are still voting for Miku. The idea of her getting in over Ryo and Vectorman just calls forth anger and bile from deep within me.
  5. Everyone who complains about B-class being too hard is literally a big blubbering vagina. From the very first mission I played through A-Class until I unlocked S-Class. Honestly I can't decide whether to laugh or vomit in regards to the pussies who complain about B-Class being too hard.
  6. I thought you were doing it in sort of mockery of the way that the Mii in Mario Kart always has the most absurd voice.
  7. I KNEW IT. I was going to ask you. I was so sure it was you.
  8. Boo! Naughty children! Opening your presents before Christmas, shame on you!
  9. So I guess everyone who bought the Wii U version bought the worst version. Sucks, guys. I feel sorry for you.
  10. That is worrying, but I don't think they'll stay there. They're close to 1000 with over a week to go.
  11. Oh well. I'm sure it'll all work out in the end, with her safely not in the game.
  12. S0L, what's the status on Miku's eligibility? I'd like to hear from you on this. She doesn't belong to Sega so she has no real chance, right?
  13. S0L didn't put Miku on the list. That poll was created by fans and all the character choices in that poll were decided by fans, although for some reason they all conveniently "forgot" that Miku doesn't actually belong to Sega and was never up for offer to begin with.
  14. YES!!!! I FUCKING CALLED IT GOODBYE Miku you screeching cyber-harpy! Hope you like the taste of cutting room floor! BRING ON VECTORMAN!!!
  15. Riverstone you don't know what you're talking about. If I had Vectorman in this game I'd main him indefinitely without even considering anyone else no matter how he turned out.
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