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  1. Wow, a Pony-esque Sonic cartoon? Sounds like an awesome match. As a big fan of MLP:FiM, I always saw many similarities with the Sonic series... well, the past Sonic series, which had plenty of character-driven stories, interactions and humor. For those who aren't familiar with Friendship is Magic, you can expect a healthy dose of well written storylines, enjoyable by children and adults alike, perhaps some catchy songs, mostly lighthearted plots but not without a few epic struggles here and there; Dave Polsky himself has proven to be great at comedic episodes. I wonder if they're going to use the same Flash animation style as well, which is surprisingly fluid and expressive. I'll be definitely looking forward to this, and so should you.
  2. I'll wait for Ututuya to reply himself at least until mid April, I wouldn't want him to feel harassed with requests. I might compile a moves list for you to use once he sends me the new version, depending on how busy (or lazy ') I am at the time.
  3. Before arranging anything, I think we should wait for the new version to see just how far it is in development: all the sprites for the new characters might already be there for all we know. I don't have it in me to work on anything from scratch, but if all that's needed to complete a character are a few finishing touches, I might give it a go; no promises though. Oh, but a moves sheet would definitely be very nice, and easy enough to make for anyone.
  4. After a bit of struggling, I managed to get in touch with Ututuya: So, look forward to April.
  5. Actually, even if the author is unreachable, it's very easy to unprotect the files of FighterMaker2 games, so that they can be edited; all it takes in an hex editor, every asset and line of code is in there. I remember contacting him a couple years ago, but I had to ask a japanese speaker for help, since the author doesn't quite understand english.
  6. Woah, it's been more than 3 years since I made this topic, time sure flies. Sorry for just noticing the bumps, here's the Easy Patch: http://ilcane87.webs.com/SBLEN-EasyTypePatch.rar Unfortunately, it seems the development of this game was abandoned shortly after I made the topic. If anyone in the future needs a reupload of something from this game, just send me a PM; I'll be adding the new links to the OP now anyway. The command I wrote is the right one, I just tried. It only works with a Full power bar though, even if it only uses half of it.
  7. As ArtFenix pointed out, this is basically what Iizuka has been saying for the last 6 years, the only new bit is about Chao Gardens; though it will take much more than that to reawaken my interest in the series. I think he's refering to Unleashed+Sonic 4 ep. 1+Colors+Generations+Sonic 4 ep. 2 (save for the Metal side dish). And besides games count, time is actually a big deal for starved fans of multiple playable characters. EDIT: I'm always late. We're talking about characters other than Sonic himself, appearance and play-style aside.
  8. Little shout-out for the Sonic Battle style: It's still one of my favorites to date, not to mention the simply gorgeous Sprites in that game. The Advance series also had its fair share of great art: I must say the 3D(/CGI) art never really got me as much as the 2D one in this series, with very few exceptions.
  9. The intent of this topic is admirable. I actually used to have a completely positive mindset towards everything Sonic before the beginning of the "Unleashed Era", which started the decline of my interest in the series. I still find a lot to enjoy out of games that some people consider to constitute the "dark age" of Sonic, such as: - Shadow the Hedgehog: cheesy storyline and unbalanced gunplay aside, this game greatly improved the Speed gameplay of Sonic Heroes, and added a ton of variety in levels and interesting branching missions. I often have the impression that negative reviews and scores are overly exaggerated on account of people disliking the concept behind the game. - Sonic and the Black Knight: a truly terrific game in everything but controls, I can tell that much love was put into this, from the wonderful presentation, music, plot, and characterizations. The sword-play is very well integrated and allows for really rewarding play, a well-accustomed player can go through any entire level at full speed while slashing through every obstacle. This is an even more appalling case of biased reviewers when it comes to scores. The "Swan song" of the series, as far as I'm concerned. - Sonic Chronicles: while the execution was flawed, the concept had it all, and it still delivers great fun for me on many levels. Hand-drawn backgrounds, gameplay variety, colorful characters with very well written dialogues and interactions make up for the several poorly implemented aspects of the game. - Sonic 2006: I haven't had the chance to play this myself, but there are several things I can appreciate of this game from the playthroughs I've watched, which makes me wonder once again about the fairness of the review scores, though i can't judge in this case. Still, I find the story to be much less gloomy and convoluted than it's usually depicted, and I actually consider Shadow's part to be one of the highlights of the entire series, it did so many things right, from character focus and interactions, to continuity aspects and themes, to straight-out epicness. - Sonic X (un-edited by 4kids): this isn't a game, though I can't help but associate it with the ones I've listed above, because of how much (mostly) undeserved bashing it gets, at least when it comes to Season 3. S1 and S2 had their charm, but also left huge room for fixes and improvements; S3 did all those, and much more. It turned the show away from the uninteresting humans' world to something more Sonic-like and anime-like at the same time. This time the focus is balanced and always on Sonic characters, the story goes seamlessly from comical and light-hearted scenes, to epic and heart-breaking sessions, while always keeping every character true to him/herself. A lot could be learnt from Sonic X - Season 3, when it comes to making great Sonic stories. There are many more positive things I could say about this series, but I chose these examples because they stand out among all the bashing that they usually get. Note that everything I said is 100% just my own very personal take and impression, let's keep the topic positive, as intended.
  10. To avoid starting the billionth debate over this, I'll just say that we have vastly different views on the matter.
  11. So, as far as I can interpret these "news": - Is Big the Cat officially retired/canned? Nope. - Is Big the Cat going to be featured as more than a cameo any time soon? Nope. But the same could be deduced for any minor Sonic character, given their recent treatment, so there's really nothing new to be seen here. The days when the Sonic universe was rich and lively are long gone, sadly.
  12. Actually, some Elite monsters' names suggest otherwise, such as: - Rainbow Western - Midnight Sparkle - Nightmarity - Nightmare is Magic
  13. A true Sonic fan... knows the statement "true Sonic fan" makes no sense.

  14. It means that everyone still wants to have fun with their games, and that's the very reason they hope those games will have features that they, personally, consider fun. Obviously those wishes can differ from person to person, according to their own different tastes, but it all boils down to having fun. (on a side note, I think we're going a bit OT, we'd better drop it here before the moderator who-isn't-to-be-taken-too-seriously actually gets serious )
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