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  1. Not forgetting the fact that the fanbase, because of all these different-styled games as of late, has become so fragmented that it only makes it harder and harder for ST to produce a game that may fall right on a nice number of fans and/or customers.
  2. Dear goodness, Sola Sonica again? And, of course, most likely Wisps again. And only the core cast, as well. And a minimal plot without relevance to a continuity that's basically dead...by Iizuka's hand, at most. Thank goodness I'm not having any expectations towards this upcoming game. It's probably gonna be more of the same all over again. Someone, please, take Iizuka away from ST and put there someone who actually cares about this franchise as a whole. Is it asking too much?
  3. I know this thread may be pretty much dead, but I've gotta leave my 2cents here (in case I haven't already and no longer remember ). While the two worlds thing may be a bit helpful, it still doesn't fix the games universe as a whole. It only patched things in general, levaing lots of small details to be tackled on. And so, Iizuka or the said Japanese Bible only have that as an excuse for those who want a cohesive timeline and continuity for the games but still don't get it. I'd sure love to see what that Japanese Bible has to offer to the fans, either in terms of game plot, game structure and development logs. Too bad it seems such a nice thing may never come to happen, if the Bible is ID Tagged. By the way...what's the deal with that ID Tag?
  4. Sorry for bumping, I may edit later if required. Well, a kind soul named Andrew75 managed to get me a pic from Jam Sonic Model.
  5. So, nobody has ever ripped the models from 3D/Jam? Man, that sucks... And since my Retro account has never been fully accepted, I can't go ask the pros about them... EDIT: There seems to be a way to reach the Retro folks: Discord! I also found this. Maybe it can help, if anyone here has the right tools to take a look at it. And I also have this image from a previous time I've been looking around about this topic:
  6. Both Sonic 3D & R were developed by Traveller's Tales, right? Given that version of 3D's Special Stages, it seems they had access to Saturn's best models.
  7. Hi there. I wanted to know if both games have the same 3D Models and if there has been any proof they're from the same source (if first point is confirmed). Thanks in advance.
  8. Well... Reasons for complaining... There are more than enough of those...
  9. Well, according to Sonic News Network (Sonic Wikia), «He also designed most of the original Sonic X characters»...
  10. And the other Sonic X characters? Were they also designed by Uekawa?
  11. Coming from Iizuka, I think he'd more quickly give Shadow a Wisp called Maria rather than a Chao... And that would suck...
  12. happy birthday!

  13. No, it's from the japanese Tanabata, if I'm not mistaken... I recognize the thing in his hand. Anyway, it's from a japanese cultural event.
  14. Megamix was made around the time of Fighting Vipers & Sonic the Fighters.
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