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  1. I did fall in love with this series without the Archie characters once upon a time. I wouldn't have looked into the comic at all if it weren't for the games. So I can agree that SatAM characters or lack thereof won't make or break the comic. But I'll freely admit that Sega's current direction with the video games and Sonic Boom do make me nervous about what the comic book will be like without them.
  2. What are the odds of Penders unironically liking this and also requesting a "original artwork copyright Ken Penders" mark on it?
  3. To be honest, I'd be fine with the FFs coming back only to get much smaller supporting roles, while the game characters get the most spotlight. That's how it should be in the first place. Maybe if there's demand, they can do what Archie did and have two comics going where the second comic gives spotlight to side characters, including the FFs.
  4. No doubt he would look like this fellow in the center.
  5. Does Sega even have any means of contacting them outside of twitter? I don't think Aron Webber is the guy to talk to when it comes to wanting the old comic elements to stay.
  6. I just got a very similar reply. They didn't give me any details, but they did say "Ian is definitely on our radar, but I can't reveal anything more than what's been announced" and they're listening to fan input.
  7. Well I did my part. Asked for Flynn, keeping the SatAM characters, and also that I'd like to see the Archie runs collected into trades. Though the response was just an automated reply saying they were at Comic Con for the week, so I hope it's not immediately deleted.
  8. I just remembered something. If I rememeber right, Archie was forbidden from reprinting any of it's Sonic X related comics. So that has me a little worried that even if IDW was willing to print archie material, Sega would probably give that notion the thumbs down.
  9. I've got a question that I doubt anyone will no the exact answer to. Besides the characters created in the pre-reboot of Archie comics, is there anything else that this new comic could potentially be unable to use? If I understand correctly, the Game characters, SatAM characters, Reboot characters, and AOSTH characters are A-OK. Probably Boom too. But what of Sonic Underground, Sonic X, the Sonic OVA, Fleetway, or the other lesser known oddities like that french Sonic comic or the manga with the kid that turns into Sonic? Is any of that owned by people other than Sega? I think I heard that OVA wasnt fully owned by Sega, but not quite sure. The only reason I bring this up is because I feel like it might be kind of interesting to see a new continuity that pulled a little bit from more than just SatAM and the games, taking new takes on the characters. Sort of like what they're doing with the newer Ninja Turtles cartoon.
  10. If IDW can reprint all of the Archie Material, and do it regularly, I'll be a very happy man. I still feel like the new Sonic comic book should simply be titled "Sonic the Hedgehog", maybe any reprints of past Sonic continuity could be referred to as "Sonic and the Freedom Fighters" or something. And for Knuckles, "Knuckles and the Brotherhood" Even if they started fresh from nothing I'd love to have all the old comics in a nice paperback form. Though I hope they do continue the post SGW continuity. Or even a new continuity that just keeps the SatAM characters and some of the post SGW concepts... But that's a little optimistic. I feel like best case scenario I can hope for is a cast of Sega only characters, and they're not banned from using characters no longer in circulation like Fang, Mighty, Battle Kukku, ect.
  11. Unless they're planning to use their entire roster of game characters extensively, and use them well, I can't imagine any scenario where this new comic is going to be very exciting. Especially if the "new direction" is anything at all like the last decade of the writing for the games. I would absolutely love to be wrong though. I fell in love with just the games in the past after all.
  12. I feel the same way. The comics were the only ongoing part of the series that I had any genuine passion left for. If Forces is anything short of a 10/10 game, I'm probably out. As for the topic of the thread, I want it to go to IDW or Boom, and ideally, I'd want to just continue where we left off, or heck, I'd even take a SatAM continuation. I don't have high hopes that this new comic ( if there even is one ) is going to be anything other than a very bare bones story that rarely utilizes characters outside of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Eggman.
  13. Nintendo sure didn't have much luck getting any Sonic re-releases last generation aside from the collections above and some gamegear games. ( and I guess Sonic Advance in Japan but nowhere else for some reason ), so I'd love a collection for the Switch. Ideally, containing all the updated versions that Taxman had worked on, but I'd take anything at this point. Just so long as they don't omit Sonic 3 again.
  14. So if the comic does go under, what are the chances that they'll continue releasing the graphic novels they have planned? I stopped buying single issues many many years ago, so I'm super behind with the comic. I really hope this is either a panic over nothing, or Sonic's comic-verse gets transferred to IDW or something. The comic is like a surviving relic of how the series was perceived in the west before Sonic Adventure internationalized it everything, we still have the original SatAM cast, We've re-introduced AoSTH characters, Robotnik is a bad guy who roboticizes animals, ect. ect. On top of that, they're keeping the memory of the characters Sega forgot, and some characters are seeing better usage than they ever have in the games. It'd be a big shame to loose all of this. I haven't been too invested in the games ever since Generations, but the comics have managed to keep my interest, and I get more excited for new graphic novel releases than I have for a game in the past few years. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the current comic-verse can somehow live on.
  15. I hope this isn't the wrong place to ask, but I got my copy of Sonic Boom vol 1 today ( first time even reading the SB comic ), and when they made passing reference to Sonic X, it reminded me of the old Sonic X comic. Last I heard, Sega forbid them from reprinting it, I think to avoid some kind of brand confusion? With Sonic X getting a DVD release soon, does this mean that there's a possibility that Sega would lift the embargo on Sonic X? Or are there some other issues that could keep Archie from reprinting besides just Sega forbidding it?
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