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  1. sometimes I feel the sprite work doesn't do the character art any justice....its just so good. Personally can't wait for FP2, I gotta get back to beating the first one though...originally got it on steam than the Wii U. Ended up playing it more on the Wii U and kinda forgot about it XD
  2. the fact that the first like....4 questions had the response of "We have nothing to announce at this time," just killed the system more for me honestly.... This thing is lagging behind on features that is standard for the Ps4/Xbone/Vita. I honestly just want this damn thing because I love Bomberman with the PASSION and some of the games look fun for the wifey and I to try together. Where's our damn Smash for Switch too....come on Nintendo....stop messing with my heart
  3. you know, as much as I love Zero, I'm ready for some new Megaman representation. I mean, we had Megaman, Volnutt, Roll, Tron and servebots....I want someone like Bass or Protoman.Exe (for sake of a sword fighter opposed to another buster user). I feel as though Zero will make a comeback....with Capcom obviously reusing assets from UMvC3 and whatnot.......still hoping for Captain Commando.
  4. oooooh i like. I'm loving the art direction in this one as well. The voice acting still sounds kinda cheesy to me, but it's a good kinda chessy, if that makes sense
  5. i only gave $90.....still awaiting my damn medal or coin or whatever tf it's suppose to be lol
  6. so for backers who get the reward, the OST was made available digitally today. Downloaded mine and apparently they got a few extra tracks not included in the OST that comes with the physical game. Also, just 100%'ed the game the other day and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Gonna go back and do the Hero mode to try and get the platinum even tho I don't chase trophies I figured this game would be easy enough
  7. so if you got a backers code for Ps4 you can just download the game now (unless you downloaded the steam code awhile back and got the early access build as some of you guys already did). Even though I was playing the Steam version I'm glad to be playing it on Ps4. Now I'm just waiting on the OST and my damn medal/coin lol
  8. Digital Release set for December 20th! Nintendo still hasn't given any confirmation yet, but safe to say the date will be the same if not close by for Wii U. Also, retail version through Xseed!
  9. So if you backed the game in any way that guarantees you a free copy at launch, you can redeem the code you got for the demo on steam and get the early access backer build right now and play the full game. I am personally enjoying the hell out of it. Music is great, the art direction is great (even though I loved Pirate's Curse Megaman Zero's style)and overall it's just witty and fun. If you already redeemed your demo with the code, as soon as you boot up steam it will start downloading the free game.
  10. Even though I doubt this title will ever make it's way to a Nitnendo Console, especially the switch....if Capcom could figure out a control scheme for a game like TVC that could be used with a simple Wii-mote, I think they could pull off a MvC4. One would have to imagine it's going to follow a similar control scheme to MvC3 where there's 3 attack buttons, a launcher button and 2 buttons needed for assist/switch. My point is, if it ever release for the switch, using the joycon as a normal control options (using both ends) and using each one per player should be able to work, even if it is awkward.
  11. A friend of mine was searching the Switch on a Canadian Toys R'us site and it was temporarily priced at $330 CAD, which is roughly $250 USD. I really wish they took a screen shot or something. Can anyone else confirm?
  12. I only said that since you don't already have a ps4 is all and seeing how the Pro is ultimately going to be the better machine compared to the slim but alas, to each their own.
  13. its not just 4k tho or bigger HDD, its a better gpu/cpu as well. Honestly I would say just go for the better tech, especially since you dont alrdy own one
  14. For playing online, getting free games, save uploads to the cloud.....guessing you just keep it single player? Or do games like FF14 not require ps+?