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  1. I only said that since you don't already have a ps4 is all and seeing how the Pro is ultimately going to be the better machine compared to the slim but alas, to each their own.
  2. its not just 4k tho or bigger HDD, its a better gpu/cpu as well. Honestly I would say just go for the better tech, especially since you dont alrdy own one
  3. For playing online, getting free games, save uploads to the cloud.....guessing you just keep it single player? Or do games like FF14 not require ps+?
  4. looks liked I worried too soon, with the 4.0 update they added file transferring and system/user information transferring through a LAN cable like the ps3 had. This is gonna make my venture into getting a Pro much smoother
  5. i'm gonna have to look into this transferring business more than, I guess I'll have to deactivate the ps4 manually using the console and stuff too and P.T demo here D:
  6. honing my skills online again w/Toon Link



  7. I already own 2 Ps4's but I plan on getting the Pro since my main ps4 (White, Destiny bundled one) is a bit banged up since I traveled with it a lot. It's been to Texas, to Jersey, to South Korea and back with me and those workers at the airline just don't give a fuuuuuuuu. Thinking I'll reserve it at Gamestop, and later sell off my white one for cheap. I wonder if there's a function for ps4 that lets you transfer your stuff from one system to the other like the ps3.
  8. Trying to improve my Toon Link Game in Smash Wii U, check it out and critique 


  9. I'm still riding on that "Bomberman 64, Second Attack! Had a overlooked ballin' ass OST" wagon.
  10. I know the teams that worked on Colors and Generations are behind this title....but I hope it plays differently from the two....i'm kinda tired of the Unleashed/Colors/Generations formula. It's nice and all but for me it kinda ran dry. Can't wait to see gameplay tho. Told myself I was done with Sonic but hopefully Mania and this will rekindle my love for the blue blur
  11. Pumped and Primed had a ballin' ass "remix" OST. Ape Escape 3 will forever be my favorite single player AE and I really hope they re-release 2 and 3 for the ps4 sooner or later. I remember one day my friends and I were looking for more 4 player games to play and came across Pumped and Primed by chance and I instantly fell in love. We played it for a very long time and still do from time to time when we get together. So happy this thread was made
  12. Games these days, games these days, games these days.... seriously tho, the release was kinda underwhelming hoping this server downtime isnt too long
  13. nothing seems to be working for SFV....getting tired of this "First day release, so it's understandable the online wouldn't work," craaaaaaaaaaaaap
  14. new stuff for MGO coming in March Quiet will be another unique character (although they should add another to make it even between both teams) APPEAL ACTIONS and New MAPS (spoiler for multiple images)