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  1. Trying to improve my Toon Link Game in Smash Wii U, check it out and critique 


  2. I'm still riding on that "Bomberman 64, Second Attack! Had a overlooked ballin' ass OST" wagon.
  3. I know the teams that worked on Colors and Generations are behind this title....but I hope it plays differently from the two....i'm kinda tired of the Unleashed/Colors/Generations formula. It's nice and all but for me it kinda ran dry. Can't wait to see gameplay tho. Told myself I was done with Sonic but hopefully Mania and this will rekindle my love for the blue blur
  4. Pumped and Primed had a ballin' ass "remix" OST. Ape Escape 3 will forever be my favorite single player AE and I really hope they re-release 2 and 3 for the ps4 sooner or later. I remember one day my friends and I were looking for more 4 player games to play and came across Pumped and Primed by chance and I instantly fell in love. We played it for a very long time and still do from time to time when we get together. So happy this thread was made
  5. Games these days, games these days, games these days.... seriously tho, the release was kinda underwhelming hoping this server downtime isnt too long
  6. nothing seems to be working for SFV....getting tired of this "First day release, so it's understandable the online wouldn't work," craaaaaaaaaaaaap
  7. new stuff for MGO coming in March Quiet will be another unique character (although they should add another to make it even between both teams) APPEAL ACTIONS and New MAPS (spoiler for multiple images)
  8. give me the option in Smash 4 to pick which region I want to search in (maybe even west/east coast as well), lobbies and the option to see someone's connectivity before accepting a match AKA picking a character and stage and I'll buy it right away. Give me lobbies with Splatoon with the ability to invite friends easier and im down. A man can dream
  9. Either way from what i've seen so far I'm not too excited for it, especially since the Wii U may be old news soon. Also, there should be no "price to pay" to play with a friend locally. Split screen? Why is that even a thing? So many games beforehand were able to pull off a game like Pokken without the need of split screen. The fighting "area" isnt that big and doesn't really warrant a need for both perspectives. Online is understandable to give you the option but you really don't need it unless i'm missing something. And when it comes to "fighting" games I'm not much of a single player person unless it's like....the only option for unlocking characters. I just kinda jump into multi-player and play with friends/randoms online. I'm just raising little concerns I have for the game is all. I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade, i just find some decisions made for this title to be a bit odd is all. Like I said, hoping the release proves that this concerns are little to nothing to worry about
  10. The more i keep up with this game the more it disappoints me honestly. I really hope they prove me wrong upon release but the 30fps for local/same console multi-player. The first player not having a controller option in local matches (I know it's there to have your own perspective but other games have done it before and the arenas arent that big)....idk... I'm just not impressed so far. Time will tell I guess
  11. I just assume every new Smash Brothers is the last one honestly. I know..... I'm silly....
  12. This actually makes me sad, seeing how Nintendo seems to be handling DLC right when it comes to Smash Brothers. I was hoping they will continue to release DLC for a bit longer, even though the game has been out for over a year now.
  13. Thanks to errrbody who wished me a happy bday. I appreciate it. Spending it in Korea was noooice

    1. Forte-Metallix


      I'm glad!

      Hope the rest of your day is as great!

    2. DBZHedgy


      happy birthday! :>

  14. Happy birthday, boss!

  15. Happy Birthday! I see that I gave you a Happy Half Birthday there!