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  1. Don't put that evil on us Ricky Bobby!
  2. and here I'm just hoping that they are treating Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles as separate entities and they will include Ice Cap Zone. I would love to hear an official remix of that stage
  3. The Nintendo Switch Thread

    There's this one girl on post where I'm stationed and she's making a killing selling Dock Socks. They are fashionable and practical
  4. as much as I love everything about this, I have this fear that we won't get the same treatment for music as we did for S3&K when Act 2 is like a slightly altered/remixed version of Act 1. It seems like they mixed Act 2 into 1 and just overall remixed it a bit. I hope I'm wrong.
  5. that's good, becuz i jumped online for the first time not too long ago and the experience was kinda trash. Delayed inputs and whatnot. Looking forward to it since I LOOOOOOVE Bomberman
  6. personally upset that this is using the same (if not roughly the same) gameplay style of Generations. I know it "works" for the most part but I'm personally tired of it. Guess I'll be skipping over this one unless they reveal something a bit more that'll interest me. Hopefully I have the music to look forward too
  7. The Nintendo Switch Thread

    I'm personally at that point where I'm just accepting the fact that Nintendo consoles are going to be rather basic when it comes to extra features besides playing games; especially in a world like mine where the Switch won't be my go to console for that kinda stuff anyway since I already own a ps4. A few examples being lack of bluetooth, video streaming apps (on release at least), etc etc. The whole console on the go is honestly one of the only aspects of the switch im excited about....that and the return of Bomberman......Splatoon 2 and the potential for a Smash 4 Deluxe
  8. Freedom Planet 2: First Footage

    sometimes I feel the sprite work doesn't do the character art any justice....its just so good. Personally can't wait for FP2, I gotta get back to beating the first one though...originally got it on steam than the Wii U. Ended up playing it more on the Wii U and kinda forgot about it XD
  9. The Nintendo Switch Thread

    the fact that the first like....4 questions had the response of "We have nothing to announce at this time," just killed the system more for me honestly.... This thing is lagging behind on features that is standard for the Ps4/Xbone/Vita. I honestly just want this damn thing because I love Bomberman with the PASSION and some of the games look fun for the wifey and I to try together. Where's our damn Smash for Switch too....come on Nintendo....stop messing with my heart
  10. Marvel VS Capcom Infinite XB1/PS4/PC

    you know, as much as I love Zero, I'm ready for some new Megaman representation. I mean, we had Megaman, Volnutt, Roll, Tron and servebots....I want someone like Bass or Protoman.Exe (for sake of a sword fighter opposed to another buster user). I feel as though Zero will make a comeback....with Capcom obviously reusing assets from UMvC3 and whatnot.......still hoping for Captain Commando.
  11. Freedom Planet 2: First Footage

    oooooh i like. I'm loving the art direction in this one as well. The voice acting still sounds kinda cheesy to me, but it's a good kinda chessy, if that makes sense
  12. i only gave $90.....still awaiting my damn medal or coin or whatever tf it's suppose to be lol
  13. so for backers who get the reward, the OST was made available digitally today. Downloaded mine and apparently they got a few extra tracks not included in the OST that comes with the physical game. Also, just 100%'ed the game the other day and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Gonna go back and do the Hero mode to try and get the platinum even tho I don't chase trophies I figured this game would be easy enough
  14. so if you got a backers code for Ps4 you can just download the game now (unless you downloaded the steam code awhile back and got the early access build as some of you guys already did). Even though I was playing the Steam version I'm glad to be playing it on Ps4. Now I'm just waiting on the OST and my damn medal/coin lol
  15. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1236620800/shantae-half-genie-hero/posts/1756646 Digital Release set for December 20th! Nintendo still hasn't given any confirmation yet, but safe to say the date will be the same if not close by for Wii U. Also, retail version through Xseed!