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  1. It's worth noting this is not really an art gallery but exhibition of items for sale. So while it does have a small public viewing period, the intention of this was to sell them items onto owners.
  2. Yeah I won. WOO! I am super pleased and humbled. UK represent!
  3. They will need to address it. Also looking into the T&Cs, they have 3 days to pick the winner. However, they would take an ADDITIONAL 2 working days to contact potential winners. So in theory by the end of tomorrow people in the running will know if they are. I hope so, I mean even I hear SOMEONE has got an email so I know I just didnt make the cut, work are getting techy regarding whether I want the time off or not lol. At least if there was clue one way or another I would know what to do! lol. I will cross my fingers for everyone in the thread who has entered, we all should make the the cut, we are awesome sauce! I am going to put this down to the fact Sega Europe has TOO many entries and it's hard to make a decision because they are all so good! Let's be positive! I have faith in our Dan!
  4. So who entered the Sonic 25th Europe Contest?

  5. Do people read this?

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      No, we don't. 

  6. I'm super hyped. Hotel and travel booked already cos those sort of prices usually only go up! It's also nice that the venue has a hotel attached to it this time!
  7. Well hello everyone! I am a person called Jay and we do a podcast. I know episodes are occasionally posted on the front page, but since the podcast is a sister to the site rather than an intergral part of it, (plus I've seen staff share their stuff all the time), I thought I'd share my little podcast with you guys! ITUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-sonic-show-podcast/ ANDROID / WEB BROWSER: http://www.acast.com/thesonicshow RSS: http://feeds.feedburner.com/thesonicshow The Opinion Zone is an Explicit rated podcast featuring myself and a group of Sonic fans discussing a whole world of Sonical topics. The only rule here is that NO opinion will be forbidden. The whole point of this show is be allowed to have an opinion and not be worried what the internet thinks of it! The podcast traditionally covers a similar format every week which goes as follows: Todays Topic: Sometime news, however we find ourselves jumping into topics about the community in general. Defeat Donnie: Every episode we let a member of our audience challenge Donnie to see who is the more knowledgeable Sonic fan. For those that do not know, Donnie is a member of staff for TSSZ News, Sonic Paradox, Radio Sega, The Sonic Show, FTCR, plus a regular guest on things like Tails Channel and EVERY SONIC THING EVER. For someone who is all over the community like a rash, it is only fair that we make sure he can justify such a position. Some people have suggest the quiz is tailored to his disadvantage, however I cannot comment on this. Ask Uncle Poxxy: We call a special life advice hotline where the mysterious Uncle Poxxy answers a variety of fan dilemmas, all sent in to the show from our lovely listeners. Questions have included delights as "What Sonic toy can I use to make me wetter than Labyrinth Zone", and "How do I tell my Mom I have a shrine for Big", we also have some more serious and heart warming tales too. Fuad's Things: This (now axed segment) Saw Fuad bring to the table three random pieces of Sonic news from the last week for the group to discuss. We also have some features that randomly pop up from time to time: The Newly-wed Game: The host (me) will go behind one of the co-hosts backs and talk to one of their boyfriends/girlfriends/family and pull a suprise quiz based on the Newly-wed tv gameshow where I threaten to see how well the they know their loved one or face that person disowning them forever. The Opinion Zone's Amateur Dramatic Society: We are sent fanfics all the time and sometimes we will visit our amateur dramatic club for a on the spot live reading. Episodes so far!
  8. The issue isnt tickets, its not having enough tickets. But there is only so much they can do. I would love to have a venue that fits every single sonic fan in the UK... But things cost money. It's been stated that SoS doesnt charge cos they dont want to. It's different to Boom in the fact its an event run by fellow fans.
  9. Hey guys, it's the dude who does the stream and filming funs. Incase any of you werent sure whether you wanted to go, we put together this little gem of memories
  10. Id assume streaming will be happening.
  11. The Sonic Show begins a new series of indepth video reviews of some of the more interesting pieces in the world of Sonic merchandise. Our new presenter, “JonoD” takes the first review back over a decade to check out the spectacle of the 10th Anniversary Crystal Cube! Rather nice don’t you think? Would you want one? Is it worth the money? Share your thoughts below! View the full article
  12. While I easily prefer the approach to "classic" greenhill type affairs in the Generations/Unleashed style, Im hoping that Lost Worlds will look epic in motion. The new style looks too simple, almost more lower production values than intentionally cartoony. However having played Generations on both PC and console, the PC version won as I could play it at 60fps. THIS is how Sonic should be played, going back to consoles it just feels sluggish and doesnt do a game where you "gotta go fast" justice. If this new design approach is also an attempt to make it run better on Wii U and increase framerate... then I'm onboard 100%.
  13. Originally recorded on the night of the Xbox One reveal: in Jay’s absence a Nintendo fanboy (Tanner) and friends discuss why they don’t like Call Of Duty. We also answer your letters covering merch collecting and bullying. Send your letters to thesonicshow @ mail . com Featuring Tanner, JonoD, Thom, Max Firestorm and Brad of Hellfire Comms. View the full article
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