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  1. Yes, it's complete. It even contains the "codec additions" that were in the original download - some ancient video codecs for Windows that might not even run anymore today. They were used to decode some of the source videos, but aren't necessary for playing the DVD, of course. The DVD image could have been a bit smaller. For some reason, TheBuilder used separate copies for the opening and ending videos with Japanese and US soundtrack, rather than store the videos once with multiple audio tracks. Anyway, thanks to the power of 7zip compression, I was able to reduce the size to 3.41 GiB (otherwise I'd still be waiting for the upload to finish).
  2. Sure. I've got Bug! running, but it still needs some work, and I've fixed the weird window handling in Ecco (it can now be freely resized like the other games). But currently I'm busy with other stuff, related to Sonic Lost World and cpkredir, so an update of Sega PC Reloaded will have to wait.
  3. Thanks. Don't forget that you can use smpsout.dll to get the original MD/Genesis music, if you don't want the MIDI music. 02 Robotnik's Spaceship 03 Palmtree Panic (Present) 04 Palmtree Panic (Good Future) 05 Palmtree Panic (Bad Future) 06 Collision Chaos (Present) 07 Collision Chaos (Good Future) 08 Collision Chaos (Bad Future) 09 Tidal Tempest (Present) 10 Tidal Tempest (Good Future) 11 Tidal Tempest (Bad Future) 12 Quartz Quadrant (Present) 13 Quartz Quadrant (Good Future) 14 Quartz Quadrant (Bad Future) 15 Wacky Workbench (Present) 16 Wacky Workbench (Good Future) 17 Wacky Workbench (Bad Future) 18 Stardust Speedway (Present) 19 Stardust Speedway (Good Future) 20 Stardust Speedway (Bad Future) 21 Metallic Madness (Present) 22 Metallic Madness (Good Future) 23 Metallic Madness (Bad Future) 24 Robotnik 1 25 Robotnik 2 26 Open Title,Sonic Boom (Reprise) 27 Open Title,Sonic Boom (Reprise) 28 End Of Level Fanfare 29 Sneakers 30 Invincible 31 Game Over 32 Special Stage 33 Sonic Boom (End Title) 34 Sonic Boom (Intro Movie) 35 Robotnik's Spaceship 36 Palmtree Panic (Past) 37 Collision Chaos (Past) 38 Tidal Tempest (Past) 39 Quartz Quadrant (Past) 40 Wacky Workbench (Past) 41 Stardust Speedway (Past) 42 Metallic Madness (Past) (Not my names, those titles are from some CD database, see also here)
  4. Music was originally played from the CD audio tracks. That should still work, but I didn't really test it, because the alternative is much nicer. Download bass.dll from http://www.un4seen.com/, it supports mp3, ogg, wav, and a few other formats. Additionally, you can download add-ons like bassflac.dll if you want support for more formats. Put the DLLs in the game folder (only the DLLs, the other stuff inside the bass downloads isn't required). Then make a music folder. It can be anywhere, though I suggest making a "MUSIC" subfolder in the game's base folder. The files are expected to be named either "Track##.ext" or "##whatever.ext" - e.g. "Track02.mp3" or "02 Title Theme.flac". Remember that audio tracks start at number 02 for those mixed mode data + audio game CDs. Then set the music folder in the configuration window, and you're done.
  5. No, it only works with the 4 supported games so far. I'm open to suggestions what other games to investigate, but I can't promise anything. To add a new game, I first need a copy of it, preferrably an untouched CD image, no rip. I do own physical copies of the 4 supported games, but unfortunately I do not have the Smash Pack.
  6. I haven't tried it yet, but with the right tools you should be able to change the sample rates at will. (Screenshot of a work in progress UTF/CPK/CSB editor I started.)
  7. Sorry to hear you had so much trouble. First, in some of your ini files you're using forward slashes instead of backslashes. You must fix that. In Windows, backslashes are the path delimiter. Second, mods that were/are distributed as CPK files, such as the Shadow mod by Megamaniscrazy, naturally contain not only the modified data files, but all other unmodified files as well. Otherwise, the modded CPK would be incomplete and the game wouldn't run with it. So, if you just extract a modded CPK for use with CPKREDIR, the unmodified files can potentially override and nullify other mods. The solution: delete all files from the extracted CPK that have not been modified. It's easy to do if you have some experience and a duplicate file finder app in your toolkit. But for the average user, it might be a problem. I've been thinking about writing a program that does the conversion between CPK mod and extracted mod automatically for that reason. Anyway, assuming we have the same version of the Shadow mod, here's a list of its modified files. Delete ALL files of your extraction except for these:
  8. Thanks for writing that tutorial. CPKREDIR is just a DLL. It doesn't open or close by itself, it gets loaded or unloaded by SonicGenerations.exe. If on your system the game hangs on exit for some reason, then the console window will of course stay there. Try disabling the console (cpkredir.ini setting LogType=0) or even CPKREDIR entirely (ini setting Enabled=0) and see if SonicGenerations.exe still gets stuck. Edit: Dario mentioned that his Windmill Isle release is pushing some memory limits of Sonic Generations. That might explain why some people experience crashes and other weird behavior after playing the stage. You could try another mod, such as Wave Ocean, to find out whether it is CPKREDIR that is unstable for you, or Windmill Isle.
  9. Good thinking about the screenshots. To quote the readme: To change certain aspects of CPKREDIR's operation, you can place an INI file next to cpkredir.dll (exact same path and file name, but with ".ini" extension instead of ".dll"). You've got your cpkredir.ini in a subfolder instead of the same folder as cpkredir.dll.
  10. Are you using the latest version? Are your CPK files clean, ie. the original ones and not some repacked ones that already include some mods? And how are you using CPKREDIR, in simple mode (modded files copied into "disk\bb*" folders) or advanced mode (using INI files to point to the modded Wave Ocean files)?
  11. My previous post got buried on the bottom of the last page, but since this could be interesting for a lot of people, I'll repost it here. Releasing CPKREDIR v0.3 CPKREDIR intercepts CPK file read operations by Sonic Generations and redirects them to external files. This makes it possible to have the game load modified data files without the need for unpacking and repacking those large CPK archives every time. Internally, CPKREDIR actually creates virtual CPKs on the fly, or rather their most important data structures (header and table of contents). Those virtual CPKs are presented to the game and when it tries to read from them, the requested data is fetched from the original CPKs or from external user files. Download the latest version 0.31 here. It comes with a pretty lengthy documentation, a new patcher for people who can't operate hex editors, and some example files that let you play Dario FF's "Classic Sonic Adventures", after downloading his fixed files. This version introduces some big new features, such as the possibility to load multiple mods at once (not all mods play nice with each other, though). Here are some screenshots of the console logging window with CPKREDIR running a combination of Melpontro's Wave Ocean and Megamaniscrazy's Shadow mod: Feel free to ask any questions about it here, or let me know of bugs you encounter.
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