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  1. The Future of SEGA: Grim or glorious?

    Nintendo only gave the money to make Bayonetta 2, the ip belongs to Sega Hideki Kamiya said it hundreds of times on twitter.
  2. The Future of SEGA: Grim or glorious?

    Sega has several projects that not many know like Age of Empires IV.
  3. The Future of SEGA: Grim or glorious?

    Just because Forces and Valkyria Revolution fail does not mean that Sega is lost, Sega actually had a good year.
  4. So..its no longer "classic" sonic. Smart??

    I'm still surprised that people want to find sense in the Sonic lore, Iizuka is known for introducing anything without context trying to find continuity in the franchise is a waste of time.
  5. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Dunkey review.
  6. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    I do not think they hate the game but it seems that Sonic Team is developing this game in autopilot, they just do not know how to do with the ip and I do not blame him staying stuck for years with the same franchise must be very tiring.
  7. NeoGAF & #metoo

    I do not think there is something to compare Neogaf, the whole forum works like hivemind the people were banned for any ridiculous thing by the time I frequent that site I only saw one group of people try to destroy the career of other people for any stupidity.
  8. Sonic Mania Reviews/Impressions Thread

    Donkey likes generations and colors you can see his review of those games to confirm that, he only mention Sonic 3D games that he does not like.
  9. Sonic Mania Reviews/Impressions Thread

    Dunkey Review.
  10. It will be fun to see what kind of monstrosity Sony will produce.
  11. Sonic Forces DLC possibly confirmed?

    If you want that kind of thing buy the pc version will surely have mod of the characters of SatAM without mentioning that it will have more content created by the community.
  12. Sonic Forces Impressions

    This ride never ends. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-07-06-maybe-its-time-for-us-to-leave-sonic-teams-take-on-its-series-behind
  13. What YOU Think of Sonic Forces

    The more time passes, I find more negative opinions about Forces and I have to admit it's a little sad.
  14. Personally, I've never played a Sonic game for plot the only thing that matters to me is the gameplay when I think of a story driven games the last thing that comes to mind is Sonic, I'm not saying that they can not criticize writing in the Sonic games. But Iizuka and the rest of Sonic Team never cared too much in writing or give sense to sonic lore maybe in Forces we could find out that Robotnik is Sonic father.
  15. Guys still impress me as you try to give some sense of coherence to the sonic lore, Sonic team can throw any stupidity without context and still be canon in the games discuss that does not make much sense from my point of view.