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  1. In a way, there already is an evil Sonic. However, I think you probably mean in the game universe instead, which I can totally see the evil Sonic being very different compared to Scourge. Since Sonic and by extension Scourge, are very different in order vs chaos compared to game Sonic, the in-game evil Sonic would be greatly different than a guy who just takes over the world. It's a nice trope, but it's also easy to screw up.
  2. Mobius is not a state or country, but was a name for the "future" earth, so your question is like asking for the capital of Earth. Unless you're REALLY focused on having some kind of capital, (which I don't know if there is a large amount of information for, if relevant to the stories cities aren't "capitals") I'd suggest ignoring that detail and just go forward with the story altogether.
  3. I probably am over thinking it, just haven't seen much talk about the subject, so thanks for the differing opinion. While on the subject on costumes, I know I shouldn't expect people to know obscure stuff, but if Sonic-man were to ever come back, I hope his costume ( or more costumes the better) is based around this guy from the end of Michael Jackson's Bad. That would be awesome.
  4. I've been debating whether I should start a topic on a subject that is kinda related to this, but I'll just leave some thoughts here. I've read about what some people have said in the thread, which leads me to ask why some of the female characters need more clothing on them? (I'm not talking about different clothing designs, but things like the character basically begin covered by clothing) There seems to be two design philosophies when designing characters in the series: one gender has clothes, and the other doesn't. Basically all of the male characters are naked, and all of the female characters are clothed in some way( Well, off the top of my head, only Charmy and Eggman are the only ones who have clothing, but we're all grateful for that later). I understand that some character designs are needed because it can be easy to misinterpret a characters gender because of lack of "gender detail," but I'm still bewildered. I'm not going to say anything about her character, but I've been wondering why we haven't gotten character designs "like" Sally who has also been naked. While I dislike acknowledging a hive-mind mentality, I bet most of you have also seen people complain about Sally's design just because she is naked, and needs to be fully dressed like the others; so I don't understand why part of this fanbase partakes in this sexist thought, as this "subconsciously" segregates the two genders, and leads to a "bad" kind of contrast in design overall. I realize that the Sonic series isn't the only one that has to deal with this subject (maybe there are some background reasons of why they were designed this way, but I haven't seen anything),but I felt like mentioning it.
  5. The purpose of the commerical was to make Mario seem like a dorky mamas boy kind of character, while Sonic was the kind of cool where he'd Sparta kick a bar door open, flash open his thumbs Fonzie style with fire coming out of them, and then all of the jukeboxes would then play "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Essentially, in the 90s, having "attitude" was great for your marketing campaign, as those characters "rebelled against authority" and other kind of stupid crap in that era, or in North America at least; that video was a product of that kind of marketing, along with many others that boosted Sonic's popularity in the states for making Sonic seem like a "cool" alternative to "old and dorky" Mario.
  6. He managed to work it in, but it works differently in an interesting way.
  7. I haven't really been paying attention to gameplay trailers since I'm not trying to spoil anything for myself; but with this trailer I am liking that the world seems more big and open.
  8. Cool lesson of the day for me. As for Tails Adventures, the chaos emeralds in that game were collected in the same manner as other ordinary items in that game, but more "hidden" since they weren't needed for the story, but still valuable since they gave you additional hit points and flight.
  9. They already have a collection of Sonic games and more, for the HD consoles at least. http://en.wikipedia....mate_collection http://en.wikipedia....Mega_Collection although it is older, it has a lot of other games the top doesn't have; so it could also could be viable to what you're talking about. I haven't checked to see if it is works with the ps3 version, but the xbox one I have unfortunately doesn't work for the 360.
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