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  1. Im 23. I dont think age should really matter when it comes to things you like.
  2. Lol, Dork age. But you are right, the time of yelling is over. Now i shall continue being excited.
  3. No i dont think you buy games to hate them, but when the adventure games came out people liked them for other reasons then they were all they could get at the time. Because if that was the case just go back and keep playing the classics, I did but i still like adventure 1 and 2. I dont think they are amazing games but there better then you and others are making them out to be. Yes the logic can, there are people that actualy like 06 and it sucked right when it came out. And im sure there are plenty of other games like that. And im not saying to stop discussing quality and the rest of that opinion stuff, it just seemd to come out of nowhere to me.
  4. Yeah, all im asking for really is sonic, tails and knuckles as playable characters like in sonic 3 & knuckles, if sega did that id be happy, seeing as how my favorite character is knuckles.
  5. I thought the treasure hunting was the easiest part of the game, i always get all A's with knuckles and rouge first. though rouges final level is cool but annoying. Really... I think it should be BRA!!! since thats what he sounds like hes saying, he wants every womans BRA!!!
  6. I wonder if they will give us the dlc holiday costumes from the dc version?
  7. My problem was either Sky Chase act 1 or 2, I cant remember. And i can imagine exactly how mad you were at the twinkel park thing, because it hapend to me 3 time in a row. Same here, i still try to beat them and get everything without codes though.
  8. I got metal once, then my memory card corrupted and i lost everything, SA 1, 2, Heroes, Mega Collection, Smash Bros, RE 0, 1, & finaly MGS Twin Snakes saves all 100% complete.
  9. Vary true. So if the port ends up on the pc (which i think it will) Im gonna be really excited to see the hacks and mods people make.
  10. Oh i know, The reason they did what they did for his 20th is because they know there are old fans and new fans so they decided to put the new and the old together, caring had nothing to do with it. If they cared sonic generations would be the greatest sonic game in the history of sonic games. Generations is good but its main selling point was nostalgia, and theres nothing wrong with that. If they cared they wouldent keep shelling out sonic games that are mediocre at best. If they would play it like nintendo and their franchises, we would be seeing quality sonic games. Now if you said Sonic Team cares about sonic thats a different story. Sorry. We should get back on topic.
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