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  1. Hopefully Marluxia fulfilling his title as Graceful Assassin isn’t just a red herring and the Nobody he used in his boss battle was actually his victim’s Nobody.

    I can’t wait to see what they do with him in KH3!

    1. Shiguy


      I would a appericate knowing about Larxene's previous life too ya know. But hey, Marluxia it's a start I guess.

    2. Shasonsil


      Same here. Larxene and Marluxia were the most interesting Org. members for me.

      I'm just glad Nomura conformed that all the members will have closure in KH3. Hopefully that includes Larxene's previous life.

  2. So this isn't even a true sequel to S3&K? ...lovely...
  3. Excellent Classic Tails avatar!

  4. I usually agree with Rob more than I do with Doug, but this time I was just dumbfounded by his hate for this simple movie. It wasn't this great film by any stretch of the imagination but it sure wasn't as bad as he made it out to be. It was just simple, nothing god awful or insulting. (I guess my standards were just lower than usual because I knew about the production hell the film went through)
  5. I see, so I'll just have to watch a few episodes when I'm gone with DBZ and see if I like it.
  6. After reading all the posts it seems that I'll be giving the Japanese dub of DBZ a try and then seeing if I like Kai (dub or sub) better. GT sounds like it's a personal preference kinda thing but I've heard that it's non-canon(not from the manga), this that true? Thanks for all the insight guys! Yamcha and Puar are okay, I don't really care for characters that turn weak kneed around girls. Oolong needs to die
  7. I'll never understand how bad some translations can be when the rest of the script is so spot on. Pilaf and his henchmen giving off the Saturday morning villain vibes brings back a lot of memories.
  8. I'm so glad I'm not forced to watch his skits. I like Doug's reviews and the Sibling Revelry discussions, but his Nostalgia character has become unbearable.
  9. Yep, just Dragon Ball (I'm skipping filler episodes) and then I'll watch Z or Kai (I'm not sure which one I should watch). Also, what's up with GT? I've seen fans hating on this show but I never cared enough to look into it until now.
  10. I'm watching the remastered Dragon Ball anime where Son Goku looks like a six year old (he says he's fourteen though). I put on the Japanese subs to see how close the english dialogue was to the original script and there were just too many moments where the character would add dialogue or change the sentence. In the first episode Goku goes on about how he doesn't like to hurt people but the pterodactyl gave him no choice but the subs had Goku thinking that he didn't save Bulma from the fall. That's just one of the changes that bugged me.
  11. I can't believe my silly question got asked/answered. So Boom Knuckles was made just so they could have more jokes to tell, huh, that makes sense from a writing point of view. It sounds like Boom Amy would be a better character if she were in a show that had 20 minute episodes to explore the characters in stead of 10 minutes.
  12. Okay, thanks for explaining the creator. It seems like the fans hold the series too high for their own good so they get mad at the poor guy when he messes up. So I've watched the first two episodes and this series is turning out to be very funny. I never would have guessed it was a comedy by the way the fans treat it. Bulma is awesome! I also gave the English dub a fair chance before switching to the Japanese dub and it wasn't terrible, but good god some of the dialogue changes were cringe worthy.
  13. I'll have to give the series a try. Is it true that the series creator is so lazy that he actually forgot about a character?
  14. Okay so I've been wanting to read/watch Dragon Ball for a while now, but I'm worried it will just turn into another 'strong guy vs another strong guy' with no depth of characters and story. Is this true, or are the characters and story enjoyable? Also, should I read the Manga or watch the three (now four) Animes?
  15. Some awesome Kylo Ren Memes!

    12 Kylo Ren Memes

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