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  1. Right. I'm gone indefinitely before this gets any more ridiculous. Apologies to anyone I've offended, but it's clear that this place and me don't see eye to eye anymore. Later.

    1. goku262002
    2. Solkia
    3. Komodin
    4. Chibinuva


      Alright man, good luck with the rest of the journey that is your life.

    5. Nepenthe


      A bit sad to see you go. Bye dude, and good luck.

    6. goku262002


      Bah he will be back within the year.

      Btw, whats he talking about guys?

    7. T-Min


      See ya, man.

    8. Neon


      It's all in here:

    9. goku262002


      Ahhhhhhhh, got the 'ole Carbo chewout eh? Wow and he really tore into you too...

    10. goku262002


      Oooooooh and Sean just added salt to the wound!

    11. Komodin


      ... Seriously, Felix?

    12. Nepenthe


      Gee, and I thought he was back.

    13. ...
    14. YoshiUnity


      Damn...I just found out that this happened. Really miss this guy around here.

  2. You still should update your graphics card driver too, just because.
  3. The graphics driver is unstable? There's your issue right there. It's difficult to advise you without more information but unfortunately I don't think you'd know how to get that info, so... :| You should find a newer driver for your card and install it.
  4. The fact that it crashes at the same time every day either means you have such a rigid routine that the system reaches its breaking point at the same time every day or it could also mean that there's something on your computer trying to do something at a set time each day. Not necessarily a virus, could also be an overzealous piece of legit software.
  5. I thought it was pretty obvious that the official art for the returning characters is intentionally not being revealed yet so as not to spoil the surprise.
  6. I know how I sound, I'm just sorry such a deep personal issue has gotten unearthed like this. :|

  7. Fun fact: you can never agree with anyone about everything. :3

    1. goku262002


      Fuck you, I don't agree to this fact.

    2. ---


      lolol ^^^

  8. There can be enormous benefit to playing on private servers, and it's already common for a lot of PC games to be run on private servers (especially Minecraft which has no official servers at all, as well as many other games), but it's dependent on people being responsible server owners. It's a smart move for EA if the public servers aren't profitable, so I don't really know why people are knee-jerk denouncing this. The prices are about standard for hosting a dedicated server as well. You realise they're talking about the cost to host the server, not to play on it, right?
  9. The biggest reason for a lack of political parties is psychological: people intrinsically believe that only the two major parties have any real chance of willing and influencing policy, so they psychologically block themselves from supporting other parties. Mob mentality takes over. Interestingly in the UK election of 2010 there was actually a sign of genuine three-party politics showing up for the first time. It worked well enough to deny a strict majority for any one party and so we have the coalition now. Unfortunately as many considered the Liberal Democrats to be the anti-Conversative party (it's not) and felt betrayed by the LibDems "jumping in bed with the enemy", the next election will probably be very two-party again. To have three party politics, first the existing two parties have to be so undesirable that anything else is preferable. EDIT: I accidentally several words, fixed it.
  10. Assuming you're not trolling for a minute (and for the record my suspicions are not caused by your views but the timing of expressing them and your general tone) but ANYWAY: American politics has long been skewed to the right. We've had this conversation before ages ago but it was a while back so here's a refresher: the fact that liberalism is considered left-wing in America indicates this skew. Internationally liberalism occupies the dead centre of the political axis. American politics disavows socialism and communism as legitimate political positions and its history reflects this, but the fact is people can quite easily take those positions. For example, myself: I occupy a point on the political spectrum that puts me in the socialist libertarian camp, apparently. The irony of that contradiction is not lost on me, I assure you, but it does reflect my views in brief. It's also why I don't label myself politically because I'm pretty sure that contradictory label is inaccurate by default, but I'm definitely far too left to be a liberal. I absolutely believe in governments being able to meddle directly in business' affairs and forcibly shut them down if necessary and that's no liberal position. Back to political skew: from what I hear of the Tea Party they lean right in an already right-leaning climate. It's mentioned in another thread that the Democrats are right-wing Conservatives by international standards which you may find surprising, but I suppose that's why many Americans call Europe socialist when most of it isn't. (France apparently is actually if the recent election is anything to go by.) Indeed a lot of Democrat policy reminds me of the UK Conservative party, except the UK Conservative party has openly gay members in Parliament which you may find even more surprising. The point is: if we're talking left-right political position, it's important to distinguish between the skewed national spectrums and the international one. On this same international spectrum, the Tea Party are absolutely far-right and extremists. In fact so is the current Republican party! What this says about American politics in general is open for interpretation but I think you know how most people, American or otherwise, interpret it. In mainstream US politics there's a very real sense of a lack of genuine choice, at least viewing it from the outside. The UK's not much better at the moment either although there are indications that the Labour party is due to return to its traditional socialist platform in the near future, which should make things interesting to say the least.
  11. If I were able to vote for this, frankly, whilst I would vote for Obama, I would do so begrudgingly. None of the candidates are particularly appealing, it's just that Obama is the least terrible of them all. I imagine many others who actually can vote will have the same idea.
  12. What about those of us who are (as far as they can tell anyway) actually socialist? I'd posrep you, but I appear to have to run out of rep several times over today, so instead I'm posting this half-serious question.
  13. If you're whining about a measly $6 per gallon being ridiculous, you may be interested to learn that US fuel prices are disproportionately low because of its privileged status as a world reserve currency and that most developed nations are paying way, way more for it, and we're still doing fine. $9 a gallon in the UK at the moment.
  14. Does anyone have any clue why all the stupid people seem to hang around Yahoo! News?

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