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  1. And in spite of this there has still been massive speculation of them being the additional characters. Its not like it was my idea.
  2. Final Fantasy XV, but I'm taking a break from it today. I'm enjoying the game but there are some really annoying parts to the fights, like not seeing what the hell is going on when you're fighting a swarm of Magitech troopers, and being forced to just hold down phase lest you get thrown around like a rag doll. Then there's the trees and bushes that are guaranteed to block your entire screen if you start fighting anywhere near them. And lastly feeling too slow when fighting massive daemons that move like crackheads on steroids... among other things. For me personally the selling point of this game was definitely the visuals and quality of everything, and thats worth something. The narrative is hard to follow, and this is coming from the guy that usually has to explain everything to other people when it comes to movies and game narratives. I feel like it doesn't explain things well, and the important things are skimmed through really quickly. Like I dont understand why they feel sorry for Luna "taming" the six, or whatever? Or who exactly is the highest authority of Luna's home (can't remember the name right now) if its her as oracle or the old guy in the white robes... among other things again. Eh, but I'm still enjoying it despite these things. Can't wait to beat it.
  3. I'm 100% certain the new character will not, cannot be Boom or Adventure Sonic based on Iizuka's words. He said there would only be a new character meaning singular, and another Sonic would have to mean another Eggman as well meaning two characters. So its definitely a new-new character and probably a hedgehog if SA2, Heroes, and Generations are anything to go by.
  4. As a struggling collector of bandanas/scarves, I need that red one in my life. It's not often you see bandanas that catch your eye like that. But google gives me nothing, anybody know where I can find it?
  5. Then who is responsible for the stories?
  6. I know he used to be more useful. But he hasn't been useful lately which is why I feel that way. And all he did in Colors was mention the generators, the translator was pointless.
  7. Providing conversation and telling us things we could have figured out otherwise doesn't contribute to the plot in any significant way. I think you're being picky with my choice of words but you get what I mean.
  8. Hello, is there a feature to do this? I hide sigs and avys on most boards I go to.
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