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  1. I think I'm more interested in an original IP by this studio than another classic Sonic game, actually. I love 90's platformers and I know Whitehead loves some of my favorites like Dynamite Headdy or Ristar, so a brand new IP by these guys will surely be interesting.
  2. 1) Kill Sonic Boom design. 2) Kill Sonic The Movie design. 3) Make a big effort to mix classic and modern Sonic into a perfect hybrid that has the classic appealing while not being fully classic. I'm not an artist but I'm pretty sure someone talented can achieve this. 4) Start making great games with this new design. It can be 2D or 3D, but stick to a single design and make sure gameplay is fun in any game. 5) Profit. To me, as long as Sonic has so many incarnations, its future as a franchise is dark sure to the lack of identity.
  3. You realize you complain that the fanbase can get on your nerves because the fanbase is complaining that this new design (and how Sega has allowed it) is getting on their nerves, right? XD It's fine if you don't like that people don't like this abomination and show it so passionately. But it doesn't make much sense asking people not to give it too much importance when you're maybe giving too much importance to a lot of unknown people opinions. Honestly, I'm not dying for this, of course. It's not like my country is at war and I'm starving. It's not THAT bad. But I don't think I should feel bad for just saying I think this is one of the lowest moments in Sonic's history, and this movie looks like one of the worst videogame movies ever. I might be wrong about the latter, but in my experience, that's very likely the case. I can only advice not to take Sonic fanbase opinions that seriously, if they actually affect you that much. Not worth it!
  4. Oh man, I just realized: will there be a supporting videogame for this movie? -_-U
  5. I can only hope that Sega accepted this crap because Paramount paid a really huge amount of money, and hopefully this money goes to making good games, Sonic or not. A man can dream.
  6. Actually, much much much much much much... WAYYYYYYYYYY MORE HORRIBLE I COULD EVER IMAGINE If Sega is aiming to make a movie as good as Mario Bros, I think they nailed it.
  7. The Crash Team Racing remake probably just killed Team Sonic Racing: Out in June 21st.
  8. I think it's time to drop the "one button for all" philosophy. We're playing with controllers with lots of buttons. They can map a button for drop dash on all characters and another button for secondary abilities (fly, glide, instashield...), and this second button would activate elemental power up on Sonic. It wouldn't be bad at all, IMHO. I mean, it's not like the controls would feel like Dark Souls. A small change, easy to adapt to, and the classic formula would get a fine enhancement.
  9. I hope the drop dash becomes available to all classic characters. I tend to play with Sonic in Mania because of that move, and I really don't see why it shouldn't be treated as the spindash. Sonic could have the insta shield back, and have the elemental shields power ups to balance his moveset.
  10. I've been playing Sega Ages Sonic the hedgehog for almost a week and I can only say how classic the drop dash feels. I felt the original Sonic 1 weird after getting used to Sonic 2's spindash. Now any classic feels incomplete without the drop dash to me xD Playing Sonic 2 with drop dash will be very enjoyable
  11. Sonic 4 ep1 was a bad game. Sonic 4 ep2 was a decent game. Sonic Mania is Sonic 4 as I truly imagined. Well, except for the remade stages, but you know what I mean.
  12. They have to listen to just one concept the fandom claims: MAKE SONIC GREAT AGAIN. (PS: lol)
  13. I'd really prefer not calling it "Mania 2". I'd rather leave Mania as some sort of "reboot" of the 2D series, reviving the best classics stages, adding new zones and mechanics, etc. But for a new 2D sonic game, I'd prefer all new zones and probably slightly different sprites (I stil wish for a Sonic 3 sprite skin for Mania). My point: if the Mania Team goes for a full new 2D Sonic, I think it would be fair naming it differently, so Mania is just that anniversary title that brought 2D Sonic back by remembering what was good from the classics (reimagined zones included).
  14. If the Mania Team is in Japan, I don't think it's crazy to think that they're having a meeting to discuss about a possible next 2D game, given Mania's success. I mean, if they launch another 2D game (not necessary Mania 2; actually, better not), they'll need a year or more (if they're not reusing assets this time, they'll need 1'5-2 years). It makes sense the conversations start now.
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