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  1. molul

    Sega Ages Collection (Switch)

    I think it's time to drop the "one button for all" philosophy. We're playing with controllers with lots of buttons. They can map a button for drop dash on all characters and another button for secondary abilities (fly, glide, instashield...), and this second button would activate elemental power up on Sonic. It wouldn't be bad at all, IMHO. I mean, it's not like the controls would feel like Dark Souls. A small change, easy to adapt to, and the classic formula would get a fine enhancement.
  2. molul

    Sega Ages Collection (Switch)

    I hope the drop dash becomes available to all classic characters. I tend to play with Sonic in Mania because of that move, and I really don't see why it shouldn't be treated as the spindash. Sonic could have the insta shield back, and have the elemental shields power ups to balance his moveset.
  3. molul

    Sega Ages Collection (Switch)

    I've been paying Sega Ages Sonic the hedgehog for almost a week and I can only say how classic the drop dash feels. I felt the original Sonic 1 weird after getting used to Sonic 2's spindash. Now any classic feels incomplete without the drop dash to me xD Playing Sonic 2 with drop dash will be very enjoyable
  4. molul

    Sonic 4: Episode 2 Defence Thread

    Sonic 4 ep1 was a bad game. Sonic 4 ep2 was a decent game. Sonic Mania is Sonic 4 as I truly imagined. Well, except for the remade stages, but you know what I mean.
  5. They have to listen to just one concept the fandom claims: MAKE SONIC GREAT AGAIN. (PS: lol)
  6. I'd really prefer not calling it "Mania 2". I'd rather leave Mania as some sort of "reboot" of the 2D series, reviving the best classics stages, adding new zones and mechanics, etc. But for a new 2D sonic game, I'd prefer all new zones and probably slightly different sprites (I stil wish for a Sonic 3 sprite skin for Mania). My point: if the Mania Team goes for a full new 2D Sonic, I think it would be fair naming it differently, so Mania is just that anniversary title that brought 2D Sonic back by remembering what was good from the classics (reimagined zones included).
  7. If the Mania Team is in Japan, I don't think it's crazy to think that they're having a meeting to discuss about a possible next 2D game, given Mania's success. I mean, if they launch another 2D game (not necessary Mania 2; actually, better not), they'll need a year or more (if they're not reusing assets this time, they'll need 1'5-2 years). It makes sense the conversations start now.
  8. molul

    Sega Ages Collection (Switch)

    Virtua Racing the arcade! 😮 Sega Ages is definitely what Sega Forever should have been. Even the name is way better than Forever, Classics Collections, etc. Somebody at Sega should make some cleaning and rebrand everything properly.
  9. Great news that Sega is not doing this with AtGames. Now I can really hope for a Mega Drive Mini as good as the Nintendo Minis. Now, sorry for the spam in advance ^^U I've been developing this emulator frontend for nearly 10 months to use it on my Raspberry Pi, and now that Sega has announced they got rid of AtGames, I decided to try to offer it to Sega: If you'd like it for the Mega Drive/Genesis Mini, I'd appreciate a RT or comment on the tweet I sent them yesterday Thanks in advance!
  10. NO WAY 😮 I'm getting it right now!
  11. molul

    Sega Ages Collection (Switch)

    Awesome addition. I wish they had ported Sonic 1 remastered from mobile and added these new features, but it's cool anyway. Btw, I didn't know about this Sega Ages thing. I like it more than the Sega Forever name they choose for mobile ports, and it seems a much better executed product. Really looking forward to getting a Switch on Christmas with games like Sonic Mania or this Ages.
  12. Maybe slightly offtopic, but I just read that Sonic 2 in Sega Ages for Nintendo Switch will add Sonic Mania's drop dash 😮 Damn, I'd love playing Sonic 3&K with drop dash xD
  13. molul

    Sonic Mania Sales Thread

    I think I read a different team made Mania Plus. If it's true, it's really unfair for a bunch of people that has made one of the best Sonic games in years.
  14. I don't care about Charmy, but a Team Chaotix with Espio, Vector and Mighty (now he's back on Mania) would have been much better to me. Not sure who to team Silver with, though. And I actually like that character (well, just the design).
  15. molul

    Sonic Forces Sales

    A game like Forces, as mediocre as it is, still sells a lot because of (no offense) children and unconditional fans. A failure is not selling outside that audience, but that's not like Forces has sold 20.000 copies. It sure has sold at least 500.000 on all systems around the world. Not bad, but a better game just sells better.

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