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  1. I'm playing Encore Mode. Just reached Flying Battery Zone. I must say I LOVE Encore Mode's new mechanics. Changing characters so often is really fresh, more fun than just playing 2 characters until the end of the game. The Angel Island bit was much appreciated, the color changes on the other zones make them feel like a (well-done) fan hack, enough for me to feel different. The new bonus stage is much better than Blue Spheres as a bonus stage (although I'm not enjoying it too much because I'm always stuck at the second area), and the new special stages are more challenging (much appreciated again that they're different, as I wanted to play many more of this special stage ). And of course, playing with Mighty and Ray is also really fresh and fun. They just work. And Ray's gliding is not that difficult to control, but a tutorial or some explanation text wouldn''t hurt so anybody would learn qiuckly. To me, this is a 10/10 videogame. There are two ways of playing the story now, very similar but different enough to want to play both. I hope this stays for future 2D games. Totally worth the money. PS: and I'm unable to test the 4 player mode, but it's something I'd play a lot if there was an online mode. I'd pay for an online competition mode, honestly.
  2. Mmmm... not really sure about that. Two different pictures show a wrong R on the lateral Mega Drive logo 😕
  3. Am I seeing a mistake in the Mega Drive packaging?
  4. molul

    What is Next for 2d Sonic?

    Oh, not at all. Actually, I'm sure that everyone would prefer that Manía 1 had been all original zones. The old zones remixes were cool, but for nostalgia I'd prefer a Sonic 3 remastered.
  5. molul

    What is Next for 2d Sonic?

    Why do you mention Headcanon only and not Taxman and PagodaWest?
  6. I thought this thread would talk about the new pinball bonus stage:
  7. Cool! I hope the pinball bonus stage replaces blue spheres, and blue spheres is finally a separate game mode. I always hoped for a Sonic Spinball game with the classic trilogy physics (like Casino night, but more pinball and less platforming, as in Sonic Spinball), so this could be the closest to that. Also, finally a nod to Sonic Spinball
  8. I wonder if Mighty and Ray are only playable in Encore mode, and Encore mode has only a few zones, some new like Angel Island and the other just modified versions of the game's stages.
  9. Bubble shield, Iizuka-san.
  10. They could use that black space for some nice background or even stats.
  11. The new cutscenes and the new Metal Sonic Kai fight are awesome. I'd say the game is perfect now but I find something that could be polished as well: the bonus stage. I wish they removed the Blue Spheres (put it aside as an extra game mode exclusively) and added a proper bonus stage where you can get shields and rings.
  12. molul

    SEGA Forever Revealed!

    This makes the most sense to me.
  13. molul

    SEGA Forever Revealed!

    Are we sure this will be a port? I'm thrilling. It's my second Mega drive favourite game, right after Sonic 3 & Knuckles
  14. molul

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    I don't think any character outside Sonic franchise will make it to the roster, but it would be a beautiful nod including an unlockable Ristar, as Ristar was born after Sonic's initial concepts.
  15. I wouldn't actually mind if modern characters appear in classic games as long as it stays classic, and as long as their gameplay feels classic.

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