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  1. They could use that black space for some nice background or even stats.
  2. The new cutscenes and the new Metal Sonic Kai fight are awesome. I'd say the game is perfect now but I find something that could be polished as well: the bonus stage. I wish they removed the Blue Spheres (put it aside as an extra game mode exclusively) and added a proper bonus stage where you can get shields and rings.
  3. SEGA Forever Revealed!

    This makes the most sense to me.
  4. SEGA Forever Revealed!

    Are we sure this will be a port? I'm thrilling. It's my second Mega drive favourite game, right after Sonic 3 & Knuckles
  5. I don't think any character outside Sonic franchise will make it to the roster, but it would be a beautiful nod including an unlockable Ristar, as Ristar was born after Sonic's initial concepts.
  6. I wouldn't actually mind if modern characters appear in classic games as long as it stays classic, and as long as their gameplay feels classic.
  7. I didn't know that. Thank you! I'll given it a try tomorrow
  8. To me, having drop dash always accessible makes more sense than current situation. This move should be available for any character, always. Like the spin dash. I mean, I have no problem with it being only Sonic's and only when no elemental shield is in use, but I think it could be improved by extending it to all characters and with any shield. It's like blue spheres: I'm glad it was in Mania, but it doesn't qualify as a bonus stage.
  9. A random combination would work, I think. It would be really cool if we could play with any Sonic Mania owner, not only friends in the platform's network.
  10. Mania/Classic series and the lack of characters

    I'd add Any only for a certain bonus stage. Thus, she could have any ability that doesn't fit classic gameplay, like the hammer.
  11. Sonic Mania: Sequel Speculation (Spoilers)

    Or down+jump to drop dash (like spin dash but on air) and just jump for normal power (insta-shield, glide and fly).
  12. Video doesn't seem to play what did they say?
  13. Sonic Mania: Sequel Speculation (Spoilers)

    That was my point. Sonic is way overpowered with drop dash and 3 elemental shields power ups. Drop dash is a move that would make sense and would be really cool if Knuckles and Tails (and now Mighty and Ray) could do it. Also, I was fine with losing insta-shield when getting an elementary shield. But losing drop dash is quite uncool.
  14. Sonic Mania: Sequel Speculation (Spoilers)

    That's insta-shield and elemental shields.
  15. Actually I can understand it's not free. Super Sonic DLC made no sense, but this content does. I just hope it's not more than 5€.

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