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  1. I don't think it will come to Sega Forever directly. It will first cost 5-8€ and then it will be moved to Sega Forever. So we better pay for the initial release before the Forever brand ruins it xD I'm so glad I bought the remasters before the Forever brand arrived.
  2. It must be Project Plus. Can't wait to see what Taxman is bringing. And I bet it will be a mobile release announcement too.
  3. Not at all, man Sorry if I made you feel like that. See, I will always like Sonic more. But I have to admit Mario as a franchise is way more solid, has way so many more great games, than Sonic. Does it make sense? Probably not, but here's another example: some of my favourite bands are Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead or Depeche Mode. And while Radiohead and Depeche Mode careers have been more solid, I still love the Pumpkins more because of a couple of albums that touched me more deeply than any of the other two bands albums. The thing is that, one doesn't need to say something if worse to make your personal choice look better. We've had many mediocre, half-baked Sonic games for years, but we're still here. There's this passion that might never go away, and we keep hoping for another great game of our hedgehog, like Mania. So you're not alone on this. The only matter is that your argument to defend your choice doesn't make sense to us. But we're not judging you or forcing you to elaborate. You're free to do what you want. We're just talking here
  4. I just don't get this. If I buy a cheap chinese gamepad and it feels really bad in my hands and buttons are quickly broken, I wouldn't say it's good because "with good materials it would be awesome". I'm sorry, but your point is so wrong
  5. Is Super Mario Galaxy the same as NSMB? And Yoshi's Island (I know, technically not a Mario game, but it was) the same as Mario 64? And Odissey like Super Mario Bros 3? And Sunshine like 3D World? Okay, Sonic isn't the same ALWAYS (the same applies to Mario, actually), but when it hasn't been the same thing over and over: -Sonic Boom. -Sonic Lost World (not bad for a cheap copy of Super Mario Galaxy, but not very good). -Unleashed (the werehog). -The Secret Rings. -And the Black Knight. I don't think making different things has worked well for the franchise. And those games could have been much better in the right hands or with the right time, but they are what they are. But if you're saying "Mario is always the same because he gets coins and saves the princess", well, someone who hasn't played Sonic much could say "Sonic is just about running and getting rings and chaos emeralds". It's easy to see that the more you know something, the more differences you're able to perceive compared to someone who barely knows the same thing. Just in case: no, Mario is not the same thing over and over, like Sonic isn't as well.
  6. You're right. At least there's still hope for a Sonic Racing game.
  7. As the slide says "original development", it wouldn't be a CTR remake, but a new one. With Sega not being specified, this makes the most sense. Aaron said it's not an all Star racing game, there's demand for a Crash Team Racing game, and Sumo know how to make it.
  8. Now that I look at that slide again: It could be Crash Team Racing, couldn't it? :-/ Crash trilogy remaster was released for PS4 last year, and a lot of people asked for a Crash Team Racing remaster too. And Sumo proved themselves as a great kart game developer.
  9. I find Odissey more appealing than Sunshine, tbh.
  10. When was the last time Amy was a playable character?
  11. I hope it's not Sonic only, and then dlc packs with other Sega characters.
  12. IMO, that doesn't matter at all. I'm tired of trying to tie all Sonic stories when it's clearly impossible. The game is awesome, story is fine. I don't want Taxman to spend time on writing the great story but on developing the great gameplay.
  13. If NSMB is Mario at its worst, then Mario is way better than Sonic. NSMB is a long awesome and fun game to play. I would gladly have one every year if possible, as much as I'd love a Sonic game made by the Mania Team every year.
  14. Tough but true. And I still like Sonic better xD
  15. Which is actually cooler, but my point is that Sega needed 8 more years to deliver a great back-to-basics game

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