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  1. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    They can't all be Universe 9. We're moving forward in Namek time so it'll be quite a few episodes.
  2. Objective evidence. Do you have any information on games in the past that have included DRM specifically to prevent modding? For the record, adding DRM actually makes hackers more inclined to dig deeper.
  3. This is a common occurrence with just about any software or game that makes it to PC. DRM doesn't combat this (or at least, not with enough accuracy to ever consider DRM for this purpose).
  4. I admit that this delay initially had me fairly upset. The first Sonic game in years that I'm absolutely stoked for, delayed on the system I was going to purchase it on. It's a bummer to be sure. In the long run though, I do agree that this delay won't impact the perceptions of the game post launch, and I'd rather it ran well. These guys have been fans of the series for years - do you really think that they'd want a game to go out broken and require hefty bugfixes to the community that they've been a part of? No. This delay is likely as frustrating to them as it is to us, if not more. The whole debate about DRM is a non-starter. It won't have any intrusive DRM as most SEGA games do not. Best to move forward, accept the delay and wait it out or buy it on another console if you haven't.
  5. I'm aware what you were referring to but I'm comparing the existing UI scaling to that of the older games. 2.8HD was included in my statement of Square's 1080p+ offerings all sharing the UI scaling issue.
  6. Using recently linked images in this topic in an overlay, you can spot the size differences of the bottom left and right elements. The text is much smaller for abilities and the health/mana/status is nearly half the size - this isn't even accounting for the party health which is relocated and nearly a quarter of relative size to the older games. http://i.imgur.com/cOilbWk.jpg
  7. It's never been this small, that's the point I'm making. It used to take up a much larger portion of the screen in their pre-HD offerings.
  8. While I'm impressed at the level of quality in the game, I'm still dumbfounded by one aspect of Square's idiotic design choices: who is this UI intended for? There are two aspects of this that I'm not fond of, and it seems to be a consistent issue with their 1080p+ offerings: If I have to take my attention off of the focal point (the action) to check my heath, attacks or status - it's bad. If I have to squint to read it - even on a 55" television - it's bad. I can't be the only one? FF15's was torture and KH3 seems to have the same UI failures going on. This issue wouldn't be that bad if options were provided to increase the size. Unfortunately, they usually aren't.
  9. Where To Wail When There Is Trouble

    Just as an extra to this - you can be assured that when the site is suffering strain, we're well aware of the issue (sometimes before you notice on the client side). We have a sufficient communication backbone between staff that allows us to quickly notify each other of problems; some of them are present within other chat mediums including members so the information gets relayed where necessary. Bringing up the Twitter and Facebook accounts presents an interesting idea. I'll look into those (particularly Twitter) for server related matters going forward.
  10. I've just changed the avatar filesize limit to 1MB (or 1024KB) for members specifically (and not staff groups yet). Let me know if that makes it more flexible for you.
  11. I'd like to explore this issue in more detail in the coming days. Can you guys explain to me exactly what you're doing? Does the same issue happen when you upload or when you import from URL (from a website like Imgur)? Please provide as much detail as possible - even the images you're using if you can - so that I can knock this issue out. In addition, I'd like to refrain from changing the 2MB avatar upload limit (unless it's directly the cause but that's doubtful). If you're having trouble using still images (non-GIF) due to filesize, please download software such as GIMP and reduce the resolution before uploading so you can add control to the compression.