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  1. The primary issue with shifting control of a Discord server is that the backend is still technically open for the creator. It would harbour unnecessary security risks for any official server of the site and we would be better suited with a fresh start. In addition, it would also create the same issues that we had had previously with the IRC chat: it would be primarily run by a third party who may or may not see eye to eye with the direction of the website. This individual could fall out of love with the series and then depart, leaving us with yet another defunct 'official' chat.
  2. I hope you are doing well!

  3. "And now, by popular request..."

  4. Just went through and cleaned up the last page of this topic. I don't particularly care what your opinions on the matter are -- any comments of wishing harm on another individual, regardless of severity, are to be taken seriously. This is the only warning. Seek professional help if you truly believe that those thoughts are normal.
  5. It's that time again! Due to recent departures, we have been looking for a few new moderators to add to our team. Please join me in welcoming @Blacklightning, @Pawn and @Strickerx5!
  6. From this point onward, this RP is to cease on the SSMB. To list a few of the immediate reasons that went into this decision: This RP is drowning out the entirety of the Showcase forum. In an attempt to have “the largest topic” it would seem that posts are timed in such a way to maximize uptime on the newest post counter. This became painfully evident last week when a post was made with a single word, followed by editing the content in later. This topic has become a method of circumventing the expectations of the like system, forcing us to further limit the daily allowance. The merging of RP and Showcase forums was intended for less frequent, meatier posts than these. Several warnings were given about this over the last year. This RP has been previously shut down due to the post quality being below expectations. Post quality did not see an improvement. Several short sentences and an image – basically the same as a Discord RP channel or Twitter RP. Individuals involved in the topic have been regularly – and aggressively – attacking other members causing them significant stress. These users have approached administration about the issues. Individuals involved in the topic have become known for their attacks on members of staff due to their actions. Several attempts to deal with the attacks required the intervention of other staff members to stop. To be perfectly clear: the members involved in the above have been given many more passes than what our guidelines permit. Going forward, this will not be the case. Future expectations of any RPs here will involve posts of the same quality and length as each of Mightyray's chapters - what the RP forum used to be.
  7. As there is no toggle for this function, I cannot change it. IB made this change during a previous update for reasons that I'm not privy of.
  8. The usage of the awards system has slowed significantly as of late by my request. There are several concerns that I have with its use - most of which will be addressed in the guideline revisions I've been preparing for staff review. Rather than make it a messy transition with events sitting*, I've been asking the staff to slow down on the use of extra functions such as this module until after we've reviewed the changes. Tentatively, these changes include minimum event size estimations, award quantity, participation requirements and forum restrictions. As for your Kirby* awards, I'd suggest that you take that up with the event coordinator. I'm being told that we haven't received the list of members for the awards.
  9. This one is on me. I said months ago that an update to the guidelines would be coming and simply wasn't able to follow through in the timeframe that I'd wanted to. One of my main goals with a new set of rules is to withstand the test of time better than the existing ones have and that takes careful thought. Some rules will be removed and replaced with new ones that encompass issues we have run into over the years that simply need to be addressed - but the number of rules should hopefully not increase. This will include a full refocus of the ruleset to better fit the forums going forward. While it is on my to-do list, I feel like the releases this year and the polarization of the fanbase has caused enough discord that it was brought into the limelight. Sonic Mania and Forces could not possibly be more different if they'd tried and it really does show based on the activity here. I cannot have new guidelines up right away but I will do my best. Sonic Forces releases tomorrow and the staff are working harder than I've seen in half a decade to keep up. This is causing some kinks that we're still working out, such as the worries recently about being warned for reports. This will not happen under any circumstance. While reports are not anonymous to us, we will never penalize a member for attempting to assist with moderation in such a way (provided it is following proper etiquette, as expected). Please bare with us and I apologize for any issues you might encounter. It is necessary to pay heed to previous universal warnings during this release window, such as the one I had made in the Shadow DLC topic regarding attitudes and member treatment. The vast majority of the reports we are getting are relating to disagreements and we are trying to focus on the overall atmosphere regarding the game criticism. There are a lot of members - some of which who already have been warned - attempting to shift entire discussions with rude talking points and being just plain obnoxious. Just because you do not like Forces or Mania doesn't mean that you need to be incredibly rude to those who do. Discuss your points, don't force it down their throats. Your feedback is heard and will be taken into account. Thank you for the time you've put into this.
  10. The Potara shown in the preview are green and appear to be the same ones worn by the Kaioshin of Universe 6 earlier in the series. I think they are actually the real thing from the stands and not a conjured item by the remaining Namekians. Also, the Mafuba functions to redirect a foe without the jar. Potara are in a similar category as senzu beans, where the item does the heavy lifting and no ability interaction are required on the part of the user. They're not really comparable. That said, Universe 2 also employed an item to transfer power so they seem allowed on a case by case basis. It's also likely that they're simply focusing on items to extend combat, whereas fusion does not create additional energy or stamina.
  11. I can't be any more clear, to be honest. I've stated the fact several times: the "Sonic Cycle" is mostly referenced surrounding arguments about game quality with people who are legitimately excited for the game. It's happened every single time we have an impending release. It isn't funny, it's not constructive and it doesn't have a place here. Your post prompted mine but I wasn't going to take action on any that happened today. It only recently was bumped to an enforceable action because of the sheer amount of vitriol surrounding Mania and Forces related 'discussions'. What it comes down to is this, essentially: if you can't post here without being a total asshole, don't bother posting at all.
  12. Just want to make it perfectly clear here: posting of the Sonic cycle - in any way, shape or form - will get you a swift suspension. You might think you're being funny, but you're being an asshole. This is also mentioned in my previous posts regarding Forces and in the pinned rules topic in this forum. In addition, I'd like to thank those of you who are sending in reports. This is a very busy time for us and the help is appreciated. We're hoping to keep the atmosphere under control despite the varied reception of Forces so far among the fanbase.
  13. I'd like to point out the two largest flaws that I've seen mentioned regarding Denuvo: It requires the servers to run - which won't be up forever. The servers will last for years and the game will likely be patched at that point to not require it; It is required to be connected to the internet when you boot the software. This isn't an issue if you're playing at home on a PC, but causes issues travelling. Most of the Denuvo issues won't actually affect you during regular play, so just buy the game and enjoy it. If you simply can't, buy it on another device. As for SEGA, they're doing the same thing that other companies do through other means. Games through UPlay, EA's system, Battle.net - most require you to be online in some form. Denuvo sucks but in reality it won't cause issues for most players in typical play.
  14. DNKmjLaWAAAil6w.jpg

    1. AWild No.1 washed up gamer
    2. blueblur98



      you can't just post an image of SERIOUS PLOT DETAILS in forces without putting it in a spoiler!

    3. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Wait what?? What does donkey Kong have to do with forces??

    4. blueblur98


      that was a joke.

    5. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Little did you know, my comment was a joke as well. :P

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