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  1. My money is actually on him.
  2. My money right now is on Ben Wishaw.
  3. Nitin Ganatra is my choice for the next Doctor. Though I know it can't happen.
  4. About the classic series: Pretty much all the missing episodes have been adapted into novels. They're not very long and their decent enough ways to experience those stories. About the Valeyard: He is all the Doctor's evil split off and given a solid form and was created sometime after the Doctor's 12 incarnation. Given the rumours about Hurt, that would mean he'll come into existence at some point after the current Doctor seeing as the Doctor is now on his final life.
  5. Wow...you guys sounds like reasonable individuals.
  6. I think the worst thing with the whole "rapebaby" thing is the eyes. Imagine if the baby had the attackers eyes. -shudder-
  7. I suppose I could have worded that better; The kind of people those clothes are marketed at are dickwads.
  8. What makes this really terrible is that people get pinned down by armed troopers, dragged into A&F stores and forced to buy their products :/ But seriously the guy's a total dickwad but really so what? The kind of people who wear those clothes are total dickwads too, so let them all be dickwads together.
  9. I don't think this is a Doctor Who vs Star Wars thing. It's more of a "This group of dicks (who happen to like Doctor Who) vs another group of dicks (who happen to like Star Wars) all being dicks to one another".
  10. Dunno about based on. But their origins are very similar, since they were both based on very real experiments that the US Government performed on black people.
  11. I don't care about this, in this world we need positive discrimination. It sucks, but it's true. There's nothing about Johnny that insists he has to be white, unlike say...Hatemonger or Baron Zemo who only work if they're white. I just hope they are consistent with it when it comes to Sue Storm. Also there's been a few mistakes made about Captain America: 1) We can totally have a black Captain America ;D 2) The "Commie-Smasher" Captain America is not the same one as the one from the Avengers.
  12. Someone mentioned the "Black Onyx" and I felt like chiming in on what I thought it was.
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