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  1. I haven't played the game, seems.... to simple and not much behind it, but I have been collecting alot of the figures. Very well made I must say.
  2. Generations on Wii U, I think it would sell very well! (Of course, not the Wii version). Sega deserves to at least have a good Sonic game on the Wii U, and not Lost World. Colors on the PC. I would love to see that game in HD. I seen it in HD in emulators. My god, was it beautiful....
  3. New icon today, but of course... both are related to my name, NiGHTS. I love NiGHTS as a series and as a character.
  4. Getting back into Splatoon, haven't played it in a few months. So many new levels and weapons... im loving it!
  5. Can't wait for the new Smash DLC!!! Like a "dream" come true. 

    1. TCB
    2. Failinhearts


      NiGHTS for Smash.

    3. Metal the Mario

      Metal the Mario

      You could almost say... a dream's been cast!

    4. NiGHTS


      I WISHED NiGHTS was for smash ;----; -sob cries-

      Lol, I couldn't say it any better Metal Mario XD 

    5. Jovahexeon The Undyne

      Jovahexeon The Undyne

      @NiGHTS Well there's always Smash 5 and onward.

  6. "Huh? Who is introuble??!" The jester stood up, confused about everything that was going on. Still. NiGHTS trusted Sonic, even if it is another version of him. "Lead the way, ill help you anyway I can!"
  7. That last pic reminds me of the christmas scene in Bayonetta 2. Loving it.
  8. I am interested in joining! I have discord, steam, 3ds, wii u, everything that is able to play any of these games.
  9. I seen Fate Zero, I read all the VN. I am a huge Fate fan in general, and seen now every content there is about it.
  10. NiGHTS looked at Sonic, and Tails with a giant confused reaction. A different version of Sonic and Tails? Well it is true, they do look.... different. "I....I guess I should expect this, being plopped in a weird world..." NiGHTS then placed a hand on it's chin. "Oh.... it was a person looking for a bounty for someone. He held a stun gun as well."
  11. By jove, is this a fellow NiGHTS fan that I've found!?

    1. NiGHTS


      Yes, it is <3 

  12. "Forest....Crossing? " NiGHTS smiled as the jester was helped up, brushing self off. "T...Thank you, I um....kind of confused on how I got here..., or even where I am? Clearly, this isn't the dream world anymore..."
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