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    NiGHTS got a reaction from Haalyle in The Avatar and Signature Topic   
    New icon today,  but of course... both are related to my name, NiGHTS. I love NiGHTS as a series and as a character. 
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    NiGHTS got a reaction from UltraGizmo64 in Was Generations Rushed?   
    I actually loved Sonic Colors. SEGA can't put its entire team on one game, thats stupid. Do you ever see Nintendo put all its Mario staffers on one game? No, they always have one for a major story game like Galaxy, then a side one, ect paper mario, the sports games and all the other Mario stuff.

    If anything, they should have not done the Olympics this year, im sure its the same team as generations actually,.
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    NiGHTS got a reaction from Nina Cortex Jovahexeon in The Avatar and Signature Topic   
    New icon today,  but of course... both are related to my name, NiGHTS. I love NiGHTS as a series and as a character. 
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    NiGHTS got a reaction from Failinhearts in The Avatar and Signature Topic   
    New icon today,  but of course... both are related to my name, NiGHTS. I love NiGHTS as a series and as a character. 
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    NiGHTS reacted to Chris Knopps in *(My Views On The Sonic Franchise)*   
    I decided to make this thread in response to recent viewpoints towards me that put me in the light of too negative, too overbearing in coming off as thinking my words are an absolute thing, so this will not only explain in detail my views on the Sonic franchise, but also assure members and moderators alike here I'm not as narrow minded/arrogant as I seem to come across in discussions.
    To start off with, Sonic BOOM... Recently this was a major chaos bringer and I'd like to point out that Sonic BOOM isn't wholeheartedly bad to me. I played Shattered Crystal and actually enjoyed it a lot from start to finish, and I'm actually looking forward to Fire and Ice. Sure I question its necessity, but I'm not against it arriving on shelves and I'll be one of the few, or many depending on your stance, ready to buy it on launch day.
    Revolving the cartoon, yes, I do admittedly detest the first season. It's just too slow paced and fails as a comedy in ways I feel Adventures of Sonic far surpassed it. I don't mind a comedy centric Sonic cartoon, to this day I hold Adventures of Sonic near and dear, but I do mind seeing the cast so laid back. I don't go for the bro-nemy thing they've done between Sonic and co. and Eggman, just doesn't feel right to me. Adventures of Sonic is right between Satam and X in terms of my favorite series and if the BOOM cartoon would follow more of an action packed/fast paced direction as it did, then put in all the comedy you want. Adventure of Sonic practically barfed comedy all over you constantly, yet it still worked for me because of all the speed and action present throughout the jokes and quirks.
    Rise of Lyric, never played it but from the general feel of the plot, I wouldn't mind a comedic series that came across as having that slight touch of Satam vibes mixed in as well. This is a highlight of RoL for me and makes it the superior content when put side by side with the cartoon plot/tone wise.
    And the toys, yes, I feel they are better suited as advertisement for the games instead of the show because in general I saw and felt more of what the toys put off in the games. This is not a blow to BOOM as a whole, only the cartoon as it is considered a plus to me that the games maintain action in both the game play and the plot despite the comedic focus.
    Believe it or not, I genuinely have high hopes for season two of the cartoon, I'm hoping it can finally draw me into the show where season one failed to do so. I hope it takes inspiration from Adventures of Sonic and allows the cast to abandon the hammocks and couches and instead explore their world, build upon it, constantly be on the move in every episode tackling challenge after challenge, making Eggman a true threat, feel like a real villain despite all of the mockery and his, to me, awkward bipolar quirks. The comedy is welcome to stay, I just want the relaxed daily life atmosphere to go.
    Now, revolving the main series...
    When it comes to modern Sonic, the Unleashed, Black Knight, and Generations titles are three of my favorites that exist. Yes the length and plot of Generations was a letdown to me, but in general I still enjoyed it, I just feel more and more over time the game was just too short for what it was meant to represent and could have offered something better with the plot. When it comes to the wisps, at first I enjoyed them, but like various groups I was expecting it to be a one time feature. I feel that now all they do is give Sonic other characters abilities for the sole purpose of dragging out the Sonic only experience. Yes there ARE a select number of wisps that offer abilities other characters don't have themselves, and to me THOSE wisps are fine to keep, but all of the others that give Sonic the abilities of other cast? Just bring back the other cast instead and let the actual unique wisps stay, that works for me.
    And regarding Lost World, time and again I do indeed bring it up, but despite my constant gripes of its flaws, there are aspects of the game I want kept. That being the parkour, the figure 8 blur when running, and the slower speed. Just nurf the odd infa-spindash and the run button. Instead of infinitely spinning, replace it with the super peel out and make the spin dash work as it used to in the genesis/Adventure games. Yes to me the game is wholeheartedly Somario Lost World, and no I don't approve of food worlds in a Sonic game, but that's not to say fantasy locations like that cannot exist in Sonic, look at CD, but a fantasy world that throws away every ounce of realism Sonic is known for just doesn't sit right with me. You can have imaginative worlds of fantasy without losing the realism to create it.
    In the Colors/Colours title I just like to think all the food was just metal structures built by Eggman.
    I really have no other types of locations to complain about in this franchise, and complaining that Sonic should not have food worlds is not something to be criminalized/demonized for when it is the sole complaint of stage direction for Sonic because of how unnatural it simply feels for the character. Nor does complaining about random objects with faces having no place in Sonic, as to my knowledge it had never been done before until Lost World with the watermelons and just didn't sit right either, that and food worlds are two things I just can't stand to see after my years of growing up playing Mario as well.
    It feels like an insult to both franchises, because it feels wrong for Sonic to be in such stages, and it takes originality away from Mario in the process to me. That's two stage trope gripes I'm against, and that's all I've got to gripe about revolving stages.
    As far as the main series and their plots, yes I feel they're lackluster and a devolution after the brilliance I feel SEGA had with both Unleashed and Black Knight, it's a disappointing direction when I felt they were finally perfecting the art between said titles. I'm not demanding another 06 direction, but I would love an SA2/Unleashed/Black Knight direction for the foreseeable future, especially now that BOOM has been created to handle a powerful comedy centric direction. Let the BOOM franchise handle all of that and let the main series have more meat on its bones. Comedy is just as welcome in the main series, but if you're going to have two separate franchises, you've simply got to do more to distinguish them asides mere redesigns and a change of location.
    I'm in support of both the main and BOOM franchise continuing simultaneously, I just have higher expectations for both. I want BOOM to draw me in with its comedic quirkiness the way Adventures of Sonic did and I want the main series to draw me in the way it did with both Adventure games, Unleashed, and Black Knight, a game with solid game play and so much meat on its ribs I'm left belching with leftovers, having to come back repeatedly because of how much I felt it offered in the end in more ways than how it simply played.
    I'm in favor of a staple game play, of avoiding another 06-Unleashed and Generations-Lost World jump between play styles that simply throw you so far out of the loop you're flying past Pluto. Yes you can add things onto the game play, but why not more carefully? More gradually instead of so instantaneously?
    I simply want Sonic BOOM to be an action packed comedy series akin to AoStH, the main series to offer what SA2/Unleashed/Black Knight offered with their plots, and to put an end to the abrupt game play alterations in the franchise.
    BOOM shouldn't be cancelled, but both it and the main series need to do more to distinguish themselves and give one another a real reason to exist simultaneously because asides the redesigns and locations, they simply feel too much of being exactly the same to me.
    I'm the blunt type, I say what's on my mind and that's it. I ruffle feathers, I fan the flames, but that's how I am in conversations. Most of the time when I'm involved the topic at hand is about something I dislike, and I express that dislike. To quote myself in a recent PM session...
    "It's just when a topic is brought up it's generally about aspects I don't like, and when I join in, I take the opportunity to voice my dislike for various things. I have positive thoughts, it's just the fact of topics at hand being about aspects I'm not too favorable towards. By no means are any of my opinions absolute, just as it says in my signature, it's just I come off as apparently seeming as though I think they are when really my only intention is to voice my thoughts my own way as anybody does."
    None of my words are ever an absolution, I'm merely set in my ways and have a, lets go with more-than-firm stance on my views as to what makes Sonic an enjoyable franchise. We all have our opinions we'll stick to no matter what, and no matter what others may say to try and change them or prove said opinions incorrect/obsolete, in this regard there are many who can relate.
    Just remember, a least I'm far from the green eyes and blue arm folks. Conversations with me may go out there, but at least they'll never be that ridiculous.
    (On that note though, seriously, Knuckles needs leg day in BOOM...)

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    NiGHTS got a reaction from Toa Axis in Official Anime/Manga Thread   
    I seen Fate Zero, I read all the VN. I am a huge Fate fan in general, and seen now every content there is about it. 
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    NiGHTS got a reaction from Da Blu Hedgie in Justice League Action: Your Super Friends Return To The World Of Animation   
    Kind of getting tired of them dumbing down comic book cartoons as of late.... bleh. 
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    NiGHTS got a reaction from Azul in Justice League Action: Your Super Friends Return To The World Of Animation   
    Kind of getting tired of them dumbing down comic book cartoons as of late.... bleh. 
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    NiGHTS got a reaction from Tatters in Best/Worst Character Design   
    If that Sally design ever came to be, it should be in 06 along side with the princess. XD I swear, even besides Sally, everyone looked "long, tall" Sonic looked... like he did in 06. Very long droopy spines. Everyone just seemed off, glad they changed Sally to the newest artist cause I actually like that alot.
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    NiGHTS got a reaction from Chameleon in Best/Worst Character Design   
    Exactly. Her 3d CGI models from 06/Unleashed up felt odd to me. I think Heros actually made her 3D model look alittle smoother and abit more lively.

    But overall ill stick with her 2D version for Modern, but Classic is probably up there for me in best for her.

    Sonic- Unleashed/Colors/ Generations seems to be my fav for design. Worst for him was 06, same goes for Eggman in that section, hated his more "realistic" look in 06.

    Judging from my name, and sig, I am a huge fan of Rouge. I read some comments back where someone mistaken her for bald. Just cause she doesnt show "hair" means shes bald I mean... shes an animal. Shes got to have fur. Shes a bat XD A bat with years pretty much.. but she does have that "short hair" style if shown from the back. I just love her design overall, guess it reminds me of...well me in real life XD

    Cowboy Knuckles... might be the worst design of Knuckles for me. Great concept, oddly drawn and weird in that movie.

    I don't really like Cream's design either, her mother erg.... ;

    Blaze is probably one of my fav designs of the modern era (post 06 and on) I actually don't mind her "ponytail" that people are complaining about o.o; I think it would look odder if it was down.
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    NiGHTS got a reaction from Fletch in Durarara!   
    I am honestly SUCH a huge fan of this series. I read the manga and watched the entire anime. It shows something different. I loved the concept of gangs, a "headless" rider in the mist of all the chaos. And even people playing in backround who is playing everyone like pawns. Such a great series....
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    NiGHTS got a reaction from 8ther in Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze (Wii-U)   
    I recently got DKC Returns for the 3DS. I forgot how hard it is later in the game, and seeing interviews, this is going to be even harder then Returns. Im actually excited for a good challenging 2D platformer. All the "New" Mario Brothers sadly let me down in terms of how quickly I beat them...
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    NiGHTS reacted to Kaabiitorori in Super Mario 3D World (Wii-U) - It's the cat's meow!   
    Right, I am near 100% completion of this game, I am absolutely enjoying every single minute of it. It's about time I come in here and spread words about this wonderful game. I have heard how the level design is so great and fun to play with, how the controls and the characters are very well combined, how the game looks and sounds incredibly amazing, and how the multiplayer is extraordinary.
    After experiencing the game myself, I can describe Super Mario 3D World as a therapy. A fun, entertaining therapy indeed.
    The moment you insert the disc is like an invitation to the best treatment you can ever have. You pick your favourite character and you embark yourself on an adventure that you are ready and excited to discover. Every level you traverse through the game you are guaranteed to find many ways where you can experiment. You run and jump into enemies, collect coins and explore every place possible in the levels. Suit up with the Cat Suit, running and attacking enemies while climbing up into new places to discover. Use the Double Cherry to duplicate yourself and create such mayhem. You see a snowball and all what goes right through your mind is wanting to pick it up and throw it to the closest enemy you see, right in his face; you see a baseball, pick it up, and throw it at someone around you; you see Goombas ice skating in skating boots, and all you want to do is get in one of those and skate around; you see a football bomb, ready to be kicked and exploded. The game drops you all these wonderful items, expecting you to interact with all of them, inviting you to play with them, fool and goof around, make loads of mischief, all with the ultimate goal to put a smile on your face, or even crack up a laugh. And all while these levels never attempt to frustrate you, even when your character dies: you still want to keep the game running and to keep yourself entertained.
    But the best part of the therapy comes when you share it with your friends. When all of your friends suit up on the Cat Suit, when they grab a snowball and decide to play a snowball fight with everyone (enemies and allies included), when you decide to play catch by grabbing a baseball and throw it to those who are by any chance dressed up with the Cat Suit, when everyone invade the screen with multiple copies of their characters due to the Double Cherry... any fun situation is possible with this game. Added up with eye-popping, bright and colourful graphics, and a wonderfully crafted soundtrack that will delight your ears.
    At the end of this so-called therapy session called Super Mario 3D World, it left me with the sensation of feeling like a child once again: whenever I ran around and explored every corner of these levels, or transformed into Cat Mario, or picked up any object to throw at the enemies, I felt like I was thrown back to my childhood, where all I cared as a kid was to have loads of fun, where you wanted to share such enjoyment with your friends, and where you wanted to make the most of this entertainment while it lasts. Yet such throwback felt very familiar to me. I played no other than a Super Mario game: a game that's already part of an amazing line-up established since the NES days, and that I had the pleasure to be part of his legacy for more than 20 years. Whenever you pick up a Mario game, you already know where it's coming from, and 3D World is no exception.
    And the responsible for bringing such brilliant therapy was all down to none other than Nintendo EAD Tokyo. All I can say is thank you for making it possible. =D
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    NiGHTS reacted to Dantemustdie00 in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   
    both apparently as both of them have had quiet a lot love this year.
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    NiGHTS got a reaction from Red Cap in Super Mario Galaxy 2   
    Besides storywise, because the first had a better one. Galaxy 2 perfected what the first did. Better soundtrack, longer levels. (I think it was a tad harder as well in some parts) It was an incredible game. It actually beats Mario 64 as my favorite game of all time. I finally moved on from Mario 64, because this game deserved it. 

    PS: Who would have thought, the Wii Mote can make a game feel so tight in controls? Sheesh! XD
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    NiGHTS reacted to JaidynReiman in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   
    Rosalina is just pure win. As much as I hate adding another Mario rep, of all the possible choices Rosalina is by far the best.
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    NiGHTS got a reaction from SuperLink in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   
    I see a few complain about her, but honestly? She is a princess on a different scale. Princess of the galaxy? Magical Powers? She doesn't get kidnapped, she is quite different from the typical Daisy and Peach. I can see why, ever since they started putting her in Mario Kart Wii, 7 and now the new Super Mario 3D World, she has gotten a huge fanbase. OH and to mention, she is in the highest rated Mario game of all time? 
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    NiGHTS got a reaction from 8ther in Super Mario 3D World (Wii-U) - It's the cat's meow!   
    Been seeing great reviews for this game. In the end, im not surprised. Nintendo has done it again. Im sure ill be very happy once I buy this game, just like both Galaxys, Sunshine and 64.
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    NiGHTS got a reaction from canderson in Super Mario 3D World (Wii-U) - It's the cat's meow!   
    Been seeing great reviews for this game. In the end, im not surprised. Nintendo has done it again. Im sure ill be very happy once I buy this game, just like both Galaxys, Sunshine and 64.
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    NiGHTS got a reaction from TheDanimator in Lost World: Discussion, Impressions and Fan Reviews   
    I think its up there for me in terms of... im going to remember this game for a long time and many years down the road. Unleashed- Generations. They all felt so..."the same" Just straight line boost. Luckily Generations had Classic Sonic, and bringing back the history of Sonic to pull me in to like it. I don't think I can handle another game like that.

    Sadly this game DOES have its share of problems just like any other Sonic game. Luckily, it has more pros then cons for me.
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    NiGHTS reacted to Lady Soniko in Muslim Teenaged Ms. Marvel   
    Yeah I honestly don't understand what you're getting at here, it's very jittery scatter shot since you're pretty much going off on mini rants that have no coherency to the original topic you opened with...
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    NiGHTS reacted to Tornado in Muslim Teenaged Ms. Marvel   
    I'll also point out that your rant is incredibly scattershot, covering so many broad and unrelated (and in a couple cases, pretty overblown) points that it's hard to even get what your main point is. Are you complaining about anti-Muslim sentiment post-911 that spills over into comics? Misogyny in comics (or... real life)? Short shelf lives of minority characters? Spiderman fans? Lack of representation of black people in mainstream comics? Whether or not Muslim practices are oppressive to women in real life?
    I can't connect all of them into a single point, because Ms. Marvel now being a Muslim (nevermind people reacting by cracking jokes about it or thinking it's just a publicity stunt) doesn't really have anything to do with Spiderman fans wanting Peter Parker as Spiderman no matter what else happens, or whether or not Blade is a good character to use as a role model, or whether or not Muslim religious garb is sexist in real life; so what are you trying to argue?
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    NiGHTS reacted to Death the Kid in Post Your Amazing Desktop   
    the most current look. Really dig the wallpaper.
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    NiGHTS reacted to Lady Soniko in Lost World: Discussion, Impressions and Fan Reviews   
    You can also rev your spindash by pressing the jump button when charging it, it's the little things that make me smile about this game.
    Can I also say I really love the sound effect of the spindash the longer you use it? It's just so satisfying to hear it!
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    NiGHTS got a reaction from Nina Cortex Jovahexeon in Is Sonic Lost World more hyped than SM3DWorld?   
    With hype of anything, movies, games ect.... there are always let downs to. When you over hype something, most people see a product not delivering even with all the push it had going for it. Don't feel stupid for making it.
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