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  1. You know, I was just thinking today that I wish I could find racers who can keep up and also that there was a desperate need for an online tournament mode. After heading to work tonight and having played online most of the day, I had a strong desire to find a more competitive atmosphere in the online arena (save for the kind that results in the other guy running you into the curb right off the starting line. Ugh...). I am definitely down for this tournament, Xbox 360 version. Have there been more details hammered out besides what is currently posted on the first page of the thread?
  2. Here's my personal review, and I'll keep it short and sweet: THE NEGATIVE: Rolling is still sluggish, underwhelming spindash, poor assortment of instruments drag down otherwise (potentially) catchy tunes THE DECENT: Level design serves up a variety of things to keep things fresh among the different stages. While the level design gets the job done, the layout is still neither as elaborate as, nor on par with, that of some of the stages from this game's Genesis predecessors. THE POSITIVE: Dimps seems to be catching on in regards to momentum-based physics. Rolling downhill, while still pretty sluggish, does speed up on downhill slopes, unlike in Episode 1.The game has a pretty decent flow/pace, also improved from Episode 1. Tails is no longer an irritant, but instead, his inclusion actually makes this game a lot of fun! The big team attack power up was a real pleasant surprise as well. SUMMARY: I was one of the biggest haters of Episode 1 there are, but in my humble opinion, this one, while some changes are large and others are small, is leagues above the previous installment. While Episode 1 felt more like a chore for me, Episode 2 had me wanting to go back for more every time I had to put the controller down. I also really enjoyed some of the little additions, such as how the speed of the spin when jumping picks up the longer Sonic is in the air. It felt pretty cool. I am an advocate for an Episode 3, most definitely! I would be very interested in seeing what new things they could add to spruce up another episode.
  3. I wasn't sure where else to post this as it does not merit its own topic, but for comical purposes, I would like to state a little discovery I found yesterday. It seems Sonic Hedgehog is biologically inside each and every one of us. Don't believe me? Check out the link below! There's even possibly a little bit of Knuckles hinted at in there as well. ProTip: Unless you're a doctor or have some sort of medical science degree, you're better off just skipping down the the "Discovery" section of the article. Proof that Sonic lives in all of us I stumbled upon the "Sonic Hedgehog Protein" when doing some research on Multiple Sclerosis, which I have. Now I know Wikipedia doesn't have the brightest reputation for getting all its facts straight, but here is how the hedgehog protein affects MS (though even I don't really understand it. You're better off reading it if you know medical jargon). It's a long page, so just hit Ctrl+F and search for "sonic". How Sonic Hedgehog affects MS
  4. I love this game, but I really want to talk about what makes it really shine for me: The story. From a writer's standpoint, this story was a gem. It was brilliant and well-executed. It wasn't some underdeveloped, watered-down, barely-getting-the-point-across story like we're getting nowadays (yeah, that's about how I feel about the current story approach). I can only hope that Sega conjures up the neurons to produce a story half as good as this one in the next big console title. Also, I like Shadow. Why all the hate? I am in no way a "Shadow fanboy," but he is just an interesting character to me.
  5. I'll admit I got a GOOD laugh when I saw this topic! But beyond that, I would be willing to accept any gameplay that isn't JUST Sonic a lot more than I should. I mean seriously, playing as just Sonic in these over-simplified stories is getting stagnant and underwhelming as fuck. It's fun and all, but it's time to bring someone ELSE back within reach of my controller... ANYONE. Regardless of what the negative nancies say, it doesn't have to be ALL about Sonic to be successful.
  6. I really think Generations nailed the modern gameplay. The only thing they would really have left to polish up would probably be his controls while moving at a slower pace. I would also love to see power-ups make a return for Modern Sonic. They were fun and are one of the reasons I think Colors did so well. Power-ups add versatility to gameplay. Also, I hate to say it, but these over-simplified stories just aren't doing it for me. I miss my epic adventures. I hope that stories (that make you think and give you something to invest your interest in) the caliber of the Adventure series, Unleashed (without the werehog) and even the plot-hole-filled Sonic '06 (potential for a great story but terrible execution and Sega STILL has trouble with time-travel stories!) make a comeback. It's been killing me that my favorite character has been flung into shallow stories lately. *shot for taking THAT side of the fence* (Fast-forward to 6:40 and 8:30. Even the Japanese feel he should be more mature! >.>) http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=iv&annotation_id=annotation_711940&src_vid=dUgI3ZwmJ9o&v=TWunr9JR6aY
  7. Acceleration Speed Up Blast Off Power Brake Athleticism I don't really bother with the Classic sets all that much. I use all the basic movement skills, and for now, the thunder shield. Also, does anyone know if there's a way to keep your skill sets from being named "(something)" & "(something)"? That & symbol is really annoying.
  8. Look, guys, opinions are opinions, and here's mine. I liked the three cutscenes, but from what I've seen of them so far, from a story delivery standpoint, they are drastically underdeveloped. There is almost nothing going on in some of this. In the Chemical Plant cutscene for example, what happened in that video to further progress the plot? Nothing. It was merely for self-referential fluff, which isn't bad at all so long as the scene has some kind of purpose behind it. It's creative writing 101, folks. As far as the whole, "you just want your dark and edgy stories back, but you should just deal with this because *insert defense here*" argument, there is a difference between dark/edgy and developed. Developed writing actually gives the reader (or in this case, the viewer) something to invest their attention into. In most decent forms of writing, every scene has something, no matter how small, that contributes to the big picture. While Sonic and Tails talking about how Chemical Plant makes them feel nostalgia is a great touch and much appreciated, that alone doesn't constitute a well-written or remotely-developed scene. It does nothing for the story itself. I don't mean to sound derogatory, but quite literally anyone can write this stuff. I... just don't see much effort here on the writers' part. Now that I've gotten that bit out of the way, I'd like to end on the note that I personally can't wait for this game and its cutscenes, no matter how underdeveloped the rest of them may be, because at the end of the day, I just want to know what happens in the next chapter of the blue blur's story.
  9. *pant pant* Hey guys! I don't know if this was already posted here, so I'm sorry if it was. I found this and came here to share it as a kneejerk reaction, so I haven't had time to catch up (plus I'm at work and have to go... well... do some work). You guys know that Ceej64 person that got the game early in Texas at that Best Buy that broke the street date? Well they uploaded a video today. I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but here it is. Enjoy! Wait, what about an OST now? What's the skinny on that? I'll be back in an hour to catch up. *leaves to do some work*
  10. I'll just leave this here. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ign+sonic+generations+live+stream&aq=f
  11. This really IS an all-inclusive title! They even referenced Sonic 4 with an unlockable skill!
  12. I'm actually pretty curious how the overall rating for this game will stack up on Metacritic. Metal Gear Batman 2 got a 95!
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