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  1. Metal Sonic DLC out tomorrow for PS3, but also L4D2 DLC on the same day... Bah I'll play whichever one comes first.
  2. Yep, I'm really no longer a Star Fox fan so thus I use another name now. Also yeah, it's good info in any case. Grats. =P Have you received it yet or just you've been told you've won?
  3. Like I said in over at the SEGA Boards, it could be, but it could just be "wrongly wording" DLC. Anyway if this game does get a Sequel with alot of other characters great, (VYSE >.>) but I for one am not taking this as 100% confirmation. Also that video reminded did also say you could buy art with Sega Miles, guess that never got in.
  4. I'll join, I know it's 11 - 12 PM GMT(?), but is it today or...?
  5. It was like this for me since the start, I've told you guys about this before here and SEGA boards, but everyone said I was just doing something wrong. ~.~
  6. Actually 4. 1.No DLC 2.All DLC 3.Metal Sonic & Death Egg DLC 4.Another Future DLC ....Yeah I don't like where this is going.
  7. From over the Sega Boards; So I'm on the right track it seems...
  8. Ristar probably doesn't Appear in Multiplayer to Save Framerate, the same thing that happens to the crowds and stuff.
  9. Where did you hear this? I'd like to know. Though it's kinda late for them now to Take down PartnerNET, should of done it since the First Act was leaked.
  10. I found it amusing that they did that.... what? Did they not see the Final Stage was going to be posted really soon or were they dumb enough to think that people would control themselves on not leaking the entire game? Especially how on how fast the leaks were coming in. Now after seeing the whole game leaked I hope they can add in some "No Rings" mode to the game. I'd love that.
  11. A Maze that has no end? ....I dunno. x.x Also how can we be sure this isn't a Apirl Fool Joke. lol
  12. I don't like the fact that even though the Metal Sonic DLC is done they needed to take it down 'cause it "wasn't time yet."
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