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  1. I wouldn't, I really don't like Jason Griffith's sonic dub. I don't know, it doesn't fit, he sounds so wrong as Sonic. And even though it was far from perfect Ryan Drummond voice was better, it was fitting Sonic well especially in the Adventure series, Heroes was only about cheesy lines and screaming so the dub was worse, but it was still better than Jason's voice in Sonic 06, secret rings, riders... I do agree that the dub was better in Unleashed but I still didn't like it. I think he does a pretty good Shadow voice though. And by the way jap Sonic's Engrish is awesome, shame that we don't hear much of it in Unleashed.
  2. My votes: Quartz Quadrant (from Sonic CD JP/EU) [Good Future] Volcano Valley (from Sonic 3D 16-bit) [Act 2] Lava Reef Act 2/Hidden Palace (from Sonic & Knuckles)
  3. Hello everyone, I was lurking here for long but I just registered. I tried too to make something, but I used only Paint and it's ugly xD. This thread is great.
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