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  1. Thanks for the write-up! Has anyone checked whether or not Sonic bails out if you stand still for 3 mins ala CD?
  2. I imagine the onus will be on Sonic Team to mame Classic Sonic feel good - especially since Mania will come out in the preceding months. Making him exactly like Generations would probably not go down well. A small part of me hopes that the Mania crew have assisted with/given the engine to Sonic Team, allowing them to do their own thing while still making it feel good. Modern could go any number of ways. If we're just talking about Boost style, then Sega would have to ensure that they don't overly rely on 2D sections. Improving how he controls when not Boosting would also be great.
  3. I mean, it would be cool if Mania's 7 Emerald ending had Modern Sonic appearing out of nowhere and telling Classic about what has happened in the future - leading to Project 2017. That being said, I doubt they would bend over backwards to connect the two.
  4. Classic Sonic being anything less than playable in a capacity similar to Generations would be weird considering the trailer. Aside from the obvious, Sega went to great lengths to reference Generations - whether it be through the acknowledgement of the game at the beginning or the visual similarities between Generations' debut trailer and the 2017 teaser.
  5. Agreed. Give Modern Sonic room to breathe in the 3D space. On the subject of length, I think a shorter game with little in the way of fluff suits Sonic perfectly. Generations almost got it right, though I feel all those missioms could have been substituted for another Zone or two.
  6. Oh my lord. Let me be frank - I've never played Final Fantasy for an extended period of time. VII is pretty much a complete enigma to me. But holy crap, I'm aware of its significance and importance to a lot of people. To actually see Cloud make an appearance is incredible, Nintendo history or not. To see him fighting Mario, Link, Sonic, Mega Man, Pac Man and Ryu? Cripes. Speechless. Sakurai always surprises me when I think he can't possibly surprise me any more. Magnificent.
  7. Happy birthday, boss!

  8. Oh yeah, I forgot about the limitations that he had to work with at the start. Condensed episodes from the start is another reason to get excited for the reboot.
  9. Speak for yourself! Wolf was my boy in Brawl, and I was gutted when he wasn't in the roster. Nothing wrong with bringing back old favourites. Of course, that should definitely be balanced with new content. Ryu, Suzaku Castle and the new rumoured stage are good starts.
  10. One of the worst things about this is the fact that his last public communication with the fans was an apology for E3. :/ R. I. P.
  11. I seriously hope they make all this stuff available for the Wii U version at some point.
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