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  1. I think we would get one just so SEGA could show how good the game should've been. (I personally love 06) I'd love to see how Kingdom Valley would work since it's my favourite stage from a 3D Sonic game aside from some levels from Colors. I'd also love to see an 06 loading screen - only before the stage begins - for the sake of comedy. If Kingdom Valley does make it in I'd like to see the tornado - now a waterspout - carrying a big rock or Smarty the Eagle
  2. "J.K. Rowling making announcement June 23rd" That's the day of Sonic's 20th anniversary. She's obviously working with SEGA to make a new Storybook game. She's going to announce Sonic and the Philosopher's Stone (or whatever it was called.)
  3. Microsoft. Hands down the best E3 conference I've ever seen. Kinect Disneyland was incredible. Sesame Street Kinect? Game of the year. Another - more like the XMB - dashboard: Brilliant. YouTube on 360 may not seem special to you because you could already view it on the PS3 and Wii but galdernit this is the Xbox and it's friggin' majik. In all seriousness, Sony won. They showed Uncharted 3, they were the only company to actually show - albeit for only a few seconds - Sonic Generations, showed more gameplay of Uncharted Golden Abyss, announced a cheap 3D HD TV, gave the Vita a 3DS killing price, and showed off more good games. Nintendo showed 5 games and a controller. Microsoft's conference was the worst I've ever seen. A bunch of garbage. I could care less about anything shown there with the exception of the first Halo.
  4. I have to say that with titles like LittleBigPlanet, Mod Nation Racers, and Sound Shapes it really looks like Sony is the new Nintendo in terms of creativity. I can't wait to pick up my NGP. It's really looking like I may like this better than the 3DS.
  5. In that case... I need WiFi and a bigger HDD since the only game I play is Rock Band 3 and thats online heavy.
  6. I figured there would be people who wouldn't have caught my humor.
  7. The 'Sonic the Hedgehog' fanbase. I swear to god that fanbase is full of nothing but a bunch of assholes who are too butthurt and overly sensitive to realise that every game after the first one sucked. They just all need to drop dea- oh wait... Hi guys!
  8. But anymore when a company says 'no comment' after something is leaked it's usually true. Nintendo said something along those lines wen the Project Cafe rumors started coming in and now they just decided to let the cat out of the bag. I don't think SEGA will be any different this time.
  9. Mobile phones aren't true gaming consoles. Phones can't kill consoles because serious gamers play dedicated gaming consoles. While consoles do more these days than play games, gaming is still their main focus and there will always be dedicated gamers that would rather play a game like Uncharted rather than Angry Birds.
  10. I can't think of a bad 90's cartoon. I can, however, think of a few good 2000 cartoons: Adventure Time Kappa Mikey Invader Zim Avatar: the Last Airbender That's about it...
  11. Knuckles has more red on him than Shadow. Knuckles is also an echidna whilst Shadow is a hedgehog. Knuckles was first seen in 1994's Sonic 3 & Knuckles while Shadow was first seen in 2001's Sonic Adventure 2. Knuckles has spikes on his gloves where Shadow on the other hand has hover shoes. Knuckles has a nike swoosh on his chest while Shadow has chest fur. Shadow also shares his voice actor with Sonic, a hero, whereas Knuckles shares his voice with Black Doom, Black Doom wasn't a good guy. I could go on, I think these are massive differences between the two characters.
  12. Obviously there is a lot of evidence pointing to a new SEGA console but there is just one factor that the people who do believe in it are forgetting: we are in a big recession and SEGA would have a better chance of making money as a software company.
  13. Personally I thought Sonic's personality in Colors was absolutely perfect. It was comedic and at the same time he still had a bit of his classic attitude. I think Sonic should retain that personality as it was the perfect blend of what Sonic was probably intended to be back in the olden days when there was very little dialogue in gaming. It does sort of remind me of his attitude from SatAM but toned down.
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