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  1. Muffet best monster girl <3

    1. Tara


      She's a total cutie!!! <3

    2. Moonie


      *Muffet curtsies and pours a cup of spiders*


      hell yh

  2. Oh man; I forgot my old account's details so I had to make this just to post here again. I've lurked this topic for a while but was never sure if it was locked. I guess not! I was Moonlight the Echidna back in the day! I was eventually a mod for a brief while before the forums got shut down alltogether. Although I remember a lot of the drama, I can't deny that I had many good memories meeting people there and because I joined twelve years ago when I was nine or ten, I was still very new to forums and internet chat and it was a good start- after that, I don't think anything ever phased me like trolls or drama. I saw many things with my young reclused eyes after school every day; I was the youngest mod since Shade, I believe. (like...11 years old) I definitely remember a lot of people- many who have posted! I still sometimes talk to Knuxie who has graduated as well as myself and Tailzy who is a mum now! I remember Forgal, Temperfang, Baltharos who we'd affectionately call this name beginning with J but it's not come back to me yet, Vio and many others too. I think quite a few names here have been mentioned already. My first ever friend there was someone called Chaoman. Every now and then I bump into another, or get a deviantart message asking if I remember SZF. It's really nice to see everyone kicking about, even if we've changed usernames or handles and moved on. I barely even draw Sonic things anymore but I sometimes still scribble an old OC I'd use on the forums called Nova. Hello Day, Terracotta, Sipher and everyone else! it's been a while!
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