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  1. Happy Birthday! Keep up the good work on those Sonic videos. I like that Boom Sonic hipster. Have a nice birthday and yes it's 11:41p which is still your birthday!

  2. I mostly just lurk in this thread, but a few weeks ago I had a discussion with one of my black friends that supports Trump who was comfortable talking about it so I'll chime in. He said he's voting for Trump because he claims liberals are all for black people if they fit their description of what a black person should be, but will judge them if they think for themselves, especially if they have any right-leaning views. You may or may not agree with it but I thought it was an interesting response.
  3. Kai has some visual censorships (even in Japanese), but I'm referring to dub dialogue here. The Funimation dub of Z, even in the season boxsets, have tons of errors (that are similar to the "great scientist" line) that stray far from the original source material. They re-wrote almost the entire script, which what 4Kids did for their dubs as well. For example, they got Gohan's age wrong, watered Muten Roshi's lechery down tremendously, flubbed on when Bulma met Goku, gave Goku a different personality, and changed the whole tone of the show. Watch DBZ in Japanese and you'll see the dialogue matches up with Kai accurately, but what's said in the Z dub is completely different. Kai is a very flawed product, but Funimation's dub of it is faithful to the original Japanese version.
  4. This rumor gets thrown around a lot but it's actually not true. The "Ocean/Saban" dub you're slamming has always been the Funimation dub, they just didn't record in-house (they outsourced voice recording to Ocean) and Saban helped them distribute the show since they needed assistance at the time. Funimation has always been responsible for altering the script, and there's still plenty of alterations in the newer Z dub. Even after Funimation cut ties with Ocean and Saban and started doing in-house work in 1999 for DBZ, so many problems still remained and to this day the Z dub is not fixed. At least Dragon Ball Kai is there for the option of a higher quality, more faithful dub. While it would be nice to see Sonic X redubbed, it certainly wouldn't be necessary and most consumers wouldn't know or care for the differences. Besides, Sonic Boom is the new face of Sonic on TV, so its age would only hurt it.
  5. I'm a day late posting here, but I made a remix of It Doesn't Matter and an accompanying animation for Sonic's 25th anniversary!

    1. Indigo Rush
    2. Kiah


      That was adorable. Sonic's reactions to his previous adventures was priceless :)  

  6. Bump! I made a remix of It Doesn't Matter and a short animation to go along with it to celebrate Sonic's 25th anniversary! I'm a day late posting here, but still figured it was worth it.
  7. Oh, how I miss that fruity hambone bastard. Still waiting on those Ghosties he promised for December.
  8. You hit the nail on the head right there. Back when Bernie announced he was running, I didn't look too much into the details of it all but I liked what I heard. Shortly afterwards, I started to think about the possible consequences of what he wants to do, and it made me jump ship. I think Bernie is a nice guy with good intentions, but I don't exactly agree with everything he says. The way I see it, liberal & (especially) social media is portraying him as the perfect candidate for this election. They treat you like something is wrong with you if you don't support Bernie. I've seen people who genuinely do their research and I understand why Bernie is perfect for them, but most of the time it's just sheeple that base their opinions on what they see on social media. For example, where I'm from it's best to keep your mouth shut if you don't support Bernie because you will lose friends. I almost lost a friend (who was not into politics prior to last fall) because of a debate he insisted on having and he knew nothing about Bernie... other than he wants to make college free and make the rich pay even more in taxes. All of his "sources" were Facebook memes and what he heard at his art college. It was awful.
  9. The dubs for DBZ and DBGT do this too, but it's much more severe; the original Dragon Ball's dialogue changes are minor in comparison. I'm glad you decided to check out the original Japanese version. Stick with it all the way through! The Z dub is littered with inaccuracies and BS, but a lot of people give it a pass due to nostalgia. Not trying to sound harsh, but it's the truth. Don't get the DBZ dub confused with Kai, though... While it's not perfect, it is still dubbed pretty well.
  10. To be fair, Yamcha did get to Kaio's place considerably faster than Goku... That's sort of an accomplishment, right?
  11. I don't hate dubs at all, and I even prefer some dubs over the original Japanese... but Dragon Ball is something I'll never say is better in English. Most people who start with the English dub are quick to dismiss the Japanese voices and music as bad because they only watch a few clips here and there. They hear Goku with a higher voice, and they hear a totally different style of music without even really trying to understand why because it's different from what they're used to. I can understand why that happens since I did the same exact thing. However, if you started to watch Dragon Ball up until Z in Japanese first, you'd most likely not even question why Nozawa was kept as Goku. To a lot of people, she is Goku— she grew as the character since he was a child and even 30 years later continues to voice him as an adult and in all forms of media. Throughout the show her voice evolved along with him, and that's an aspect we don't get to see in the English dub. Does this give, for example, Sean Schemmel any less credit? No... he's been voicing Goku for a long time too, but a different Goku. Goku in the original Japanese version is written differently than he is in the dub, even when it comes to his dialgoue. For example, he speaks with a hick accent. This, amongst other things, has never been carried over into the dub. Funimation also used to write him as an anime Superman, which was a contradiction of his character and never really fixed it until Kai came along... unless you count the video games and stuff. Schemmel is good at Goku now, but he’s still not the Goku that was originally written. He’s come a long way, though—it’s not his fault, but rather Funimation's. If I’m allowed to be blunt, the way Funimation treated the series as a whole is pretty disrespectful, especially considering how they handle all their other properties. Sure, they’re much better now, but they’re not perfect. While their dub of Kai is great (and has the amazing Chris Ayres as Freeza <3), it’s still full of issues: plenty of dubisms are kept, terminology is inconsistent, and some voices still weren’t fixed. Another beef I have with the way Funimation treats the series is in the home release department—there have been so many versions out on the market, and each one is almost literally marketed as the “definitive” version by Funimation. A lot of it is misleading, and they lie to the general consumers that don’t really know any better. Cropping 20% of the screen doesn’t make it a legitimate “widescreen transfer.” At one point, there were literally four different versions of the show out on shelves: the orange bricks, the Blu-rays, the Dragon Boxes, and Kai, which flooded the market and I'm sure was confusing to consumers. Nowadays, while there are less versions on the market, Funimation still continues to mess with the aspect ratio and Kai has taken a massive backseat to the original flawed dub, making all versions out right now unnecessarily flawed in one way or another. The original dub is a product of its time, guilty for many of the things 4Kids got slammed for... yet, to this day, it still gets defended by ignorant people who don't want to understand or refuse to accept it as anything less than perfect. I see these same people saying DBZ is the only anime they prefer the English version for, but then bash Kai because it doesn’t have Faulconer’s music, changes dialogue, and has cuts/edits. They’re heavily misinformed, and just overall ignorant. If they’re aware of all the differences and have seen a decent amount of both, I can't hold it against them if they prefer the English dub. They’re just looking for a different product than I am, and it doesn’t make me or them any better. It just becomes headache-inducing when you say you like the Japanese version and immediately get labeled as a weeaboo (even by people who prefer every anime except DBZ in Japanese). On the other hand, though, people that prefer the dub are also quickly assumed to be blinded by nostalgia. It’s not always the case, and some people in this fandom just kinda suck. So, yeah… Funimation is pretty much all over the place, which each release varying largely in quality and even their best work is (unfortunately) not as good as it could be. The original version has more charm, consistency, and overall feels more complete. Is it because it’s in Japanese? No. I grew up with the Funimation dub, and after having seen it in both English and Japanese, the Japanese version overall feels like the superior product by a long shot. I’m so glad I decided to give it a chance.
  12. Happy birthday, boss!

  13. Hm, strange. I believe you, but one of my friends has been a Dedede main since Brawl and he's absolutely killer with him. I've been a Ness main for years and struggle against his Dedede in SSB4, and because of that he always seemed high tier to me regardless of his (lack of) popularity.
  14. Haha, what? Since when is Dedede low tier? Dude's a monster. I remember back when Ness and Lucas were considered low tier; wish they still were so I could use them. Ah well! Sounds fun, though. I'll sign up.
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