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  1. What annoys me is everybody coming to the conclusion that it's somehow guaranteed to be bad, despite the fact that we literally haven't even see any physical aspect(s) of the movie whatsoever yet. The only thing we know about it right now is that it's of Sonic brand, and is set for 2018. So many ignorant people who don't think things through... -____-
  2. ...I want to do one of these now but I have no idea where to search for images of issue pages. x'D
  3. Didn't'cha know? Not many sonic fans do that lol
  4. >attempting to inject gamergate into aaron webber's PR job wowe how low of a level must one possibly stoop to assume that But yeah ANYWAY... @sonic_hedgehog's a pretty cool guy he interacts with fans and doesn't afraid of anything
  5. Basically, Colors onward (everything that comes after Black Knight). Less care for anything close to an engaging plot (along with a rather mute tone that never really engages on anything mildly threatening, and when it does it just forgets it never happened any never goes back to it), while having much more uniform gameplay and less glitchiness overall... though, perhaps at the cost of feeling stale?? A blatantly huge over-usage of the Green Hill Zone color palette, at least as far Lost World is concerned. Colors at least had more it expressed overall (living up to it's namesake! ;D) Almost no other characters beyond the normal 5. Not even Shadow gets very much spot-time. And, an almost worrysome obsession with sticking to nostalgia, seldom expanding outward. Or they could end up making something like Generations and have it turn out awesome
  6. I took some courses while in community college. Though while i'm not actively in college anymore right now, I still conduct personal studies in my own time.
  7. I'd prefer if we didn't take the whole "minimalism in japanese culture" thing for granted when discussing an explanation for the quality of sonic games... because that would never make any sense. Game Designers cares far more about actually having intuitive, satisfying controls and intuitive design (it's just not always easy to do). Those "odd quirks" have nothing to do with something as irrelevant as "japanese minimalist culture". In fact, that seems to make so little sense that i'm starting to wonder if i'm completely misunderstanding what you've said... o_O (sorry, I know this was posted back in June, but I still feel really strongly about this, for as someone who studies game design, that argument makes me cringe)
  8. I'm not sure if I understand. Is this post specifically for OCs?
  9. He probably consumes them like Zero consumes Cyber-elves. I wanna know who, or what, created the Chaos Emeralds. Also, it's alluded in the SA1 manual that, when the Master Emerald conceals Tikal and Chaos after the destruction of the echidnas, the emerald acts as if it's an entity of it's own. I'd like to know what kind of entity that must be.
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