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  1. Made another one Endless Possibilities this time
  2. Excluding comics and non-canon books.
  3. My favorite gimmicks are the springs and the boost mechanism. Springs allow me to jump higher and expand my playing field and boost is for when I feel too lazy to move the analog stick.
  4. I agree. If you compare Sonic's characters(and their personalities) they are an awfully lot inferior to other franchises like the Avengers or Mario. When Sega make characters they make them to fit a specific time slot. Sonic was made for the 90s 'cool' age. Shadow was made for the edgier early 2000s and so on. Some characters have potential in newer games such as Chip but are never utilized. So instead of using these characters Sega just makes new ones to fit roles in the games.
  5. Happy you liked it. Do you have any ideas to what I could do next?
  6. But if they did they would have a market already. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I don't mind things like spindash because the require the player to stop to use. Yes, Sonic R's way has so much potential. The loops if I recall had no dashpads and such. If they made a refined game based on this it would be amazing. While Sonic R camera provided the sense of depth needed for platforming, games with isometric cameras like Sonic 3D Blast can not involve jumping. I was playing Sonic Generations's Sky Santuary and Seaside and was pleased overall with the 3D platforming section but wished it had better jumping. I would post a picture but y'know the first major play forming area in Sky Sanctuary? That was perfect level design. So my idea for Sega to fix the franchise is to 1. Rehire whoever directed Unleashed and get him to run the game. Unleashed was a AAA quality game. 2. Rehire Yasuhara to work on level design. He worked on the classics, R, Jak and Daxter and Uncharted. 2. Continue using classic sonic from the cd intro. Make him 11 years old and the younger version of Sonic. He's design looks better and cleaner and his personality should be determined and subtle cool. 4. Keep the unleashed graphics but tone down the motion blur. 5.Rewrite the entire physics engine from Scratch. Havok either isn't working or isn't being used right. 6. Better camera, this camera should allow jumping, backtracking, exploration. The camera should definitely not zoom in sonic in platforming situations. 7. Increase Development time. Sonic games should not be released every year but at least on a three year basis at most. 8. No more separate teams. Make one team to work on one big project. 9.Partner with Apple to make a Amazing console. Just one of the many ways to fix Sonic... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I agree. I think Sonic team should rewrite the camera as it is the big problem in 3D. Sonic Unleashed basically had speed and momentum in some areas but overall did not. Homing attack, boost and dash pads canceled all the momentum. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Sonic games are about momentum and acceleration. If they were about speed why play the classics instead of Need for Speed? Your list is an inaccurate description of the most important elements of a Sonic game. More accurate list: 1. Good physics(momentum, Gravity, acceleration, force and such) 2.level design(like in S3&K) 3. Colourful, bright and vibrant theme(at least for the first few levels) 4.Story See how level design is second to last on your list? Level design is the most important element in a Sonic game after its momentum and such. If you made a fan game that you boosted through fifty miles of land in a second is that fun? No. This is because there is no sense of speed. Momentum and acceleration are twice as fun as speed. Another example: What's feels faster? Sitting in a Boeing or snowboarding? Snowboarding FEELS faster because of the momentum involved not the just the distance/time. Until good physics and Level design are brought into the franchise it will always be mediocre. In Unleashed at slow speeds the controls felt floaty and imprecise at slow speeds(excluding the werehog) and the level design doesn't provide exploration, flow or real interaction. All the loops are scripted. This guy misses the point completely about what made Sonic special. Watch the Sonic documentary on Sonscotty's channel to understand the vision of the blue blur. Beats accusing people of not liking Sonic for no reason. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Sonic's American depiction is very different from his real one.
  11. If you play the classics,especially greenhill zone, then play super Marino bros or any other play former at the time you'll notice the difference is not Sonic moves fast but seems fast because of the physics. Sonic levels were about utilising the enviroment to maintain momentum and speed. The physics made Sonic great not the speed.
  12. That's just in spinoffs. Amy has the same rings. Actually the Aura is supposed to match the characters color and Shadow has red streaks not yellow. So any Sonic rival is a sonic now? How about Jet, Knuckles, Johnny and more? Super Sonic, Sonic triple trouble, Sonic's flying carpet, Sonic's hover board, Sonic's classic bi-plane. Shadow's skating to real skating is the equivalent of extreme gear to skateboards. Also riders Shadow's boots can be used in other characters.
  13. You won't even respond to me but instead make fruitless assumptions. Shadow is not Sonic and neither is Silver but Metal Sonic is a sonic. Shadow's speed has never been observed as described in that forum topic. He doesn't even skate properly. Pushing against something like air is easy compared to the ground. Plus in his game his shoes let him fly as well as battle and chronicles. Actually it doesn't and they are not called inhibitors in game. Sonic can skate, fly, surf and more but he doesn't because he can go faster than Shadow's shoes. BTW That aura is from his shoes.
  14. But Sonic's speed is 'second to none' and 'unrivaled' . You guys are obviously head over heels for Shadow. You won't even admit he wears hover-boots. BTW Sparky, Sonic's dark incarnation is Metal Sonic. Shadow was never Sonic's rival in SA2 but due to fans he was ruined and still is. Shadow is so slow that Tails and Amy could outrun him twice. That's why he has to were hover shoes just to catch up with them. If Shadow was truly fast he would run like Sonic and everyone else... http://board.sonicstadium.org/topic/8506-does-shadow-have-natureal-super-sonic-speed-or-not/
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